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14 cosmetic uses of Botox Injectables

March 1, 2019

Botox Injectables Toronto

Botox Injectable, most often used to combat wrinkles and other signs of aging due to its powerful muscle relaxing capabilities—can be used for myriad cosmetic purposes, many of which probably never occurred to you. Here are 14 cosmetic uses of the revolutionary injectable:


  1. Wrinkles


Let’s start with the obvious: wrinkles. They typically affect the face, but can also appear on the neck, between the breasts, on the elbows, upper arms, inner thighs, or abdomen. Dr. Mulholland has been perfecting his anti-wrinkle procedures for 20+ years, so you’re in great hands!


  1. Lower eyelid wrinkles


With age, the skin and underlying fat of the lower eyelid can atrophy and shrink, causing “tired bags,” aka lower eyelid wrinkles. The good news: the under-eyes respond supremely well to Botox Injectable, which works to smooth and tighten the area.


  1. Droopy jowls


Droopy jowls are a collection of skin, fat and soft tissue that overlies the jaw, disruptinga a smooth or chiseled appearance. Injected along the jawline, Botox Injectable can alleviate this droopy, descending look.


  1. Deflated cheeks


A loss of ligament support combined with a loss of skin elasticity can contribute to the descent of the cheek and cheek fat pad, causing deflated cheeks. Botox Injectable can be used to relax the muscles that pull the cheeks down, creating a cheek lift or mid-facelift effect.


  1. Calf reduction


If you wish your calves were more proportionate to the rest of your body and find the area does not respond to diet or exercise, you might consider a calf reduction. Botox Injectable can assist in expertly sculpting your calves! A maintenance procedure is usually required every 8-12 months.



  1. Fuller lips


Some women opt for surgery to make their lips larger or fuller. But Botox Injectable is a less painful alternative! Doctor Mulholland at SpaMedica in Toronto can inject small amounts of Botox Injectable into your lips for that plumper, pouty look you’re after!


  1. Neck lines


As we age, our necks can begin to sag, bulge, or appear thicker. Botox Injectable can tighten up this area and make your skin appear firmer and younger by relaxing those muscles that have been strained and begun bulging over the years.


  1. Nonsurgical nose job


Nose jobs are traditionally painful and involve surgical procedures. But if you’re looking for a simple boost, Botox Injectable can be a noninvasive alternative. Aka the “5-minute nose-job,” it can lift up your nose and may even help you achieve your desired look without surgery.


  1. Breast enhancement


You probably didn’t know that Botox Injectable could deliver a sort of “boob job.” Injections made into the breast area can increase breast size by one cup, and can work wonders for sagging breasts caused by aging or pregnancy.


  1. Brow lifting


By injecting the muscles that pull down your brows, the underlying muscles are relaxed, and your overlying skin is smoothed. This allows your forehead muscles to pull up the now-relaxed muscles between the brows, elevate the area, and open the eyes.


  1. Shoulder shaping


Botox Injectable in the deltoid muscles of the shoulder work to (you guessed it) relax the muscles, thereby working to slim down and reduce the appearance of bulky shoulder muscles, creating a sleeker, more feminine look.


  1. Shrinking a prominent submandibular gland


In patients with hanging or overly prominent submandibular glands (a pair of salivary glands situated below the lower jaw), Botox Injectable can be injected to successfully reduce hanging masses under the mandible (jawbone), for a more defined appearance.


  1. Correcting square jawlines


People with rounder faces and square jawlines tend to have tighter, bulkier masseter muscles. When injected into the masseter muscles on the sides of your face, Botox Injectable has been shown to give the face a longer, less square, and more feminine jaw line.



  1. Droopy eyelids


The muscles on the side of our forehead around the eyes (the orbicularis oculi), can pull the forehead down when we smile or grimace, causing a droopy effect over the upper eyelid. Botox Injectable works to relax the muscles pulling the forehead down, thus correcting the droop!


Botox patient for face wrinkles at SpaMedica clinic in Toronto


Want more information on how Botox Injectables might serve your unique cause? Contact SpaMedica in Toronto today to schedule a consultation with the experts.

Dr. Stephen Mulholland, MD
Posted by Dr. Stephen Mulholland, MD
has been practicing plastic surgery for over 20 years. He is one of Canada’s most renowned and best plastic surgeons in Toronto with his wealth of experience, artistry, and humbleness towards his patients.

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