Blepharoplasty Lady

Great Eyebrows Don’t Happen By Chance

August 22, 2016


They say the eyes are like windows to your soul, but it can be underappreciated with droopy eyebrows or a sagging forehead. Science says eyebrows are the key feature to our face, it’s what enhances the person’s character, so let’s make sure they’re perfectly positioned!


  • A brow lift will lift and reposition your forehead to make you look like you’ve got your 8 hours of beauty sleep. It’s a fairly quick surgical procedure, and any discomfort is maintained with oral medication, and healing takes only about a week.
  • Aim for your perfect eyebrows with brow extension, your face shape, or even feathering and tattooing. The procedure for tattooing your eyebrows takes about 30 minutes, and lasts for at least a year.
Posted by Jenn Horowitz