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Get Your Bikini Body Ready for Winter Vacation

January 16, 2017

Dr. Stephen Mulholland and Dr. Zel Krajden from our clinic talk about how the UltraShape melts away fat, and the many benefits of going with a non-surgical liposuction at SpaMedica. Finally those stubborn areas can be targeted for easy and painless weight loss.

Getting rid of those last few stubborn pounds is the bane of anyone’s workout routine leading up to their winter vacation. Sometimes only a few centimetres is the difference between a flabby stomach and nice subtle abs. This winter before you hit the beach, consider an UltraShape treatment to help eliminate that stubborn fat that refuses to leave no matter how hard you exercise.

The UltraShape is a revolutionary machine that targets fat underneath the skin, melting it away painlessly. It is designed to target fat cells close to the skin’s surface, making it an ideal choice for eliminating fat in difficult to lose places that create muffin tops and love handles.

How It Works

The UltraShape uses ultrasound waves that are used within a localized zone. The waves target stubborn fat and melt it away. The whole process only takes 30 minutes, with no anesthesia or local numbing agent required. The whole procedure is painless, with no discomfort whatsoever. Three – 30 minute treatments are required to provide noticeable results. The UltraShape is a great non-surgical liposuction option that is ideal for losing a few pounds in tough to lose areas.

Alternative to Liposuction Toronto
UltraShape is a great alternative to surgical procedures, and makes the weight loss process easy and approachable as an alternative to liposuction in Toronto. Target those tough to lose places, and win back your winter vacation with a body you’re proud to show off.

Posted by Jenn Horowitz