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Chin Implants: 7 Things You Must Know About The Surgery

April 19, 2017

Chin Implants and chin augmentation is one of the fastest growing cosmetic surgeries, growing 71% in 2011 from 2010*. At SpaMedica, this surgical procedure includes artificial solid implants in the chin, using bone grafts and firm tissue substitutes.

A beautiful chin outlines the jaw line, bringing about a more youthful look, something most people crave these days.

People generally wanting chin augmentation do it to proportion their chin in comparison to their face. Sometimes it can be used to outline their other facial features more prominently, for example, their nose, lips and cheeks.

Facts Regarding Chin Implants

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To learn more about the procedure, here are facts that are important for you to know about chin augmentation:

  1. The implant is surgically inserted via an incision that is made underneath the chin to create a pocket placement. The size and placement of the implants will be dependent on the surgeon and patient. Be careful in choosing your surgeon. Go with a surgeon that is reputable and with extensive experience, like Dr. Mulholland, skilled chin implant surgeon in Toronto.
  2. You can view a 3D rendering of how your chin will look using Vectra 3D. It is an amazing machine which helps project how you will look with your new chin. You can try out different chins and see which one looks best on you.
  3. Chin implants are used to enhance the face and for weaker chins. With the procedure, the patients will see a visual difference and a have more balanced look. It proportions the face, so a facial featuring that seemed off before will appear more natural and balanced.
  4. Non-surgical options are available to the patient also. It will require hyaluronic acid to give a fuller chin look. The results for this are not ever lasting, but it gives the patient a non-surgical option. When the patient is ready, chin augmentation will be the optimal choice if they are looking for a long term result.
  5. Possible complications following the surgery include nerve damage, lip dysfunction, infection, bleeding and others. Be conscious of your health and state following the operation. Taking the surgeons and medical staff order will be a priority in health to help your tissues heal faster.
  6. It takes a few days for the patient to heal from the bruising and swelling after the chin augmentation procedure. Patients are advised to take 3 days to a week off from work and activities following the procedure. Allow for proper healing time, it is incumbent that you do not do anything rigorous shortly after the surgery.
  7. The cost for chin implants and augmentation varies between clinics. Chin augmentation cost in Toronto is ball parked between $2500 to $4500 plus tax which may also include VolumaLift, an injectable treatment which is performed in the office as an outpatient, under local anesthesia.

Chin Augmentation Consultation in Toronto

It is highly advised that you collect all the facts regarding the chin augmentation surgery so you can mentally prepare yourself. Have realistic expectations and discuss with your surgeon the options available to you, your healing time and any other important questions you may have.

SpaMedica has been in the business of cosmetic and plastic surgery for over 20 years with Dr. Mulholland. If you are looking for a reputable clinic, consult us by booking an appointment to achieve your new and vibrant self.


*AAPS, 2012

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