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3 Surprising Ways Botox Changes Your Looks

March 9, 2016

3 surprising ways botox changes your looks

When wrinkles are wreaking havoc on your face and the anti-aging creams and serums are barely making a difference, Botox injectable can be your secret weapon to fighting off wrinkles. This substance is used to weaken and paralyze muscle movement to soften the appearance of wrinkles. It’s so widely performed that a lot of people wouldn’t even bat an eye if you mention you’ve had it done (note: 4,267,038 Botox injectable procedures were performed last year in North America)

Appointments are minutes long and results last for months. That’s why it’s been a favourite of physicians, nurses and clients for so long. But did you know that Botox injectable can do so much more? It’s not just a wrinkle buster. Below are just some of the other things that these injections can do.

Botox can lift up eyebrows

Lift Your Brows

Botox injectable is a substance that paralyzes muscles when it is injected into or near facial muscles. It weakens or prevents these muscles from animating for a few months. It might seem odd that an injector would have to paralyze facial muscles to lift your brows, but that’s how a Botox injectable brow lift works. During this procedure, the muscles that pull downward need to be paralyzed while avoiding the muscles that lift the brow. The muscles that pull downwards are located around the crow’s feet area. This is considered an advanced technique, so it’s best to find out if your injector has a lot of experience in this area.

Slim and Contour Your Jaw Line

For a slimmer looking jaw line, Botox injectable would have to be injected into the masseter muscle to reduce the movement and size. It can also treat asymmetric or disproportionate jaw lines. Before the treatment is done, your injector will assess your bone structure and skin thickness. It’s an ideal solution for people who’d like to change their squared jaw line to a smoother, oval jaw line.

Botox treats gummy smiles

Reduce the Appearance of Gums When You Smile

A gummy smile can be resolved with just a few units of Botox injectable. Your injector would place small amounts of Botox injectable into the upper lip underneath the nose to reduce the appearance of gums when you smile. The muscles that lift the lips become relaxed, and the result is a gum-free smile.

Remember, these results are temporary. Depending on which facial areas are injected, Botox injectable typically wears off within months. If you like your results, you could always return back to your physician for more. For lasting and permanent results, surgery is another option. That’s the good part about testing the waters with non-invasive injections—you’ll have a clear idea of how you look like before deciding on surgery.

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