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Blepharoplasty Lady

3 Ways Eyelid Surgery Seriously Boosts Your Looks

September 22, 2015
Blepharoplasty (aka eyelid surgery) is one of the top most performed procedures in the world. This procedure that often takes an hour to perform can make a major difference in the appearance of patients. Someone might be interested in blepharoplasty for a couple of reasons: the surgery can remove heavy eyebags, improve droopy lids or provide a visible crease in the lids.

Blepharoplasty Removes Eye Bags

Nobody likes to look tired. Having heavy, protruding eye bags would certainly be the way to look exhausted every day. How does a person get eye bags in the first place? Permanent eye bags could be related to getting older or genetics. Other factors that lead to eye bags include:
  •      Stress
  •      Not enough sleep
  •      Dehydration
  •      A diet that contains high sodium intake
When your face loses fat volume, the eye bags stand out more because they’re not adjusting as your face shrinks. That’s because eye bags are actually pockets of fat that don’t shrink or enlarge when your face goes through changes related to aging.
Blepharoplasty Eyelid Surgery Before and After at SpaMedica Toronto
Source: SpaMedica. This patient had blepharoplasty at SpaMedica to improve the appearance of her upper eyelids.

Upper Eyelid Surgery Improves Heavy Eyelids

It’s not just underneath the eyes that could make someone look sleepy or tired. Having heavy lids does the same thing too as it makes the eyes look more closed. Upper eyelid surgery can do a number of things like deepening the eyelid crease. Or, excessive skin tissue can be removed. This improves your overall appearance and benefits vision as well if that’s an issue. This procedure can correct upper eyelid droopiness (also known as ptosis).

When having blepharoplasty performed on your upper lids, your plastic surgeon will make an incision where a natural crease would appear and remove any excess fat and skin.   

Double Eyelid Surgery Provides Definition to Lids

Double eyelid surgery helps to define the upper eyelid. This procedure is often performed on Asians—that’s not to say that non-Asian people don’t have it done too—but it’s a popular procedure in Korea and Japan. Double eyelid surgery helps to create definition that suits the rest of a person’s facial features.  It can help make eyes look wider and bigger.  
Tyra Banks Discussed Asian Eyelid Surgery on Her Show
Source: YouTube screenshots. Tyra Banks said this Asian woman had double eyelid surgery to look more Caucasian. 
People often say that the surgery is simply a way of achieving a westernized look, but that isn’t the case. After all, plenty of Asian people have natural double eyelids. Back in 2008 on her talk show, Tyra Banks had a Korean-American woman named Liz on her show to talk about her double eyelid surgery. Even though Liz said she wanted the surgery to correct her droopy and tired eyes, Tyra insisted that she must have done the surgery to “look more Caucasian.” No doubt, this segment of the episode caused a lot of uproar and controversy because of Tyra’s assumptions and her interjectory opinions.

How Long do Eyelid Surgery Results Last?

Eyelid surgery results can last for several years—anywhere from 10-15 years. For some patients, having a second blepharoplasty isn’t ideal. That’s because if too much skin is removed, they won’t be able to close their eyes. Instead, a brow lift should be performed when the patient ages and sees that their brow is dropping (which causes the appearance of excess skin on the upper eyelid again).

Get More Information on the Procedure

Take a look at before and after photos of past blepharoplasty patients at SpaMedica. Find out more information on the procedure on our blepharoplasty page. We’re here to answer any questions you might have, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment or call us!

Dr. Stephen Mulholland, MD
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