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5 Celebrities Who Removed Their Breast Implants

December 1, 2015

5 Celebrities Who Removed Their Breast Implants

More women—both regular folks and celebrities—are removing their breast implants. In fact, 23,000 breast implant removal procedures were done in 2014 according to these statistics. You might be wondering why this is the case, but more women are now choosing smaller breast implants. Plastic surgeons are seeing women who ask to go up to a B or C cup because it suits their physiques better and looks more natural. Sporting very large breast implants on a small and athletic frame would frankly look too artificial.

Menopause is also another reason that drives women to remove their implants. Since hitting menopause comes with post-menopause weight gain, it increases a woman’s breast size naturally. Instead of keeping their implants, some women choose to remove them to have their naturally enlarged breasts.

The reality is that women remove their breast implants for different reasons—they could be due to personal, aesthetic or health-related reasons. These celebrities below have shared their reasons on why they downsized or removed their breast implants altogether.

Celebrities who removed their breast implants

Pamela Anderson removed her DD breast implants in 1999

Photo Source: Man Repeller

1. Pamela Anderson: Even though it was the 90s and being busty was definitely in, Pamela reduced her bra size from 34DD to 34C in 1999. When the media asked about her choice, she said that it was something she wanted to do for a long time and that she was happy with her decision.

Victoria Beckham removed her breast implants recently

Photo Source: Vogue

2. Victoria Beckham: Originally, this former Spice Girl went from an A cup to a DD.  “I don’t have them anymore,” she said in an issue of Allure magazine in 2014. In 2009, it was reported she removed her 34DDs and switched to 34B. She had another reduction procedure in 2011 which brought them back down to an A.

Heidi Montag removed her F cup breast implants

Photo Source: Celeb Mafia

3. Heidi Montag: Heidi made several headlines after undergoing 10 procedures including breast augmentation, liposuction and rhinoplasty. Originally, she had her breasts increased to an F cup in 2010. After feeling that they were too heavy (her implants were 3 pounds each), she went back to the OR to downsize. She now has a C-cup.

Heather Morris removed her breast implants after feeling pain from working out

Photo Source: Celeb hairdo

4. Heather Morris: This Glee star removed her breast implants because she said she hated them. As an active person, she said working out and being active was extremely uncomfortable with breast implants. Instead of dealing with the pain the implants caused her, she went through surgery to remove them altogether.

Adrienne Bailon removed her double D breast implants

Photo source: Guest of a Guest

5. Adrienne Bailon: She got her breast implants at 19 but removed them afterwards. She says she asked for a B cup but ended up with double Ds. “I went from one insecurity to the next—feeling like I was too small to feeling like when I walked into the room everyone knew my boobs were fake,” she said in a Cosmopolitan article.

When women have breast augmentation done, some of the most common reasons include wanting to feel more confident and comfortable with their bodies. But sometimes there’s a point in their lives where having breast implants no longer suits their lifestyles or they’re simply not happy with the look of it anymore. Whether they’re looking to go bigger, smaller or remove their implants altogether, it can be done. The possibilities are endless.

Posted by Jenn Horowitz