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A candid look at breast augmentation surgery and your intimate relationships

September 5, 2018

Many women interested in breast augmentation share similar concerns about how noticeable implants will be to their future partners. While some women desire a dramatic change in breast size, others prefer something more subtle. On the one hand, large implants are indeed more noticeable, while on the other, smaller implants tend to provide a more realistic look and feel. It all depends what you’re going for.


What does breast augmentation feel like?


The way your breasts feel after breast augmentation surgery depends on a few factors, including the type of implant you choose, and how much breast tissue you already have. Silicone gel implants are the most realistic-feeling because their weight and movement closely mimic natural breasts. Depending on the thickness of your natural breast tissue, saline implants can sometimes cause a visible rippling effect. Basically, the more natural tissue you’ve got, the less noticeable your implants will be, and the more natural they will feel to the touch. But regardless of which type of implant you opt for, your breasts will appear fuller and feel firmer afterwards. Wish you could browse before buying? Thanks to new 3D imaging software, you can! Try different implants on for size and shape and see how they work with your overall figure before making your decision.


If it raises your confidence, it’s a good thing


When it comes to breast implants, let’s face it: everybody has an opinion. While some prefer for their partner to have large breasts, others prefer small. Most men report caring more about a woman’s self-esteem and confidence than they do whether or not she has had breast implants. If having larger breasts fulfills your aesthetic desires and makes you feel more confident, that is what will likely matter more to your future relationships.


Breast implants and intimacy


Breast implants that are proportional to the rest of a woman’s body can look and feel very natural. Most people don’t notice that a woman has implants unless she tells them. A study of women who had breast augmentation surgery reported that most women found they had a higher level of self-esteem and enhanced sexual confidence post-op. Feeling happy with your body is a deeply empowering thing that can only have a positive impact on your relationships. And indeed, there is no conclusive evidence to suggest men’s preference for, or aversion to, women with implants.


Some women wonder about the right time to tell a partner they had breast augmentation surgery. Ultimately, it is a matter of personal choice if and when you disclose this. Remember: there’s absolutely no need to be apologetic or feel ashamed if you do tell your partner. People whose partners tell them about their breast implants typically only care whether they are happy with their choice—that’s the sign of a good partner, after all!


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Dr. Stephen Mulholland, MD
Posted by Dr. Stephen Mulholland, MD
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