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Research and Development


Dr. Mulholland and SpaMedica have a long history of being very active in Research and Development.  SpaMedica is Canada’s largest private laser skin center and cosmetic plastic surgery clinic.

Dr. Mulholland has partnered with the Laser Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years, in conducting onsite research and development studies on new and emerging technologies.

With a large and established clinical and team of RN’s and medical and administrative personal, SpaMedica conducts ongoing RnD projects on new lasers, medical devices and pharmaceutical products that have just entered into, or are looking to gain regulatory approval in the aesthetic market.

Through is RnD efforts, Dr. Mulholland and SpaMedica have been on the forefront of developing new technologies, patents, applications and clinical protocols IP and trademarks that have changed the medical aesthetic space. Much of this RnD has had significant impact on the clinical practice of plastic surgery, dermatology, injectable devices, toxins and skin care. Developing protocols, parameters and dosing schedule for recently released devices and/or pharmaceutical products is another RnD core competency of SpaMedica.

Just a few of the well known names and brands that were developed through the SpaMedica RnD program include:

The PhotoFacial, The FotoFacial RF, The Pan G lift, the ThreadLift, LipoLite – non surgical liposuction, The BodyFX, The Fractora -fractional radiofrequency resurfacing, The Lumecca IPL skin rejuvenation,  The Forma non invasive skin tightening, The SonoPeel ultrasonic microdermabrader, The BodyTite, Facetite,NeckTite and CelluTite.  In addition, the Injectable VolumaLift and Botox, Botolift were all developed through SpaMedica RnD work.

Out of this research, Dr. Mulholland has published over 30 peer reviewed papers, and scientific books and conducted over 1000 aesthetic workshops with over 10,000 physician attendees. Dr. Mulholland and SpaMedica co-developed 4 engineering patents and IP that have resulted in several commercially successful publicly traded companies.

Through these RnD activities, Dr. Mulholland has been able to offer his SpaMedica patients the very best in laser, RF, heating, cooling and Ultrasound Energy based technologies and injectable filler and toxin products and protocols.  Dr. Mulholland discloses on all his device and injectable consents his relationships with the pharmaceutical and capital equipment manufacturers, but always ensures many different types of toxins, fillers and energy based devices are always available and used in the best interest of the patient, even if Dr. Mulholland does not have a beneficial consulting or RnD relationship with the company.