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SpaMedica Team

Meet the Team


Dr. Mulholland started SpaMedica in 1997 at its iconic location at 66 Avenue Road, nestled in the heart of Toronto’s fashionable Yorkville district. Two years later, he opened the spacious 4,300-square foot medical spa located under the government-certified plastic surgery centre. At this time, the SpaMedica medical spa was born.

Both the integrative approach to non-surgical management and surgical management has been an integral part of the success of Dr. Mulholland and his SpaMedica vision, where patients can begin their aesthetic journey. In the medical spa, Dr. Mulholland has assembled the highest-quality of nurses, medical aestheticians, management and customer service representatives.

Your SpaMedica experience will be guided by trained individuals who have had years of experience in the industry.

Maria Longagnani, Medical Director, B.Sc.

Maria has been SpaMedica’s Business Manager for several years. Maria brings a wealth of service management experience having been a manager at several Starbucks locations and Banana Republic, a division of GAP Inc, prior to joining the SpaMedica team.

Maria’s excellence in customer service training, human resources, business logistics and client and customer satisfaction have been a tremendous addition to our approach to excellent customer service and outcomes. Maria works closely with the service providers, the client service representatives and patients to ensure the best possible service experience.

You can contact Maria directly with any procedural care and concerns you may have at

Audrey Kaufman, Clinical Coordinator, RN

Audrey was one of Dr. Mulholland first hires back in 1998.  Audrey has served as clinic manager, operating room nurse, surgical patient care coordinator and now, as Clinical Coordinator for the MedSpa.  Audrey has a wealth of both hospital and private care facility experience over the last 25 years. 

Audrey has over 10 years of experience injecting Botox Injectable and soft tissue fillers safely, effectively and aesthetically beautifully.  Audrey’s focus, commitment, dedication and friendly manner has made her a real SpaMedica patient favourite over the years.

Audrey is able to guide all of Dr. Mulholland’s MedSpa patients through the process of their non-surgical program of treatment.  Audrey, like Dr. Mulholland, believes that all patients need to carefully consider the benefits, risks, recovery and costs of surgery. Audrey is there to support and help patients every step of the way.

You can contact her at or 416-922-2868 ext 250

About the SpaMedica Medical Aesthetician Team

SpaMedica have been leaders in the development of medical peels, stratum reduction techniques, such as SonoPeel and the Silk peel and salicylic peels, as well as the deployment of combination micro-fractional techniques and medical skin care. 

SpaMedica has more experience than any other centre in Canada at the art and deployment of energy-assisted Photofacial, photo-rejuvenation, laser rejuvenation and fractional skin reduction and radiofrequency skin tightening. 

As Canada’s largest private cosmetic laser centre. Dr. Mulholland’s medical aesthetic team has over 40 years of combined MedSpa experience. They are full-time employees who are personally overseen and certified by Dr. Mulholland himself.

Medical Aesthetician Team

  • Dawn, Senior Medical Aesthetician

    Dawn is a 15 year veteran of SpaMedica and has been an esthetician for over 30 years.  She has a combined Honours BA in Psychology and Linguistics from York University. She also graduated from Edith Serai School of Haute Esthetiques in Toronto. 

    Dawn is a certified Reflexologist, Touch and Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapist and Aromatherapist, with a background in nutrition and naturopathy. She incorporates all of these skills in her treatments at SpaMedica.


    Her expertise in all aspects of medical skin care, photo-rejuvenation, radiofrequency laser as well as stratum corneum reduction techniques and skin care have made her one of Canada’s most-respected and experienced medical aestheticians.

    Dawn believes that a relaxed and empathetic approach is key to developing a long, happy and trusting relationship with clients. She also makes sure to provide client education and pays close attention to details to maximize the client’s experience and provide them with wonderful esthetic outcomes.

  • Claudia, Senior Medical Aesthetician

    Claudia’s personal commitment to excellent customer service starts with being knowledgeable about all services and products offered at SpaMedica’s Non-Surgical Department.

    She joined SpaMedica in 2003 and her dedication to her clients embraces the entire customer service spectrum. Claudia truly believes that in order for any process to be successful, the undertaking needs to be a collaborative effort between both the client and personnel. Clients always feel welcomed and they are her number one priority at all times while in her care.

    Claudia embodies perpetual motion. Her endless energy and desire to have things done efficiently and correctly keeps her permanently on the go and her patients completely happy with their aesthetic outcomes.

    Claudia has been a full-time medical aesthetics coordinator for 12 years under the tutelage and direction of Dr. Mulholland.  Her vast expertise in non-invasive body contouring techniques, medical facial aesthetics, skin peels and energy-assisted radiofrequency skin tightening and laser and IPL photo rejuvenation have made her a very popular and essential member of the SpaMedica medical aesthetics team.

  • Jennifer, Senior Medical Aesthetician

    Jennifer moved to Toronto from Victoria BC and has been a Medical Esthetician at SpaMedica for 4 years. She brings 11 years of esthetics experience to SpaMedica having worked in holistic spas before. She always puts the customer’s individual needs first, making each client feel comfortable and completely cared for throughout their aesthetic journey.

  • Danielle, Medical Aesthetician

    Danielle obtained her esthetics diploma from Seneca College and began her career as an esthetician in May 2009.  Since then she has attended many additional skin care, product knowledge and educational trainings to keep up with available knowledge in this fast-paced environment.  Danielle has been a member of the SpaMedica team for 2 years. Her kind and gentle demeanor is what sets her apart from others in the industry. Danielle always makes clients always feel comfortable and satisfied, every time. Pleasing her clients is always at the top of her priority list.

About our SpaMedica Injection Specialists

Dr. Mulholland has personally trained and certified four of Canada’s top injection nurses who are full-time SpaMedica employees and injection specialists. Dr. Mulholland is a firm believer in that well-trained nurses should be delegated injectors, rather than non-medical staff or aestheticians. 

There is a combined nursing experience of over 30 years of injection excellence. The Injection Nurse Specialists are renowned for their excellence, quality and affordability.

The Injection Specialists

  • Audrey, RN

    Audrey has over two decades of nursing experience. After receiving Dr. Mulholland’s guidance and training, she has been injecting Botox Injectable and soft tissue fillers for over a decade. Audrey’s keen aesthetic eye and aesthetic judgment make her very popular among Dr. Mulholland’s injection patients.

  • Terri, RN

    Terri is also one of Dr. Mulholland’s most senior injection nurses with over 15 years of injection experience.  Her conservative approach and keen aesthetic eye and excellent technique make her a very popular nurse injector. Patients love her friendly, down-to-earth demeanor and efficient and skilled injection techniques.

  • Joanne, RN

    Joanne is a very experienced injection and SpaMedica laser nurse. As one of Dr. Mulholland’s staff members, Joanne has been performing Botox Injectable, fillers and lasers for over 7 years. Her kind, gentle and conservative approach appeals to many of Dr. Mulholland’s SpaMedica plastic surgery, injectable and laser patients.

  • Nadia, RN

    Nadia graduated from the University of Western Ontario.  She has several years of surgical experience, and by working alongside Dr. Mulholland and his surgical team, has used her skills to seamlessly transition herself into performing injectables and laser esthetics at SpaMedica.

All of Dr. Mulholland’s injection nurses are certified and trained by Dr. Mulholland himself. 

At SpaMedica, you can see Dr. Mulholland or Dr. Zel Krajden, who is also a board-certified plastic surgeon and injection expert, or see one of the four highly-qualified and extremely professional injection nurses to achieve the right aesthetic appearance at the price point that best suits you. 

About the Post-Operative MedSpa Treatment Program

Dr. Mulholland was one of the first surgeons to begin a comprehensive post-operative surgical MedSpa treatment program for both face and body plastic surgery that ensures the best possible outcome. 

All of Dr. Mulholland’s post-operative cosmetic facial plastic surgery patients will undergo a post-operative treatment program that comes together with the cost of their surgical procedure. 

At about six weeks, Dr. Mulholland will assess you once again to ensure all the acute and early phases of your post-operative healing have gone well.  You will then be assessed and referred to Claudia Nicora, medical aesthetician, who has worked for Dr. Mulholland for over 10 years and Dawn Sinclair, medical aesthetician, a SpaMedica employee of over 14 years. They will oversee your post-operative care MedSpa Treatment program. 

The post-operative care program involves monthly visits to the SpaMedica medical spa, where additional non-invasive skin tightening, non-surgical permanent fat reduction and facial rejuvenation techniques such as IPL, Radiofrequency tightening and Fractional resurfacing technologies are delivered to the area of surgical treatment to get the best possible combined outcome.

This unique and modern approach to cosmetic plastic surgery extends not just to the surgical restoration of contour and shape, but to the optimization of the skin’s beauty, shape, texture and form after surgery.

During the four to six months of your post-operative care program, not only will your surgical results be enhanced with these complimentary MedSpa treatments, but you will also understand and be educated better on protecting your investment with post-operative maintenance for skin tightening for your body’s and face’s colour, texture and tone.

Because Dr. Mulholland has created a comprehensive surgical and non-surgical facility, the transition from surgery to non-surgery becomes a natural part of your aesthetic education and many patients can ultimately start with non-surgical programs and progress to surgical enhancement when the time is right.

After you have healed from your surgical procedure, you will be introduced to the medspa staff where you will begin your unique and customized nonsurgical treatments. These treatments ensure the reduction of your wrinkles through additional fractional resurfacing, laser skin tightening, colour correction and RF bulk skin heating for additional tightening. You will also be educated on the proper, customized medical skin care for your complexion and skin health.

About the SpaMedica MedSpa Service Representatives

Dr. Mulholland has been fortunate to assemble an excellent staff of very knowledgeable, kind, efficient and caring Client Service Representatives (CSRs) to ensure the best possible quality service. The CSR team is responsible for all the logistics and detailed organization needed to organize your surgical procedure. You will meet the CSRs during your consultation and they will remind you of your appointments and details surrounding your procedure and follow-up.

The SpaMedica team will be responsive to your needs and ensure your experience is as smooth, safe and pleasurable as possible.

MedSpa Service Representatives

  • Michelle, Aesthetics and Injectable Consult Coordinator

    Michelle entered the aesthetic industry with management experience in the entertainment field. Michelle attended York University where she studied Broadcast Journalism, and also has a background in Business Administration. With applying her expertise in client relations, Michelle strives to build trust and strong long term relationships with patients. She is committed to deliver unparalleled customer service, and her love of beauty allows her to fully commit to helping others look as good and radiant as they feel. To book a consult or treatment Michelle can be reached directly at 416-922-2868 ext 260 or alternatively at

  • Marsha, Client Care Specialist and Medspa Consult Coordinator

    Marsha entered the esthetic industry following her studies of English and Cultural Studies at McMaster University. For the last 6 years, she has grown throughout the company working directly with Dr. Mulholland, Dr. Krajden and our Cosmetic Dermatologists. Driven by her passion and dedication to the overall customer experience, Marsha has proven herself to be a highly valued asset to both our Surgical and Medspa team. Marsha is held in high esteem by clients for her overall friendly and compassionate demeanor. Marsha can be reached directly to schedule physician (Dr. Krajden/Dermatologist), esthetic and RN consultations and/or treatments at 416-922-2868 ext 239 or at

  • Laurel, Client Care Specialist and MedSpa Consult Coordinator

    Laurel attended Cedarbrae Collegiate Institute were she achieved honours in English and creative writing. When Laurel attended a co-operative program in early childhood education, she knew she wanted to work in the field of assisting people and be involved in customer service.

    Shortly after graduating, Laurel worked at several customer service jobs and has over 15 years experience in the customer service industry.  Laurel has worked at SpaMedica for 6 wonderful years and prides herself in her commitment to customer service. She is continually growing and assuring SpaMedica’s clientele experience is excellent from the first point of contact on the phone and throughout their journey at SpaMedica .You can contact Laurel directly with any procedural enquiries you may have at

  • Lola, Customer Service Representative

    Lola has a business management degree from Ryerson University. She has been in the customer service industry for the last 14 years. Prior to working at Spamedica, Lola worked as a fashion stylist for a clothing company in Canada. Her education combined with her customer service skills gives her an insight into recognizing, meeting and exceeding clients’ needs.


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