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Dr. Davis
Medical Director of Cosmetic Dermatology at Spamedica
Dr. Davis

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Dr. Michael Davis M.D. FRCP(C), FABD
Medical Director, Cosmetic Dermatology

Dr. Michael Davis M.D.Dr. Michael Davis has been one of the most preeminent Toronto dermatologists for the past 30 years.  Trained at the University of Ottawa and the University of Toronto, Dr. Davis has been the head of cosmetic laser dermatology and aesthetic dermatologic enhancement at Spamedica for the past 15 years.  With his specific interest and expertise in lasers and the laser management of cosmetic dermatologic concerns, Dr. Davis’ practice at Spamedica and his reputation have become national.

Dr. Davis’ specific interests for Toronto cosmetic dermatology patients include the laser treatment of wrinkles using the latest in fractional CO2 lasers, fractional infrared lasers [Fraxel®], fractional radiofrequency energy needle systems [Fractora, INTRAcel] and a use of other topical and chemical peel techniques to improve the appearance of wrinkles and laxity.  Dr. Davis is also an expert in the treatment of unwanted and cosmetically displeasing blood vessels, such as facial spider veins and cosmetic leg veins, using high-tech, modern leg vein and facial vein lasers [the V-beam, intense-pulsed light, KTP-532 lasers and long-pulse Nd:YAG 1064-nanometer YAG lasers].  Toronto spider vein and facial rosacea, flushing-blushing and erythema patients will benefit from Dr. Davis’ 15 years of experience in treating cosmetic blood vessels and vascular disorders for Toronto spider vein patients.

Dr. Davis’ Spamedica cosmetic dermatology patients also benefit from his wealth of experience in the treatment of unwanted brown discolouration, sun damage, photoaging, unwanted brown spots and moles.  These cosmetic lesions are often dark and the result of melanin pigment stimulation.  Dr. Davis has extensive experience in the treatment of these disorders of brown pigmentation, including melasma, using high-tech, modern brown spot lasers, including the RevLite®, the PicoSure™, other Q-switched, 755-nanometer, 532-nanometer and 1064-nanometer lasers.  Dr. Davis will also combine topical chemical treatments, intense pulsed-light photo rejuvenation and photo facials to blend and improve the appearance of unwanted melanin in his Toronto brown pigmentation patients.

Dr. Davis and the Spamedica cosmetic dermatology department also specialize in the treatment of unwanted moles, raised lesions, warts and toenail fungus, and again employing Spamedica’s diverse array of cosmetic skin lasers.

Dr. Davis has also gained a reputation as being Toronto’s preeminent cosmetic dermatologist amongst Toronto tattoo patients who are interested in removing or modifying dark or multi-coloured tattoos.  Spamedica is Canada’s largest private cosmetic laser dermatology centre and has the most up-to-date cosmetic tattoo laser removal devices, including the RevLite®, the PicoSure™, the Affinity™ and the Accolade™.  Toronto tattoo removal patients benefit from the largest array of nanosecond-pulsed and Q-switched pulsed laser wavelengths, including the 1064-nanometer, 755-nanometer, 585-nanometer, 650-nanometer and 532-nanometers – the largest array of nanosecond-pulsed, Q-switched laser tattoo removal systems in Canada.  This large array of nanosecond and Q-switched pulse lasers allows the most effective removal of tattoos of all colour, including black, green, blue, yellow, orange, light green, red and purple.

Dr. Davis has a tremendous reputation amongst his Toronto cosmetic dermatology patients for combining high-tech laser cosmetic dermatology skills and a personable, affable disposition that makes him one of the most popular cosmetic dermatologists in Canada.

To book an appointment with Dr. Davis call SpaMedica now 877-712-8367 to experience the joy of beautiful skin.

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