Dr. William D. Morton
Anesthesiologist, Clinical Director of SpaMedica's Leg Vein Program
Dr. William D. Morton

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{ Dr. William D. Morton }

Dr. William D. Morton M.D. FRCP(C)
Anesthesiologist, Clinical Director SpaMedica Leg Vein Program

Dr. William D. Morton M.D.Dr. Bill Morton is the clinical director of the SpaMedica comprehensive leg vein center. Dr. Morton is a graduate of McMaster University Medical School, specializing in Internal Medicine and Anesthesiology. A certified anesthesiologist with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, Dr. Morton had previously been in a full time, academic teaching hospital anesthesiology practice for over 10 years at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, Hamilton’s St. Joseph’s Hospital and the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital. A noted academic scholar and researcher, Dr. Morton developed a clinical interest in Phlebology (leg vein study and science) and the management of venous pathology of the lower extremity. With his years of anesthesiology expertise accessing veins and inserting intravenous catheters, the basic science and physiology of eradicating unwanted leg veins came naturally to Dr. Morton. In his quest to bring a world-class comprehensive leg vein therapy program to SpaMedica and Canada, Dr. Morton traveled across the United States acquiring the latest technology and techniques in the management of leg vein disease. Training under world renowned Cincinnati vascular surgeon and phlebologist, Dr. Ronald Bush, Dr. Morton mastered the techniques of Endovenous Laser Closure of the Saphenous vein, Ambulatory Microphlebectomy, Ultrasonic-guided Sclerotherapy, Standard Sclerotherapy and color doppler ultrasonic analysis and diagnosis of deep and superficial leg vein disease. Toronto leg vein patients will find Dr. Morton and the SpaMedica Leg Vein Center will provide on of Canada’s most modern, up-to-date and successful leg vein therapy programs.

Armed with the latest techniques in the diagnosis and management of leg vein disease, Dr. Morton has created Canada’s first truly comprehensive leg vein management program. The SpaMedica Leg Vein Center distinguishes itself from most vein clinics beginning with the initial screening consultation. Every patient receives a Doppler ultrasound assessment of their deep and superficial leg vein disease. Based on this thorough assessment of their leg vein pathology, SpaMedica can then recommend a comprehensive leg vein treatment program that will include the techniques and technology with the highest likelihood of a successful aesthetic outcome. Dr. Morton was the first in Canada to offer the Endovenous Laser Closure technique for patients suffering from deep saphenous vein insufficiency and large varicose veins. This simple outpatient endovenous laser technique replaces the more dangerous and painful leg vein stripping procedures of the past. For patients with more superficial leg vein disease and spider veins of the lower leg, Dr. Morton can offer Canada’s widest selection of lasers and/or sclerotherapy techniques to provide the highest likelihood of success and aesthetic enhancement of the lower extremity.

In addtion to being the director of SpaMedica’s Leg Vein Program, Dr Morton is the skilled and talented SpaMedica Plastic Surgery anesthesiologist with over 25 years of experience in general hospital-based anesthesiology and has focused his anesthetic practice to caring for the aesthetic plastic surgery patient.

Dr. Morton is a member of the Canadian and American Societies of Phlebology, medical bodies dedicated to the management of leg vein disease, as well as the Canadian Society of Anesthesiology and Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Dr. Morton is an avid computer software designer, enjoys skiing and mountain biking.


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