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Dr. Stephen Mulholland

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Who is Dr. Mulholland?

Dr. Mulholland is one of Canada’s leading cosmetic plastic surgeons and a truly internationally-recognized specialist in cosmetic plastic surgery of the face and body.  For 20 years, Dr. Mulholland has continued to have one of the most successful and recognized aesthetic plastic surgery practices in Canada. This Toronto Plastic Surgeon is known for his surgical skill, excellent outcomes, aesthetic artistry and innovative cosmetic surgery procedures for the face and body. The quality of Dr. Mulholland’s plastic surgery work has been open for display, not only in his before and after photos, but on the live TV shows he has been a guest expert on for almost two decades. He is confident in the quality of his outcomes and he has always been ready to share his live surgical techniques and results with the interested viewers of CityLine, Breakfast Television, ET Canada, ETalk, Global, City, CBC and CTV news.

Dr. Mulholland, a world renowned plastic surgeon

Figure 1.  Toronto plastic surgery patients seeking a high quality, reputable and skilled  Plastic Surgeon in Toronto have made Dr. Mulholland’s practice one of the most successful cosmetic surgery practices in North America. Dr. Mulholland’s skill, innovation and artistry in face liftbrow lift and neck liftcosmetic eyelid procedures as well as high tech liposuction, such as BodyTiteSmartLipo and VaserLipo, as well as Vectra 3D optimized Breast Augment and breast implant surgery and tummy tucks have made his Cosmetic Plastic Surgery practice a favorite for patients from all across Canada.

Dr. Mulholland is a board-certified plastic surgeon and a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.  During the period of time Dr. Mulholland had an aesthetic practice in Los Angeles, California, as well as Toronto, he was also certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (1999-2009). Dr. Mulholland is one of the few plastic surgeons in North America and the only Toronto Plastic Surgeon that has truly dual-certified specialty training in advanced Otolaryngology, Ear Nose Throat Surgery – Head and Neck Cancer, as well as being board certified in plastic surgery, facial plastic Surgery, micro-vascular surgery, auto-tissue transplantation and adult craniofacial Trauma.  Dr. Mulholland completed fellowship training in advanced management of head and neck oncology, tumors and cancers (see Figure 2 and Figure 3), as well as micro-vascular transplantation and reconstruction of head and neck defects and in adult craniofacial trauma and facial fracture repair.

Dr. Mulholland's certifications

Figure 2.  Dr. Mulholland is a well-known Toronto Plastic Surgeon that graduated from Lake Superior State University on a Division 1 NCAA hockey scholarship.  Not only did Dr. Mulholland lead his Lake Superior State Lakers all 4 years in Scoring, he was the captain and team’s MVP, he excelled in school, carrying a GPA of 3.97 with a Major in Biology and minor in Chemistry.  After playing professional hockey, Dr. Mulholland returned to school, gaining acceptance in the the University of Toronto Medical School. Dr Mulholland graduated a medical doctor in 1988 and was at the top of his class, being awarded the prestigious Horner Medal.

Dr. Mulholland's certification

Figure 3.  Dr. Mulholland completed his core general surgery and plastic surgery training at the University of Toronto, becoming a Plastic surgeon, certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in 1994.

Dr. Stephen Mulholland's certification

Figure 4.  Dr. Mulholland then completed a fellowship in Advanced Training in Head and Neck Oncologic surgery in the Department of ENT – Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery at the Toronto General Hospital under the acclaimed Head and Neck Surgeon, Dr. Patrick Gullane.

Dr. Stephen Mulholland's Certification

Figure 5.  Dr. Mulholland also specialized in Adult craniofacial trauma, craniofacial reconstruction and Microvascular transplantation.

Dr. Mulholland as a surgical innovator

Dr. Mulholland was a consultant in the 1990s at the Hamilton Regional Cancer Centre and was a staff consultant in the division of Head and Neck Oncologic Surgery and cross-appointed in the division of Plastic Surgery at St. Joseph Hospital in Hamilton. Dr. Mulholland treated complex cancers of the face, scalp, lids, orbits, lips, tongues and throats. He not only removed them but he reconstructed them as well. Dr. Mulholland was well known for his microvascular auto-tansplatations and reconstructions, taking tissue from one area of the body and auto-transplanting the tissue by re-connecting the vessels and nerves to the defect (see end of the bio for more). Dr. Mulholland pioneered the use of transplanting sensate tissue into oral cavity defects following the removing of tongue and jaw bone tissue, to provide a more functional reconstruction. (Figure 6)

Even as a cancer, trauma and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Mulholland was very innovative as he invented and taught new reconstructions for large cancer defects of the jawline, neck, tongue and throat. Dr. Mulholland developed an auto-transplant procedure where a leg bone (called the tibia) and skin from the back of the foot is transplanted by re-connecting all the small arteries, veins and nerves using a microscope to large cancer defects of the throat, jawline and neck. He called this procedure the OsteoCutaneous Skin Flap (see figure 7 ). Dr. Mulholland spoke and lectured extensively at this time on reconstructions of defects of the nose, eyelid, scalp, face, lip, and neck. To view a full list of reconstructive lectures, papers and book chapters please refer to Dr. Mulholland’s Curriculum Vitae.  (Dr. Mulholland spoke and lectured extensively at this time on reconstructions of defects of the nose, eyelid, scalp, face, lip, and neck. To view a full list of reconstructive lectures, papers and book chapters please refer to Dr. Mulholland’s Curriculum Vitae.)

Dr. Mulholland's published work

Figure 6.  & Figure 7A. Dr. Mulholland published his seminal work on reconstruction of cancer jaw bone and mouth lining defects with auto-transplanted tissue that had the sensory nerve from the transplanted skin tissue micro- reconnected to the local sensory nerve to the tongue and mouth tissue. This gave back some oral sensation to these oral cancer patients and improved the quality of their life. B. Dr. Mulholland co-reported a large series of these with one of his former mentors, Dr. Brian Boyd, who is now a senior consultant in plastic surgery at UCLA. Mulholland pioneered the use of auto-transplanting skin and bone that had sensation when reconstructing large cancer defects of the mouth, tongue an jawline and had this work published as 2 papers in the prestigious Journal for Plastic, Reconstruction and Aesthetic Surgery

Most Plastic Surgery patients, if they choose to dig deep enough, find Dr. Mulholland’s background prior to a purely cosmetic plastic surgery practice very reassuring. They realize they are having their facelift surgery from a gifted surgeon with a reputation for natural artistry who had years of experience and an international reputation for excellence operating on the most complex defects imaginable of the face, scalp and neck.  Cosmetic tummy, liposuction and breast augmentation patients can take additional comfort in knowing that, not only does Dr. Mulholland have a reputation as one of Toronto’s most skilled body contouring, liposuction and breast augmentation surgeons, but he had years of experience deploying tissues from the tummy, chest wall breast, thighs and legs, crafted them and was able to delicately transplant these tissues to other body locations for reconstructing large cancer and trauma defects.

Dr. Mulholland's published work

Figure 8.  Dr. Mulholland’s Osteocutaneous shin flap invention published in the prestigious Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.  Dr. Mulholland has always been a Surgeon with a truly national and international reputation for skill, quality and excellence.

Since 1997, Dr. Mulholland’s entire cosmetic surgery practice has been focused on the art and practice of aesthetic plastic surgery. He focuses his skills and artistry in the field of aesthetic facial rejuvenation and advanced cosmetic body contouring surgery of the breast, tummy, legs, thighs and arms.  Dr. Mulholland opened SpaMedica in 1998, one of the world’s very first MedSpas. This was a novel concept at the time, where the comfort and service of a day spa were married to the biologic outcomes and credibility of non-surgical medical treatments. Dr. Mulholland pioneered procedures such as Botox Injectable, injectable soft tissue and dermal fillers, such as Juvederm and Restylane, lasers, photofacials, radiofrequency devices and medical skin care. Under one roof, Dr. Mulholland built a destination aesthetic centre. The ground floor is home to the MedSpa and the top floor is a 24-hour, overnight, government-certified private plastic surgery centre in Toronto. Since 1997, Dr. Mulholland has been at the forefront of the innovation of modern techniques in aesthetic plastic surgery. He is renowned for his facial rejuvenation facelift surgery, being one of the busiest and most respected facelift surgeons in Canada. He is also well known for his advanced non-excisional body contouring energy-assisted liposuction procedures, three-dimensional breast augmentation and tummy contouring.  Dr. Mulholland lectures and teaches U.S., Canadian and international surgeons on advanced cosmetic plastic surgery techniques over 40 weekends a year. He has taught well over 1,000 workshops throughout Australia, Asia, Eastern Europe and the United States over the past 15 years (See Dr. Mulholland Curriculum Vitae).

Dr. Mulholland's private practice SpaMedica in Toronto.

Figure 9.   A.   Plastic Surgeon, in Toronto,  Dr. Mulholland opened SpaMedica in 1997 located at 66  Avenue Road, in the heart of Yorkville. For many years, SpaMedica has been a destination for Toronto plastic surgery patients and non-surgical cosmetic procedure patients who want a centre with the best cutting edge technology and some of Canada’s most experienced medical –cosmetic providers. B. The interior of the SpaMedica non-surgical centre. SpaMedica is Canada’s largest private laser skin centre, specializing in combining high tech lasers, radiofrequency, ultrasound, and other mechanical and energy devices for the non-surgical treatment of: cellulite, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, brown spot and sun damage treatment, rosacea, blood vessel removal, birth mark removal, acne treatment, acne scar reduction, medical skin care, Botox Injectable, Dysport Injectable, Xeomin Injectable and soft tissue fillers and dermal fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane.

What was Dr. Mulholland’s life like in the early years?

Dr. Mulholland spent most of his childhood on the West Coast in Vancouver, British Columbia. He attended the prestigious University Hill Secondary School and graduated with honors.  Dr. Mulholland played major junior hockey and then attended Lake Superior State University, in Michigan, in the Central Collegiate Hockey Association (now in the Western Collegiate Hockey Association) on a Division 1 NCAA athletic hockey scholarship.  Dr. Mulholland was the only Division 1 athletic hockey player to ever lead his team in scoring all four years from his freshman year to his senior year.  While at Lake Superior State University, the smallest Division 1 hockey school ever to win multiple Division 1 NCAA national championships, Dr. Mulholland was named Most Valuable Player three times. He was the team captain and leading scorer four years in a row. Dr. Mulholland was also an NCAA first-team Academic All-American in his senior year.  In his Michigan undergraduate degree, in addition to playing hockey, Dr. Mulholland majored in biology and minored in chemistry.  Dr. Mulholland’s grade point average was 3.97, earning him a summa cum laude gold medal for academic achievement. He was the only Division 1 hockey player ever to achieve such distinction in the history of Lake Superior State University. It was his years at Lake Superior State University that Dr. Mulholland developed as a leader and builder of teams, which has served him well as the owner and president of SpaMedica.

Dr. Mulholland played professional hockey before his career as a plastic surgeon

Figure 10. Dr. Mulholland was Captain of the Michigan Lake Superior Lakers, a Division 1 hockey team that was a powerhouse in the 80’s-90s.  Dr. Mulholland was the leading scorer on the team all four years, from his freshman year to his senior year. He was the only Division 1 NCAA hockey player ever to accomplish this.  Dr. Mulholland was also an Academic All American, 1st team all conference star, most valuable player and team captain. Dr. Mulholland also excelled in the classroom as a Biology and Chemistry major. He was the only Division 1 scholarship athlete to ever complete the program and gradated as a Suma Cume Laude Gold medalist with a 3.97 GPA out of a possible 4.0.

Dr. Mulholland as a Professional Hockey Player

After completing his four years on a Division 1 hockey scholarship in Michigan, Dr. Mulholland’s success on the ice resulted in him signing a professional hockey contract with a Swedish first division hockey team, Rögle BK in Helsingborg-Ängelholm, Sweden. While in Sweden, Dr. Mulholland again led his team and the Swedish first division in scoring. At the end of his first contracted year in Sweden, he signed a professional contract with the Calgary Flames NHL hockey team.  Dr. Mulholland played for Calgary’s farm team, the Colorado Flames, in Denver, Colorado, where he developed an interest in Orthopedics Surgery and sports medicine through his interaction with the team doctor.  Following the expiration of his professional contract with the Calgary Flames, Dr. Mulholland applied to and successfully was accepted into the prestigious University of Toronto Medical School as one of the only 25 accepted out-of-province students.

Dr. Mulholland as a professional hockey player

Figure 11.  Dr. Mulholland played professional Hockey with Rogle BK in the pretigous Swedish First division where he led the team and the league in scoring. Following his year in Sweden he signed a professional contract with the Calgary Flames, playing for their farm team, the Colorado Flames, in Denver, Colorado.

Dr. Mulholland as a Medical Student

At the University of Toronto Medical School, Dr. Mulholland excelled and was the Horner silver medalist in his final year (Figure 2). His early interest in Orthopaedic surgery and sports medicine had grown into a passion for facial trauma, head and neck cancer and cancer reconstruction. Dr. Mulholland was accepted into the Department of Surgery at the University of Toronto and completed three years in general surgical training prior to entering the three-year plastic surgery residency program, also at the University of Toronto.   After successfully completing his plastic surgery residency, Dr. Mulholland was accepted by the University of Toronto Otolaryngology, Ear, Nose, Throat-Head and Neck Oncology program as the prestigious Head and Neck Oncology fellow. He studied under the world renowned ENT cancer surgeon Dr. Patrick Gullane and plastic surgeon Dr. Peter Nelligan.  During his fellowship years, Dr. Mulholland trained in the removal of advanced head and neck, throat, face, ear, nose and scalp tumors, as well as the reconstruction of these tumors with advanced auto-transplantation flap and graft techniques and microvascular transplantation and reconstruction.  Dr. Mulholland also completed a fellowship at Sunnybrook Hospital in advanced adult craniofacial trauma, facial fractures and microvascular transplantation reconstruction of head and neck defects under well-known and respected surgeons Dr. Oleh Antonyshyn and Ear, Nose, Throat – Head and Neck Oncologic Surgeon and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Ralph Gilbert.

Dr. Patrick Gullane, a world recognized expert in the treatment of head and neck cancers.

Figure 12.  Dr. Patrick Gullane, a world recognized expert in the treatment of Head and Neck Cancers, former head of the Otolaryngology Ear Nose Throat – Head and Neck Surgery division. He was Dr. Mulholland’s mentor during his year of advanced fellowship training after Dr. Mulholland’s plastic surgery residency and training. Dr. Gullane was the head of the American Association of Head Neck Oncology, the American Skull Base Society and an Order of Canada recipient. Dr. Gullane was trained by the iconic New York Head and Neck Surgeon, Dr. John Conley.  If it is true that we stand on the shoulders of the giants that came before us, then we can see why Dr. Mulholland can see very far.

Dr. Mulholland as a Head and Neck Cancer and Reconstructive Surgeon

Following his advanced fellowship training, Dr. Mulholland was appointed a consultant at the Hamilton Regional Cancer Centre. He treated patients with advanced cancers of the face, scalp, tongue, throat and neck.  In addition to removing cancers, Dr. Mulholland also pioneered the reconstruction of many complicated head and neck cancer and trauma defects.

During his years as a head-neck cancer ablative and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Mulholland pioneered the development of several new ways of reconstructing the jaw, tongue and throat. He specifically developed, pioneered and taught the reconstruction of major mandibular, jawline, neck and throat defects using auto-transplantation of a portion of the tibia bone and back of the foot – dorsalis pedis – a procedure he entitled the osteocutaneous shin flap. In addition, Dr. Mulholland also pioneered the use of sensate or transplantation of skin flaps aided by the use of microvascular, microneural techniques that had sensory capability for more functional use of the tongue and throat after cancer resection.  In 1997, Dr. Mulholland left his head and neck oncologic cancer practice to open up SpaMedica, a novel concept that combined a government-certified private plastic surgery overnight centre with an outpatient medical spa. SpaMedica was to focus on the emerging areas of non-invasive cosmetic plastic surgery, including soft tissue injectables, lasers and energy-assisted devices for non-invasive aesthetic enhancement. This concept was one of the first of its kind in the world.

Dr. Mulholland’s Athletic and Hockey History

Dr. Mulholland played Junior A Hockey, Division One NCAA College Hockey in the United States and professional hockey in Sweden and then with the Calgary Flames system.  These experiences helped shape Dr. Mulholland in many ways.  As a world class amateur and then professional athlete, Dr. Mulholland was indoctrinated into a culture of hard work, determination and discipline that helped him excel in the rigors of medical school and surgical residency training. More importantly, Dr. Mulholland was the team captain, leading scorer and most valuable player at almost every level. His sense of teamwork, sportsmanship and leadership has served him very well interacting with his patients and as an entrepreneur and manager of his own business SpaMedica. Finally, some doctors can, on occasion, appear diffident, distant and not easy to relate with. However, Dr. Mulholland’s years as a hockey player and travelling the world before and after becoming a doctor has helped him connect with most patients on a very basic non-academic level. The vast majority of Toronto plastic surgery patients find Dr. Mulholland pleasant, at ease and down to earth which makes him more able to connect with his patients’ concerns and issues.

Dr. Mulholland’s Medical School, Residency and Fellowship specialty training

Most Toronto plastic surgery patients want to know their plastic surgeon is extremely well-trained, highly skilled, careful, has gifted aesthetic judgment and a long track record of happy patients. That is what you get with Dr. Mulholland.  From being the Horner Silver Medalist in his University of Toronto Medical Class to excelling in the University of Toronto Core General Surgery and then Plastic Surgery residency program, Dr. Mulholland has always been trained by the best and viewed as one of the best.

Dr. Mulholland is the only plastic surgeon to be accepted by Dr. Patrick Gullane, a world recognized Ear Nose Throat – Head and Neck Oncologic Surgeon, to be his advanced head and neck Fellow for one year after Dr. Mulholland finished his plastic surgery residency. Not only did Dr. Mulholland pick up the skills and training of a basic plastic surgeon in aesthetic surgery of the body and face, but Dr. Mulholland was trained in advanced removal of head and neck tumors and reconstruction. This experience added a level of comfort in his intimate knowledge of facial anatomy during brow lift, eyelid surgery, face lifts and neck lifts.  Dr. Mulholland also spent a year treating advanced facial and nasal fractures which he carried on in his years in Hamilton, giving him a very high level of skill and knowledge at performing cosmetic rhinoplasty and nose jobs. Dr. Mulholland is known for this procedure and has excelled at it over the last 20 years.

What is Dr. Mulholland’s certification in?

Dr. Mulholland is a Toronto Plastic Surgeon certified by the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons by the Royal College of Physicians, Surgeons of Canada and by the Canadian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.  Dr. Mulholland also has dual certification in Ear, Nose, Throat – Head and Neck Surgical Oncology by the American joint Societies of Head and Neck Oncologic Surgeons and was board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons (1999-2009).

Dr. Mulholland is a licensed physician in the province of Ontario and a member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. He is also a licensed physician in the province of British Columbia and the British Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons and in the state of California by the California State Medical Board (see figures 2-5 above).

Dr. Mulholland’s Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Mulholland's CV

Dr. Mulholland has continued to operate one of the most successful and recognized aesthetic plastic surgery practices in Canada for over 20 years. He is known for his surgical skill, excellent outcomes, aesthetic artistry and innovative cosmetic surgery procedures for the face and body. Dr. Mulholland has lead over 600 workshops worldwide, teaching thousands of physicians advanced aesthetic plastic surgery techniques. Look through his Curriculum Vitae to see his professional history and experience in-depth.

What is Dr. Mulholland’s SpaMedica practice?

Since creating SpaMedica in 1997, Dr. Mulholland has devoted his entire practice to the art, science, innovation and excellence in aesthetic plastic surgery including surgical and non-surgical solutions.  At SpaMedica he has created a unique plastic surgery and non-surgical facility where patients can experience non-invasive cosmetic enhancements of the face and body such as lasers and energy devices, Botox Injectable and soft tissue fillers, microdermabrasion, medical skin care and medical dermatology. Other treatments include more traditional, advanced and specialized cosmetic plastic surgery of the face and body.

SpaMedica and the Medical Spa

Since 1997, Dr. Mulholland has overseen the growth and development of SpaMedica’s MedSpa, one of the world’s oldest, most respected and experienced centres devoted to non-invasive medical enhancement.  Under Dr. Mulholland’s medical directorship, training and pioneering treatments, SpaMedica patients can receive advanced injectable therapy, including Botox Injectable, Dysport Injectable and Xeomin Injectable for facial animation. Patients can also receive soft tissue and dermal injectable fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane.  These treatments can be combined with micro-cannula techniques and various energy-assisted treatments such as: ultrasonic microdermabrasion, crystal-based microdermabrasion, advanced medical skin care, intense pulsed light photo-rejuvenation, various fractional Fraxel energy treatment devices for the management of texture, pores and wrinkles, radiofrequency treatments for skin tightening, freezing and melting devices for non-surgical fat reduction and non-surgical liposuction, ultrasound focus treatments for skin lifting and tightening and advanced laser techniques for permanent, high-speed, painless reduction of hair.

SpaMedica Cosmetic Dermatology

Dr. Mulholland has always offered Toronto cosmetic dermatology patients some of Toronto’s best cosmetic dermatologists. Dermatologists offer advanced laser removal of unwanted birthmarks, pigmented brown spot lesions, age spots, tattoos, advanced photo aging and wrinkle treatments. They also provide laser treatment of unwanted toe fungus, benign moles and cosmetic dermatologic concerns and problems.  The marriage of cosmetic plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology, as well as medical spa services, has afforded SpaMedica’s patients some of the best cosmetic enhancement opportunities available.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Dr. Mulholland has owned and operated a government-certified, overnight, 24-hour stay plastic surgery centre for the past 18 years. Dr. Mulholland firmly believes by owning and managing your own approved facility, rather than renting time in someone else’s centre, you, as the plastic surgeon owner, can better oversee, control, orchestrate and manage the quality, safety and entire patient experience.  Dr. Mulholland’s aesthetic artistry and skill has made him one of the most sought-after cosmetic plastic surgeons in Canada for aesthetic brow lift, face lift, neck lift, advanced body contouring surgery including energy-assisted, non-excisional liposuction techniques, such as SmartLipo™, BodyTite™ and VASER® lipo, advanced minimal-incision tummy tuck surgery and three-dimensional, cohesive gel breast augmentation.  At SpaMedica, Dr. Mulholland has created one of Canada’s most respected private plastic surgery facilities with a truly international 18 year reputation for safety, quality of care and excellent outcomes.

Reception and overnight stay room at SpaMedica Plastic Surgery Centre

Figure 13.  A. The Reception at the SpaMedica Plastic Surgery Centre.  B. One of Private over night rooms at the government certified SpaMedica Plastic Surgery Centre

Dr. Mulholland as a Plastic Surgery Innovator and Educator

Dr. Mulholland’s profession and plastic surgical journey has been one of never being satisfied with average techniques. He continues to innovate and pioneer as an aesthetic plastic surgeon.  Dr. Mulholland’s list of achievements as a pioneer in aesthetic plastic surgery is impressive.  With over 1,000 international workshops in teaching advanced techniques to plastic surgeons and cosmetic physicians from around the world, Dr. Mulholland has innovated and pioneered the following aesthetic procedures:

  • The intense pulsed light photo facial and photo-rejuvenation
  • The Pan G non-surgical electrical myofascial facelift
  • The thread lift suture suspension of the face and jowl
  • The use of fractional radiofrequency needles for fractional RF resurfacing and reduction and elimination of facial wrinkles, acne scars and texture, called the Fractora
  • The scarless transplantation of hair using follicle unit transplantation techniques, NeoGraft® and ARTAS® for male and female hair restoration
  • The use of a non-ablative radiofrequency energy for temperature-controlled skin tightening and non-surgical face and body skin lifting, called the Forma and Fractora Firm
  • The use of laser-assisted lipolysis for energy-assisted liposuction, called SmartLipo
  • The use of radiofrequency energy for simultaneous skin contraction and aspiration of fat during liposuction called BodyTite
  • The use of high-frequency focused ultrasound for the non-invasive destruction of fat called UltraShape®
  • The use of electroporation and electricity for the non-invasive destruction of the fat cells called BodyFX
  • The use of scanned, high-speed diode energy for the permanent reduction of hair called Diolaze hair removal
  • The use of ultrasonic energy and cavitation to remove the outer layer of the epidermis and stratum corneum called the SonoPeel
  • The use of blunt microcannulas for the safe and effective restoration of volume using Juvéderm® Voluma™, Restylane® and Perlane®, called VolumaLift™
  • Soft tissue injectable rhinoplasty, called the 5 Minute Nose job
  • The use of subdermal (under the skin) radiofrequency energy to provide lifting and tightening called FaceTite
  • The use of combined energy sources to improve the quality of the skin
  • Endoscopic Mid facelifts, Endoscopic transbleph brow lifts
  • 3D Vectra assisted Breast Augmentation and Endoscopic Transaxillary breast augmentation.

These are but a few of the innovations that Dr. Mulholland has developed, published on, pioneered and taught.  Many of these techniques are available online and have been covered by international peer-reviewed science articles. They have also been shown on local and national television shows, as well as magazine and newspaper articles.

Dr. Mulholland has lectured and taught well over 1,000 workshops throughout the United States, Western and Eastern Europe and Australia to plastic surgeons, cosmetic dermatologists and advanced aesthetic physicians on the art and practice of body contouring or facial rejuvenation.  As an innovator, pioneer and aesthetic scientist, Dr. Mulholland is frequently sought out to speak at national and international meetings, sharing his expertise and techniques.

Dr. Mulholland’s unique ability to innovate and pioneer procedures that are more effective and/or have less down time with better efficacy, as well as to be able to communicate effectively as a speaker and a teacher have made him one of the world’s most-recognized aesthetic plastic surgeons.  His success at translating these techniques into very happy aesthetic plastic surgery patients has made him one of the most popular and sought-after cosmetic plastic surgeons in Canada.

Dr. Mulholland as a teacher

Dr. Mulholland has personally taught and lectured to thousands of physicians worldwide on advanced aesthetic plastic surgery techniques, including SmartLipo™, BodyTite™, UltraShape® non-invasive body contouring, NeoGraft® and ARTAS® follicular unit extraction hair transplantation, as well as minimally-invasive facelift techniques using subdermal energy-assisted systems such as FaceTite™, SmartLipo™ and fractional ablative techniques, as well as many other topics (see more in Dr. Mulholland’s CV).  Dr. Mulholland has personally certified many physicians in the use of BodyTite™, SmartLipo™ and Cellulaze™ for the management of unwanted body fat with advanced liposuction techniques, as well as taught company workshops for VASER® lipo and fat transplantation to the breast, buttocks and face, as well as SmartLipo™ laser lipolysis and advanced liposuction and BodyTite™ radiofrequency advanced energy-assisted liposuction techniques for body contouring.  Dr. Mulholland has also taught the use of three-dimensional imaging technology for the selection and operation for 3-D cohesive gel breast augmentation and has lectured physicians and taught colleagues from around the world on his advanced facelift, necklift, mid-facelift and lower lid techniques, using endoscopic, telescopic, minimal-incision techniques, suture suspension techniques, as well as open lifting techniques with simultaneous reduction of T zone wrinkles and pores using fractional, radiofrequency and other ablative CO2 technologies.

It is both comforting and reassuring to Canadian and Toronto plastic surgery patients who select Dr. Mulholland that not only is he truly a world leader and teacher of other plastic surgeons, but is able to translate some of his surgical scientific innovations into more effective procedures with better outcomes and less down time in cosmetic plastic surgery of the face and body.

Dr. Mulholland and the Media

Cosmetic plastic surgery has evolved over the past 15 years to become very culturally relevant in a society where one’s appearance has become valued commodity in addition to one’s compassion, personality and intelligence. Dr. Mulholland’s innovation and pioneering techniques in both minimally and invasive aesthetic plastic surgery and his ability to pioneer and communicate these concepts have made him a very popular source for information on the plastic surgery industry for Canadian and American media outlets.  As a Toronto Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Mulholland has appeared on over 300 television shows enthusiastically communicating some of these ongoing and new techniques in aesthetic plastic surgery.

To view some of these varied and interesting TV shows, magazine and newspaper stories, simply spend some time browsing through our media pages.

Dr. Mulholland, as a Toronto Plastic Surgeon has appeared innumerable times in Canada’s newspapers, including the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, National Post and Post papers, as well as numerous other city and regional newspapers and magazines. He has also been named one of Canada’s top plastic surgeons by Fashion Magazine, Toronto Life, Flair, Canadian Living, Zoomer and Maclean’s.  Dr. Mulholland was featured prominently as one of Canada’s most-pioneering plastic surgeons and physicians over the past 15 years in a major TORO Magazine feature (See page 88). Dr.  Mulholland has authored chapters in two consumer books on plastic surgery, one in the Later Dater and the other in The Cougar, both authored by noted Toronto Journalist Valarie Gibson.

Dr. Mulholland authored chapters in published books

Figure 14.  Dr. Mulholland authored the chapters on cosmetic plastic surgery in The Cougar and more recently in the Later Dater.

Dr. Mulholland continues to be the Cityline guest expert on cosmetic plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, as well as appearing frequently on Breakfast Television and nightly news shows, bringing to Canadian viewers the latest in aesthetic plastic surgery and non-invasive techniques.

Dr. Mulholland a Gemini Award Winner

Long before Nip Tuck, Extreme Makeover, The Swan, Dr. Phil or Dr. Oz, Dr. Mulholland won a Gemini TV award in 2001 for his role as the Plastic Surgeon and Doctor in the ground breaking live cosmetic plastic surgery series (early reality show) Skin Deep. Skin Deep features in-depth stories of real women undergoing real transformative changes through Plastic Surgery. Dr. Mulholland was the plastic surgeon in the first year of the series and is the only plastic surgeon or surgeon to have ever won a Gemini award.

Dr. Mulholland's Gemini Award

Figure 15.  Dr. Mulholland won a Gemini Award playing himself on the award winning live plastic surgery televsision series, Skin Deep.

Dr. Mulholland outside of Medicine

Dr. Mulholland has a long-term marriage with Ann Kaplan Mulholland, the CEO and President of iFinance Canada Inc., the parent company to Medicard, Petcard, Dentalcard and iFinance Home Improvement . iFinance Canada currently surpassed a record of almost $1 Billion in consumer loan applications since inception, proud achievements for Ms. Kaplan who founded the Company in 1996. An award-winning businesswoman, popular speaker (finance, entrepreneurship and beauty/marketing categories), and media personality, Ms. Kaplan has also founded four other Companies  including, NewYou – a consumer tradeshow featuring cosmedic medical procedures and a CrowdFunding Portal, regulated under the SCC. In addition to running her companies, Ann has also hosted television shows including Global’s NYtv, Beauty by Design and CosMedicTV, national television shows featuring cosmedic medical procedures and makeovers.

Ann Kaplan

Figure 16. Ann Kaplan Mulholland

Ann Kaplan has been featured in hundreds of publications to date, including a University textbook case study on entrepreneurship. She is the recipient of numerous awards including the ROMA Award – a Rotman School Recognition as one of the ten most successful women to have graduated Rotman Business School 2015, she is a three time Award Recipient as one of Canada’s Most Powerful Women, inducted into the Hall of Fame in November, 2014, the Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the year Award; the Peak Award of Excellence in Finance,; as well as nine times on the Canada’s Profit Top 100 Companies; ten times placement on the Canadian W100 list (Top 100 Companies); she was also recognized as one of Canada’s most inspirational women in 2007 and more recently as one of Canada’s top three Female Business Leaders , Canada’s Mompreneur of The Year; as well as receiving the top honor internationally for  Stevie Awards.

Ms. Kaplan has a MBA, MSc (Business), Corporate Governance Designation (ICD.d) studied for her PhD (her academic focus is on Spirituality and Business Culture) before changing her academic focus to a Quantitative Study (DBA) Doctor of Business Administration (An empirical study exploring a neural network decision tree modeling, regression tree modeling  and Probit, Logit Regression models for consumer loan default analysis), Rotman Business School in collaboration with Henley Business School, University of Reading.

Outside of business and academia, Ann has a very busy life. She has written four books Fashion Cares, The InterNet, If You Don’t Laugh, You’ll Cry and Best Practices. Ann sits on four academic boards and committees – including the steering committee at the Rotman Business School, she has co-chaired a Shadow Banking Committee for the G20Y and is a supporter and delegate of the Ontario Economic Summit for ten years passing. Ann is mentor to both young men and women in business, a judge for the Next 36 and at University MBA competitions.

Ann Kaplan Fresh Magazine Cover

Figure 17. Ann Kaplan was recently featured on the cover of Fresh Magazine. In the feature article, she talked about her business, entrepreneurialism and family. Ann shared her unique insights on life and balancing business and family. She also talked about the challenges and successes she has experienced. Read the full article here.

Ann and Stephen enjoy an active social life together, are both quietly philanthropic; they enjoy their family time (being parents to eight children) and take joy in sharing their busy and full lives as a couple.

Dr. Mulholland’s top five list

The top five things one should look for in a plastic surgeon

Experience. Ensure that your plastic surgeon is extremely experienced in the procedure or procedures you are interested in. Enquire as to how many procedures they perform yearly, how long they’ve been performing them and how many complications they’ve experienced and how they’ve managed them.

Excellent work and happy patients. Ensure that the plastic surgeon that you select for your procedure or procedures of interest has lots of before-and-afters of their own to show you. See if you can speak personally to patients who have undergone the procedure and that these patients speak with confidence not only about the surgeon, but the plastic surgery team that helps in your care.

Facility safety. Does your plastic surgeon practice in a government-certified facility? How long have they owned and operated this facility? Enquire as to the number of complications the certifying process of that facility and how long they have been in business. If they do not actually own the facility they operate in, how can they assure its safety and quality?

Has the physician ever had a successful lawsuit brought against them or complaints of negligence before the College? Ensure that you ask these questions of your physician and surgeon and remember that this information is available online. Looking up the local provincial College, you can see if there’s been any successful negligence claims brought against your physician and also, by looking at the Canadian Malpractice Protective Association, any successful lawsuits brought against your plastic surgeon. Remember that very busy plastic surgeons will attract some patients that ultimately may not be happy with their results, even if the result was considered acceptably good; or if they had a complication that ensued that is a known complication of the procedure, a patient may not be happy with the result, but their treating physician may well be excellent. Complications happen. It is the testament of an excellent physician that you choose that they can manage these rare complications as they arise. Sometimes that is as important as achieving very good results most of the time.

What is the online reputation of your physician? Nowadays there are many sources for evaluating and credentialing your physician. By far, still the most important would be word of mouth, peer-to-peer referral from someone who has had surgery with your prospective surgeon. You should seek out these opinions, but also the online reputation of your surgeon through such websites as RateMD, Yelp, CitySearch, RealSelf, Google+ and Google Reviews. If your doctor has performed your procedure of interest on TV and the patient was happy, this can be important validation. A busy aesthetic plastic surgeon will have many patients who review positively, and some negatively, and you should be able to get a balanced opinion of the quality of the physician that you are seeking out by these reviews. Many online reviews may actually be fabricated by a practice and usually these reviews are easy to discern and distinguish from real patient reviews. There should be a balanced representation online, as any busy and successful plastic surgeon will have excellent, average and the occasional suboptimal review.

These top five questions and issues should allow you to select the best aesthetic plastic surgeon for you and the procedures that you’re interested in to ensure the best possible outcome.

How do I schedule a consultation with Dr. Mulholland or the SpaMedica medspa?

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Mulholland or his medspa team, simply call the contact number on this 877-211-7505 or e-mail a consult request form and a SpaMedica representative will respond promptly.  Call now to schedule a consultation and start your SpaMedica journey of self enhancement.

Dr. Mulholland as a pioneer and innovator

Even as a cancer, trauma and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Mulholland was very innovative as he invented and taught new reconstructions for large cancer defects of the jawline, neck, tongue and throat. Dr. Mulholland actually invented an auto-transplant procedure where a leg bone (called the tibia) and skin from the back of the foot is transplanted by re-connecting all the small arteries, veins and nerves using a microscope to large cancer defects of the throat, jawline and neck. He called this procedure the OsteoCutaneous Skin Flap (figure 3). In Dr. Mulholland’s invention, a free flap of the vascularized Osteocutaneous Skin flap is transplanted from the leg bone with skin of the back of the foot to large defects of the jawline, neck, tongue and throat.

During the years when Dr. Mulholland was a head-neck oncologic cancer surgeon and facial trauma surgeon, he became an expert at navigating and mastering the complex anatomy of the face and neck. This experience has made him one of the most respected brow lift, cosmetic lid surgery, face lift, neck lift and aesthetic restoration plastic surgeons in Canada.  During those years, he also developed and innovated advanced reconstructive techniques, using tissue from the chest wall, abdomen and extremities, using microvascular auto-transplantation techniques to reconstruct complex defects of the scalp, face, head and neck.  Dr. Mulholland’s advanced training in microvascular reconstruction, using tissue harvested from all over the body, as well as head-neck oncologic defects has served him very well following his transition to aesthetic plastic surgery and in his ability to continue to innovate and pioneer new, better, high-tech ways to deliver body contouring surgery, liposuction, tummy tucks and breast augmentation.  Patients can feel confident that with Dr. Mulholland they have a surgeon who has truly been fully trained and recognized as a world class functional and reconstructive surgeon of the face and body prior to embarking upon a successful 20-year practice in aesthetic plastic surgery.

During his years in reconstructive plastic surgery, Dr. Mulholland pioneered the Osteocutaneous Shin Flap for the treatment and management of advanced defects of the tongue, jaw and throat, using tissue transplanted from the lower leg. He also pioneered sensory sensate reconstruction of tongue defects, using tissue from the fibula leg bone and skin (Figures 6-8), as well as using tissue auto-transplanted from the abdomen for reconstruction of advanced cranial defects of the skull base. Dr. Mulholland’s pioneering work on auto-transplanted tissue reconstructions of the tongue that reconnected sensory nerves gave thousands of devastating mouth cancer patients reconstructions with auto-transplanted tissue connected by micro-vascular surgery that now had sensation of light touch and pressure, preserving oral “awareness”. Dr. Mulholland spoke and lectured extensively at this time on reconstructions of defects of the nose, eyelid, scalp, face, lip, and neck. To view a full list of reconstructive lectures, papers and book chapters please refer to Dr. Mulholland’s Curiculum Vitae.


Dr. Mulholland’s very own Invented Tissue Transplant (do not read on if you are easily squeamish)

Even as a cancer, trauma and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Mulholland was very innovative as he invented and taught new reconstructions for large cancer defects of the jawline, neck, tongue and throat. Dr. Mulholland actually invented an auto-transplant procedure called the Shin Flap where part of a  leg bone (the tibia) and skin from the back of the foot is transplanted by re-connecting all the small arteries, veins and nerves using a microscope to large cancer defects of the throat, jawline and neck. He called this procedure the OsteoCutaneous Skin Flap. In Dr. Mulholland’s invention, a free flap of the vascularized Osteocutaneous Skin flap is transplanted from the leg bone with skin of the back of the foot to large defects of the jawline, neck, tongue and throat.

In Dr. Mulholland’s invention, a free flap of the vascularized Osteocutaneous skin flap is transplanted from the leg bone with skin of the back of the foot to large defects of the jawline, neck, tongue and throat. First, Dr. Mulholland’s shin flap plans out the leg prior to elevation. The shin flap consists of a piece of the leg bone, the skin from the bottom of the foot, the nerves and vessels. It is then ready for detachment and micro-vascular transplantation.


The stabilization of the transplant

Dr. Mulholland divides his shin flap that is now ready to transplant into the face of a patient who had half their jaw and tongue removed to remove a cancer. The large plate fixes the transplanted leg bone in place and the vessels, nerves and skin are reconnected using a microscope.


C. Pre-operative  jawline contour prior to removing the jaw D. Post resection and cancer reconstruction

Prior to becoming a Toronto Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Mulholland specialized in Head and Neck Cancer, facial fracture, trauma and reconstructive surgery. One of Dr. Mulholland many unique surgical inventions was his Osteocutaneous shin flap, an auto-transplant of part of the tibia leg bone and skin from the back of the foot. These are then removed using micro-vascular anastomosis skills. This tissue is fashioned into the jawbone using tiny plates and screws and then auto-transplanted to the defect left from the removal of half of the jaw bone, tongue, neck skin and lining of the throat. Figure B shows the new jaw bone made of the tibial leg bone attached to the jaw and the skin from the foot about to be anastomosed and transplanted to reconstruct the tongue and floor of the mouths. Figure C shows that half of the jaw bone was removed and the plate in the x-ray stabilizes the tibial leg bone that Dr. Mulholland transplanted from the leg to the mouth. Figures E and F show the jawline and neck contour of Dr. Mulholland’s cancer patient before (E) and after half the jaw bone, tongue, throat and neck skin were removed. The photos also display Dr. Mulholland excellent restoration of the jawline, neck and facial contours.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Mulholland or his medspa team, simply call the contact number on this 877-211-7505 or e-mail a consult request form and a SpaMedica representative will respond promptly.  Call now to schedule a consultation and start your SpaMedica journey of self enhancement. 


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