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Procedures to Treat Loose Thigh Fat


People with excess loose thigh fat suffer from a relatively common aesthetic condition, specifically excess fat and subcutaneous tissue of the inner thigh, which can sometimes be combined with loose inner thigh skin. The causes for the accumulation of loose thigh fat are often hereditary, although excess weight over and above normal body weight can also accumulate on the inner thigh. Loose thigh fat is usually resistant to normal diet and exercise and is therefore, a common presenting complaint for aesthetic body contouring.

Procedure Details

How can I treat loose thigh fat and loose skin? And if so, what can I treat them with?

Patients who suffer from excess loose thigh fat can be treated at SpaMedica Toronto Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre by Dr. Stephen Mulholland, Toronto cosmetic plastic surgeon, with a variety of innovative surgical and non-surgical techniques that can be efficacious and pleasing. Non surgical treatments of the loose thigh fat include devices such as the UltraShape, the VelaShape, the TitFX, the Venus Freeze, and the Triactive which are non invasive devices which emit laser energy, radiofrequency energy, infrared light and/or ultrasound energy which penetrates the skin and travels into the inner thigh fat . Inner thigh fat cells are stimulated by this energy to shrink, decreasing the bulge and the enlarged appearance of the inner thigh. These non invasive treatments can be pleasing but the results are modest.

Alternatively, patients can be treated by Toronto cosmetic plastic surgeonm Dr. Stephen Mulholland, with modern, minimally invasive liposuction techniques performed under local anesthesia, as an outpatient. These techniques include SmartLipo Laser Assisted Liposuction, BodyTite™ Radiofrequency assisted liposuction, or Vaser Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction. During these techniques a small probe is inserted into the fat, which is then liquefied and gently removed. The heating and melting of the fat, means less force and trauma is required to remove it during the aspiration phase, resulting in less swelling, pain and bruising than traditional mechanical extraction liposuction techniques and a more rapid recovery. The undersurface of the inner thigh skin is simultaneously heated to facilitate a gentle skin tightening. Toronto loose thigh fat patients wear a supportive garment after this kind of modern, high tech energy assisted liposuction procedure and can return to low impact activities of daily living almost immediately.

SpaMedica Toronto Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre and Dr. Stephen Mulholland have been serving Toronto loose thigh fat patients since 1997. Those patients that have excess loose thigh fat and loose skin might also be candidates for a mini inner thigh lift, in combination with SmartLipo laser assisted liposuction, BodyTite™ radiofrequency assisted liposuction or Vaser ultrasonic assisted liposuction.

SpaMedica Toronto Plastic Surgery Centre and Dr. Stephen Mulholland are one of Toronto and Canada’s most recognized, experienced and reputable cosmetic plastic surgery centres and cosmetic plastic surgeons. Dr. Mulholland is internationally recognized as an expert and pioneer on all the more modern forms of high tech, gentle, minimally invasive energy assisted liposuction and he has taught physicians from around the world his pioneering work in this new field of liposuction body contouring.

If I have my inner thigh fat treated will it come back? How can I prevent this?

Recurrence of inner thigh fat after treatment with minimally invasive surgery is extremely uncommon and a careful maintenance of the weight will ensure that your contour improvement is long lasting. With the non surgical treatments such as VelaShape, TitFX, Freeze and UltraShape if there is some weight gain then the inner thigh fat may reoccur. Careful weight maintenance, diet and exercise will help allow your inner thigh contour improvement to be long lasting.

Next Steps

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SpaMedica Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre and Dr. Stephen Mulholland recommend the following treatments for patients with inner thigh fat: