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Procedures to Treat Loose Buttocks Skin

Patients with loose buttock skin suffer from loose folds of skin of the upper and lower buttocks. Loose buttock skin is generally caused by significant weight loss. With weight loss there is a loss of tone and elasticity from the stretched outer skin elements and the upper and lower buttocks can sag creating loose, unattractive skin of the upper buttock region and the lower buttock fold.

Loose Skin Buttock Procedure

Loose buttock skin treatments at SpaMedica Plastic Surgery Centre include lasers, tightening devices and skin removal surgical techniques. The most common treatment for loose buttock skin is a buttock lift combined with Fat Grafting to the Buttock. Fat Grafting harvests fat from various areas of the body using a small needle, under local anesthesia and transplanting the purified and isolated fat cells and stem cells to the buttock tissue, to build up volume, support and shape.

The upper buttock region is treated with a posterior lower beltline tightening of the upper buttock skin and tissue. These procedures are generally performed safely, under local anesthesia and IV sedation and most patients can return to low impact activities of daily living very quickly.

Minor laxity of the buttock skin can be treated with a wide laser, radiofrequency and tightening devices, such as TiteFx, VelaShape, Thermage Body and Freeze.


Recurrence of loose buttock skin is very uncommon if normalized weight maintenance is maintained. Sometimes there will be recurrent loss of buttock volume and repeat fat grafting or buttock implantation is performed. Patients are advised to stay within the guided weight range following the procedure and to be on a healthy diet regimen with regular exercise.

If there is minor recurrence or sagging of the loose tissues of the Lower Gluteal or Buttock Fold this can be re-excised with a Mini Buttock Lift procedure.


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