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Procedures to Reduce Large Breasts

Patients with large breast suffer from enlarged breasts, or mammary hypertrophy. Mammary hypertrophy is usually caused by hereditary factors (inherited from the parents). Patients inherit a tendency towards very large breasts. Large breasts can also uncommonly be caused by massive weight gain and a number of endocrinological conditions and they should be ruled out by your physician. Large breasts can present an aesthetic concern in that they disrupt a disproportionate figure shape and form. Enlarged breasts can also be functionally debilitating resulting with symptoms of neck pain, sore shoulders and skin rashes under the breast fold.

Large Breasts Treatment

The most common way to treat large breasts is through a breast reduction procedure. In a large breast reduction procedure the excess gland, fat and tissue is removed through scars placed around the areola and under the breast. Significant reductions can result in a more visually appealing breast, as well as reduce some of the functional symptomotology.

Another method for treating enlarged breasts or mammary hypertrophy is through breast liposuction. Using a Bodytite radiofrequency assisted liposuction, SmartLipo laser assisted liposuction, or Vaser ultrasound assisted liposuction the breast gland and fat can be heated, liquefied and removed. There energy assisted liposuction techniques will reduce the volume of the breast and the heat will induce a tightening and lifting effect on the nipple areola complex. For breast reduction patients, these techniques have the advantage of minimal to no visible scarring and good skin tightening.

The best candidates for breast reduction liposuction are those individuals with relatively good skin tone, with relatively little breast ptosis (sagging) or droopy breasts and with an enlarged amount of breast fat and glandular tissue.

If I have my droopy breast reshaped will it recur or come back?

Breast reduction surgery is usually a lifelong and permanent result, although a significant weight gain can sometimes result in enlargement and hypertrophy of the breast tissue. Weight maintenance and a reasonable amount of exercise should prevent recurrent enlargement of the breast following breast reduction surgery.


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