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Procedures for Small Breasts

Patients with small breasts have inadequate volume and projection of the breasts that would normally and attractively balance the shoulder and pelvic girdle and waistline. In many cases, the small breasts are caused by hereditary and inherited factors. Other circumstances, such as breast trauma or inflammatory conditions, such as a breast cancer removal or a breast infection, may cause an asymmetry of the breast, or a small breast, with inadequate volume and projection. Occasionally, small breasts are unilateral and there can be symmetry between one breast and the other.

Small Breasts Treatment

Patients can be treated in two very efficacious ways. The most common way to treat small breasts with inadequate volume and projection is with use of a breast implant or breast augmentation surgery. Breast implantation can be performed using cohesive gel, form stable, teardrop or anatomical shaped cohesive silicone gel implants. Alternatively, the breast implants can be saline filled. Breast implants that are round or tear dropped can be inserted through insertions that are placed under the fold of the breast, the peri-areolar position or through the axilla (armpit).

The pocket for the breast implant will depend on a variety of patient-based factors, such as fitness of the breast tissue, but the two most common pockets for the breast implant are on top of the muscle and under the gland (called sub-glandular breast augmentation), or under the pectoralis muscle (called sub-pectoral breast augmentation or sub-muscular breast augmentation).

A breast implant, breast augmentation procedure is performed under intravenous sedation, as an outpatient and breast augmentation patients are generally able to go back to work within two to three days. Within two to three weeks the breast swelling has diminished and the breasts start to look attractive and natural. Breast implants manufacturer’s warrantee are for ten years with well over 95% of breast augmentation patients being very happy with the results of their breast implant procedure.

Other methods of breast augmentation for small breasts is using fat grafting from other areas of the body can be performed. Generally, the fat grafting procedures can only result in a 1/2 cup size improvement in volume, making its role in breast augmentation surgery limited. However, fat grafting to the breast is also very useful for covering the edges of exposed or visibly rippled saline implants, should that complication arise.

If I have my small breast reshaped will it recur or come back?

Breast implant devices currently manufactured are under warranty for at least ten years if they are saline filled and for as long as a lifetime if they’re cohesive silicone gel filled. Silicone and saline breast implants are extremely safe and have no causal association with breast cancer whatsoever. Breast home massage, combined breast self exam are a good way to keep the breasts soft and supple.

Furthermore, Zerona low level light therapy can be used to minimize the risk of breast capsule formation. There is a common misconception amongst those patients seeking breast implantation surgery, that the actual implant should be removed and replaced every 10 years, which, of course is not true. If the implant is doing well and the patient is doing well, then the breast implant is left alone.

How do I schedule a consultation for a small breasts?

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