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Whether your cosmetic facial concerns are the result of aging, sun damage, or genetics, the team at SpaMedica in Toronto is here to assess your esthetic and functional needs and set you up with a customized cosmetic facial treatment program perfectly suited to you. We offer a range of ahead-of-the-curve procedures, both surgical and nonsurgical.

Are You A Candidate?

Those in good health, interested in restoring youthful, voluminous, vitality to their face, and possessing realistic expectations, should book a consultation with Dr. Mulholland to discuss their cosmetic facial concerns at SpaMedica in Toronto.

Droopy Upper Eyelid: The upper eyelid skin tends to wrinkle and droop with age, creating a tired, deflated, or unattractive look. An upper eyelid blepharoplasty removes excess upper lid skin, droopy muscles, and even fat pads, resulting in a natural-looking rejuvenation of the eye.

Wrinkles: Predisposition to wrinkles can be hereditary and is worsened by environmental conditions and lifestyle. From fractional lasers to dermal fillers, to SonoPeel microdermabrasion, softer, tighter facial skin is possible, as is a visible reduction of wrinkles.

Deflated Cheeks: The subcutaneous fat present in a youthful cheek is often lost with age. Treatments to improve the appearance of deflated cheeks may include Botox or soft tissue fillers, and fractional infrared and radiofrequency skin tightening procedures to improve wrinkles, boost volume and stimulate collagen growth.

Old Looking Neck Skin: Old-looking neck skin is caused by a combination of hereditary and lifestyle factors. A mini neck lift can reposition and tighten loose skin, while a fractional laser or radiofrequency needle treatments deliver micro-injuries to the area to stimulate new collagen growth.

Fat Facial Grafting: Facial areas that have lost volume as the result of aging or trauma, can be addressed with fat grafts harvested from another area of your body. The grafts are expertly placed, using a multi-level, blunt micro-cannula technique pioneered by Dr. Mulholland himself.

Other Areas of Concern

The SpaMedica team in Toronto is proud to offer only the most effective treatments to address all your cosmetic facial concerns. In addition to the above-listed concerns, we expertly treat loose neck skinlower eyelid wrinklesage spots and sun damagefacial scars including chicken pox scarsskin laxity, and much more.


Renew and replenish your face to recapture the glow of youth, volume, and a smooth complexion. We offer a variety of advanced surgical and nonsurgical procedures to address all your cosmetic facial concerns. Many of our solutions are noninvasive with zero to little downtime.

About Us

SpaMedica in Toronto, headed by Dr. Stephen Mulholland, has been expertly treating Toronto patients since 1997 and is one of Canada’s oldest, most reputable cosmetic plastic surgery and laser skin centers.  At SpaMedica, only Canada’s most experienced aesthetic professionals, plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons, and dermatologists will oversee your concerns and treatment programs.

Since 1997
One of Canada’s oldest, most reputable cosmetic plastic surgery centers.
SpaMedica in Toronto, headed by Dr. Stephen Mulholland, has been expertly treating Toronto patients since 1997. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Mulholland or the SpaMedica team.
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