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Facial Scars


For over 15 years, SpaMedica Toronto has been recognized as Canada’s most reputable, experienced and qualified cosmetic plastic surgery clinic, cosmetic laser dermatology centre and medical spa.  Dr. Mulholland is internationally-recognized as an expert in facial cosmetic surgery, non-surgical facial rejuvenation and laser skin and facial scar removal.  Dr. Mulholland and his team of personally-trained and certified laser nurse specialists and cosmetic laser dermatologists offer  patients the widest array of private cosmetic lasers in the country, as well as radiofrequency energy-assisted devices and a variety of complementary treatments, such as injectable dermal fillers, to ensure that the appearance of your facial scars will be minimized and your aesthetic outcomes optimized.

Procedure Details

What kind of facial scars can you treat and how is this done?

Facial scars come in a variety of sizes, shapes and surface areas.  Some unwanted and aesthetically displeasing facial scars may be as a result and following an inflammatory condition, such as acne, chicken pox scars or other infectious or inflammatory processes.  These scars tend to be wide, crater-based and may be soft and reducible – a very small and “icepick” in appearance.  Other facial scars may be as a result of soft tissue trauma or following surgery.  These scars are often straight (linear) in nature or may be very irregular and stellate (star-shaped), depending upon the cause being a more random violence or a surgical incision.  The soft-tissue injury scars may be flat and white, raised and red, keloid, depressed, wide and/or depressed and wide.  All these variants of scars, both inflammatory and traumatic, can be improved and corrected with the right combinations of treatments and therapeutic interventions that have been the specialty of SpaMedica for over a decade-and-a-half.

There are many laser, radiofrequency and non-device tools that are deployed by SpaMedica to achieve the best possible scar removal results.  These laser and radiofrequency energy-based devices include fractional CO2 and fractional radiofrequency, as well as subdermal laser heating techniques – all procedures that have been developed, refined and taught by Dr. Mulholland to thousands of physicians worldwide over the last 15 years.

The colour correction of unwanted facial scars usually involves the use of intense-pulsed light and/or pulse dye and/or KTP532 and 755 laser light energies to improve the brown or red discolouration in scars.  SpaMedica cosmetic laser centre is one of Canada’s largest and boasts over 40 different laser and energy devices to best improve the appearance of your scar.

Once the scar is colour-corrected, then its textured appearance will be improved with the use of fractional CO2 lasers (Fraxel® CO2-like lasers) as well as fractional radiofrequency devices.  These devices increase the collagen content of depressed scars and smooth the edges around the aesthetically-displeasing scarred tissue.  Like coarse and fine sandpaper during woodworking, the surface of your skin can be smoothened and optimized through one or a series of these fractional-type devices.

Following colour correction and fractional smoothening and laser enhancement of the scar, very subtle soft-tissue injectables such as HA sugar gels (Restylane®, Perlane®, Juvéderm) or biostimulant injectables such as PRP or the vampire lift (sculpture or radius) can be injected under and in the scar to further enhance its improvement.  Other techniques, such as medical skin care and micro or microdermabrasion may be deployed.

As you can see, a simple treatment of your facial scar is not so simple after all when you rely on the world-recognized expertise of Dr. Mulholland to optimize the appearance of your scars.  It is only through this complex and detailed integration of various techniques and technologies that Dr. Mulholland will be able to expertly and most definitively reduce the aesthetically-displeasing appearance of your facial scars.

Patients interested in scar removal have sought out Dr. Mulholland’s and SpaMedica’s help for nearly 20 years, because of the high-tech and integrated treatments that are delivered and the excellent results that can be achieved.

What is the post-treatment recovery like and when can I get back to activities?

Following your facial scar treatment, early return to activities is usually anticipated.  Depending on the treatment deployed – injectable, laser, radiofrequency, electrical, fractional device – there may be some bruising or swelling, but in general, makeup can be applied fairly quickly.  Often, Toronto facial scar patients who seek Dr. Mulholland’s help will undergo blending treatments that incorporate non-scarred areas of their face to enhance the overall appearance of their skin and rejuvenative global appearance of their face.

Generally, a series of treatments will be required, somewhere between one and up to ten treatments over several months to a year to optimally enhance the appearance of the most serious facial scars.

Some facial scars are a result of cosmetic surgery along the leading edge of the brow, hairline, face or ear or behind the ear and back-of-scalp hairline.  In addition to the above-mentioned techniques, Dr. Mulholland also offers specialized non-scarring NeoGraft hair transplantations into exposed, pre-hairline scars or scars within the hair itself, where there may be small, visible bald areas.  Please refer to the NeoGraft hair transplantation section of this website for further information upon this adjunctive scar reduction technique.

Next Steps

If you’re interested in proceeding with facial scar treatments, please either fill out the online consultation request formor call SpaMedica now at 877-712-8367.  Patients have been seeking SpaMedica, Dr. Mulholland and his cosmetic laser dermatologists for over 20 years for their integrative and complete approach to facial scar enhancement.

We look forward to celebrating the joy of beautiful skin with you.