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Procedures to Treat Nasal Obstruction


What is nasal obstruction and what causes it?

Patients afflicted by nasal obstruction suffer from a very common disorder, specifically obstruction of nasal airflow on inspiration, caused by anatomic structures within the nose. The causes for these anatomic structures within the nose that compromise breathing on inspirational breathing are varied, including a hereditary and developmental growth of the partition over the nose called the septum, or from overgrowth of other structures such as the nasal side wall or other mucous membrane structures that impede the flow of air. It is also very common for nasal obstruction to occur following a traumatic injury to the structures of the nose, resulting in internal septal deviation and air flow compromise, or from previously performed rhinoplasty where airflow structures may not have been adequately supported. Nasal obstruction can also occur from collapse of certain internal and external valves of the nose that may require surgical or non-surgical correction.

Procedure Details

Can I treat my nasal obstruction? And if so, how is that performed?

At SpaMedica, people suffering from nasal obstruction can be treated using a variety of techniques and procedures by Dr. Stephen Mulholland, a world renowned cosmetic surgeon and owner of SpaMedica. One of the least invasive and most innovative procedures developed by Dr. Stephen Mulholland is called injection rhinoplasty or five minute nose job. Pioneered and innovated by Dr. Stephen Mulholland, the five minute nose job can also be performed for nasal airflow obstruction when caused by internal and external nasal valve collapse. Using a soft tissue gel, Dr. Mulholland can inject, under local anesthesia, into the internal and external collapsing valves to improve support to the nose during inspiration and minimize the sensation and reality of obstructive airflow symptoms without surgery.

Dr. Stephen Mulholland can also treat nasal obstructions with a cosmetic and functional surgery called a septoplasty. A septoplasty is a procedure performed on the internal partition of the nose in an attempt to try and straighten it, as often a deviation or deflection of the internal septum will be the cause of airflow obstruction. Other internal derangements of the nose, including the nasal valves and other mucosal structures, can also be addressed and corrected if they appear to be one of the causes of airflow obstruction. Cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery, or a nose job, will often include a functional airflow improvement septoplasty procedure and these two procedures (cosmetic rhinoplasty and functional septoplasty) are often performed in conjunction with one another, a procedure called a Septorhinoplasty.

SpaMedica Toronto Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre and Toronto cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Stephen Mulholland, have been treating nasal obstructions in Toronto since 1997. Dr. Mulholland is one of the most skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeons in Canada and his SpaMedica Toronto Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre is one of the most trusted and reputable cosmetic treatment facilities in the country.

If I have my nasal breathing obstruction treated will it reoccur or come back?

Recurrence of nasal airflow obstructive symptoms can occur following non-surgical injection, airflow obstruction correction and cosmetic septoplasty. Recurrence usually is as a result of a natural tendency for cartilaginous structures to shift back towards their original position and occasional repeat cosmetic airflow obstruction surgery, or a septoplasty procedure may be required.

Next Steps

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SpaMedica Toronto Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre recommends the following treatments to patients suffering from nasal obstructions: