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Treatments for Small or Asymmetrical Lips

Lip Augmentation

Enlarge, reduce or correct issues related to the lips

Nurse or Dr. Mulholland (rates vary)
Alternative Names:
Lip augmentation
Recovery Time:
4 days
SpaMedica OR
Length of Procedure:
30-60 minutes
$399 - $799

Are You A Candidate?

Excellent candidates for lip augmentation include those with loss of lip volume and deflation, who desire volume replacement and the restoration of the “fullness of youth”. Lip enhancement is also used to balance out asymmetry in the lip area and to decrease lip lines, also known as smoker’s lines.


For one week prior to your procedure avoid aspirin, smoking, and alcohol. This will help reduce swelling and the chance of bruising.

Procedure Details

Whether you have thin lips, uneven or asymmetrical lips, or lips that are disproportionate to the rest of the face. If your goal is even, full lips for the long term, lip augmentation is the answer.

Lip augmentation typically involves a commercial solution or your own fat taken from another area of your body, is injected into your lips to even them out and plump them up.

While it is more common to see patients that want to enhance their lips or correct problems, we do see patients that are looking for lip reduction.

Our SpaMedica treatment team will discuss your lip augmentation treatment options with you and will design the best possible treatment plan for you.SpaMedica is in a position to offer you many different and effective lip augmentation options to enhance your appearance while leaving you looking youthful, refreshed and natural.


The following are lip treatment options we offer at SpaMedica:


Lip augmentation: To provide full beautiful lips, soft tissue fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane are injected into the lip area. These fillers adds volume and hydration to instantly provide lip volume.


Lip lift: To battle the signs of aging, lip lifts gets rid of the sagging above the upper lift. It lifts the position of the upper lift to provide a youthful look.


Corner of the mouth elevation: Eyes can appear droopy as we age and so can the corners of our lips. Patients who feel like they appear aged, sad or angry because of their droopy lip corners are ideal candidates for this treatment. The result will be a more happy and youthful appearance.


Lip reduction: Some people want bigger lips and some people want smaller lips. Patients who seek this treatment sometimes feel their lips are too prominent on their face so they decide to balance out their lips to balance their facial proportions.

Risks/Is It Safe/Side Effects

The type of lip injections you have done will determine the probability and type of complications. A hyaluronic acid-based filler typically carries minimal risks, however some asymmetry and bump formation may occur. Infection and scarring are also possible complications.


The most common side effects include swelling, bruising, and some discomfort. These usually last only a few days, and are completely gone within a week, in most cases. Less common side effects include, but are not limited to severe itching, redness, and a lot of swelling. These are often an indication of an allergic reaction to the filler.


Increased lip volume, symmetrical lips, corrected irregular vermilion border (the demarcation between the lip and the adjacent skin). Smooth out fine lines on and around the lips. Reshape the lips. Look and feel sexier and more confident.

Next Steps

Please visit one of the specific procedure pages, linked above or go ahead and schedule your consultation now in Toronto to discuss your goals and how SpaMedica can help you achieve them affordably.