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Procedures to Treat Wrinkly Hands

Old Looking Hand Skin

The hands can reveal the true extent of one’s age. Hand rejuvenation treatments for wrinkly hands from SpaMedica will improve the aesthetics of your hands by restoring lost volume, eliminating discoloration and reducing the appearance of hand veins.

Depending on treatment required, prices start at $500-$2,000 per treatement
SpaMedica, Toronto, ON
Local Anesthesia

Are You A Candidate?

Good candidates for nonsurgical hand rejuvenation are patients whose hands have

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Are discoloured from sun and age spots
  • Have loose hand skin
  • lost fat and volume in their hands
  • Have enlarged prominent veins on the back of their hands.


SpaMedica offers both invasive and non-invasive procedure options for
hand rejuvenation.


Those who have cancerous skin tumors, those currently using Accutane and certain inflammatory
conditions of the skin may not be candidates for non surgical hand rejuvenation treatment.

Procedure Details

  • What are old looking hands and what causes them?

    Patients with wrinkly hands suffer from a very common condition, specifically loose skin, wrinkles,
    brown discolouration and loss of fat, volume and enlarged veins on the back of the hand. Generally, old
    looking hands occur from a multitude of factors. Hereditary factors that predispose to loose wrinkly skin
    can contribute to an aging hand appearance, as well as weight loss, weight gain and loss of fat volume, particularly on the back of the hands, as well as less healthy lifestyle decisions such as prolonged and
    repeated sun exposure on the back of the hands, excessive smoking and drinking. The culmination of
    these factors is loose, thin, wrinkled, brown discoloured, vascular, and bony looking, old hands with skin

  • Can I treat old looking hands? And if so, how can I treat them?

    Patients with wrinkly hands can be treated at SpaMedica using a variety of techniques and procedures. Most of the hand
    rejuvenation procedures can be performed under topical or local anesthesia and as an outpatient. One
    of the most common techniques involves the use of fractional carbon dioxide lasers. Fractional lasers,
    either carbon dioxide or erbium, send tiny laser beams into the old looking hand skin, stimulating the
    production of collagen, elastin and tightening. The fractional laser resurfacing treatments can be
    performed relatively quickly, under topical anesthesia and can provide a significant tightening and
    wrinkle reduction for the back of the hand. Other techniques for wrinkly hands used in combination with Fractional laser
    resurfacing to rejuvenate the back of the hand include the injection of soft tissue fillers such as: fat
    grafting, Sculptra, Perlane, Restylane, Teosyal and Radiesse. The injection of these soft tissue fillers will
    provide substance and bulk to the aged bony appearance that can occur on the back of the hands,
    smoothening the overlying skin. Additional treatments that can be used in combination with soft tissue
    fillers and fractional resurfacing lasers include intense pulse light photo rejuvenation, Fotofacial RF for
    the removal of excessive brown spots. Other brown spot lasers can also be used to remove brown
    discolouration. Unsightly and large veins can be removed from the back of the hand with relatively
    simple surgical techniques performed under local anesthesia such as phlebectomies (direct vein
    removal) or internal laser vein reduction. Finally, back of the hand lifts and reductions can occur through
    a small incision at the base of the back of the wrist to remove excessively lax skin, similar to what might
    happen for a mini neck lift, but for the back of the hand. Where the excess skin and laxity on the back of
    the hand is removed and tightened. Generally these Hand lift scars heal well and can be performed
    under local anesthesia.

Maintenance required

If I have my old looking hands treated, will it reoccur? And how can I prevent this?

Patients suffering from wrinkly hands can achieve a full restoration of youth and attractive beauty to the back of their hand. Generally, this result will last for many years and the enhancement can be perpetuated with once or twice a year visit to SpaMedica Toronto Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre to have a topical fractional laser or injectable soft tissue filler procedure performed by Toronto cosmetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Stephen Mulholland. These regular, infrequent maintenance treatments can help perpetuate and protect the enhancement of the back of the hand achieved. Recurrence can be accelerated with excessive sun exposure and unhealthy lifestyle decisions such as continued excessive alcohol intake and smoking as well as weight loss and weight gain.

Risks/Is It Safe/Side Effects

What is the recovery like after the treatment of my old looking hand skin at SpaMedica?

Depending on the combination of treatments selected, you may have a recovery period as little as one
or as long as seven or more days.  Generally, the recovery is not painful.  There may be some swelling,
redness, brown flakiness, dryness and discolouration, but quite often your old-looking hand skin is easily
camouflaged with powder or foundation within a few days.
In most instances, the client can return to work and other regular activities immediately after treatment.

Hand Rejuvenation Outcomes

The combined effect of the hand rejuvenation treatments will be smoother, softer, skin, with diminished numbers and appearance of brown spots and hand veins. The treatment stimulates the production of your own collagen and after approximately 5 treatments the fine lines appear smoother. The fat brings back the fullness of youth to the hands. The skin feels soft and even.  Studies show wrinkles and blemishes improve in over 80% of clients after 5 treatments

Benefits of Nonsurigcal Hand Rejuvenation

  • Your hands will have a more youthful appearance.
  • There are a wide range of treatment choices available for rejuvenating your hands
  • After hand rejuvenation treatment your hands will be smoother, fuller and your veins will be far less prominent.

Next Steps

If you’re interested in booking a consultation with SpaMedica Toronto and Dr. Mulholland for your old-looking skin, simply fill out our online consultation request form or call SpaMedica now at 877-712-8367 and ask for a consultation for your old-looking hand skin with Dr. Mulholland and his SpaMedica laser dermatology and aesthetic technicians.