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Breast Augmentation in Toronto

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{ Breast Augmentation in Toronto }

Would you like to feel sexy and feminine when you shop for a bikini, a low cut dress or tank top?

You may have small breasts that barely fill a bikini top or large breasts that make you feel unattractive and bigger than you really are. Maybe your breast size is causing you physical discomfort and ailment. After pregnancy or merely as a result of age, you may have droopy breasts or asymmetrical breasts, leaving you with a lack of self assurance and feelings of awkwardness. At SpaMedica, we want you to feel sexy and confident the next time you hit the beach or get dressed for a first date. We offer the best in breast augmentation, lifts, and reductions and we’ll work with you to create the body contour of your dreams.

Here are the following breast augmentation procedures that we offer

Breast Augmentation: There are numerous options for implants that will provide desired the results. Saline and gel implants will provide larger and more shapely breasts. A small incision is made in either the armpit, under the breast or by the nipple.  A small pocket will be created where the incision was made to insert the desired implant.

Breast Lift: An incision is made in the crease under the breasts or around the nipple. The excess skin is removed from here and the nipple is re-positioned higher. Often, an implant is also utilized to lift the breasts to the desired location. A SpaMedica breast lift will restore sagging breasts to the elevated location you long for.

Breast ReductionA breast reduction procedure can help bring the breasts to a more desirable, comfortable and functional size and shape. Through small flaps created on both sides of the breasts, the excess skin, fat and tissue is extracted. In addition, the nipples are typically relocated to a higher position, keeping the breast appearance proportionate.

Male Breast Reduction: Gynecomastia or male breast reduction is performed through liposuction. Short incisions are made and a small probe is utilized to liquefy and draw the unwanted fat from the chest. For a reduction in excess fat and glandular tissue that causes this abnormality, a male breast reduction at SpaMedica can provide you restored self esteem and a body image to be proud of.

For more information call 877-695-2835 to speak to a customer service representative to schedule a breast augmentation consultation. Alternatively you can fill out our online consultation request form to schedule a consultation. 


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