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Catching Up With The Current Trend

October 7, 2016


We live in a world of immediate gratification. Many things these days are accessible to us with the touch of a button. When we want something, we want to see results ASAP, and cosmetic surgery is catching up with this trend.

More and more procedures for cosmetic enhancements are being offered non-surgically. It’s quick, it’s relatively painless, and it won’t take a toll on your bank account.

Here are the top 5 non-surgical procedures to consider for your next enhancement:

  1. 5 Minute Nose Job – highly-specialized and customized technique involving the use of natural “sugar gels” to restore and enhance nasal-facial disproportion.
  2. SculpSure (Body FX, UltraShape, CoolSculpting) – the first FDA-cleared laser treatment for non-invasive lipolysis of the flanks and abdomen.
  3. Lip Augmentations using Juvederm – hyaluronic acid, which is an innate substance in the body, is used to give your lips an extra boost while still looking a natural.
  4. Botox Injectables for wrinkles and slimming the face (masseter reduction) – treats muscular conditions, and gets rid of wrinkles by temporarily freezing facial muscles.
  5. Belkyra / Kybella – a manmade form of substance that your body creates to absorb fat. It works by breaking down fat cells where it’s injected into the body. Injected under the chin will help decrease the look of a double chin.
Dr. Stephen Mulholland, MD
Posted by Dr. Stephen Mulholland, MD
has been practicing plastic surgery for over 20 years. He is one of Canada’s most renowned and best plastic surgeons in Toronto with his wealth of experience, artistry, and humbleness towards his patients.

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