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Considering a Nose job? If and when to get yours

September 11, 2018

When it comes to noses, the reality is that many people aren’t satisfied with the way theirs happens to look. Young teens typically feel this dissatisfaction acutely as they become more aware of their appearance to the outside world. Your nose is one of the first things people notice, after all. One study suggests that casual observers may find patients who have had a nose job more attractive, more successful, and healthier. It’s normal to want a nose that’s aesthetically pleasing and proportional. A nose job, aka a rhinoplasty, is an outpatient surgery that corrects the size and shape of your nose. It can be a simple or complex surgery, depending on your needs and goals.


How old do you have to be to have a nose job?


The rule of thumb for getting a nose job is that your nose must have reached its full adult size. In other words, your nose must no longer be growing. This occurs around 15-16 years old for girls, and 16-17 for boys. It’s important to be patient and make sure your nose has finished growing because continued growth post surgery can cause serious complications.


Although there have been cases in which people under 15 have had a rhinoplasty, these are special cases characterized by extenuating medical problems that make breathing difficult, such as a deviated septum (which requires nasal surgery), or trauma to the nose.


When’s the best time to get a nose job?


Aside from waiting until your nose is finished growing, another important thing to consider when deciding whether to get a nose job is emotional maturity and decisiveness. It’s important to be aware that rhinoplasty is a surgery with lifelong results, which will permanently alter your appearance. Kind of like a tattoo—but even less reversible. Some teens may not be ready to make such a life-changing decision. If you’re considering a nose job, it’s important to be clear on your reasons for wanting one, as well as what your expectations are.


Recovery time for a rhinoplasty is two to three weeks. There is usually mild swelling that can last several months. As a teen, the start of summer may be the ideal time to get a nose job. That way you’ll have plenty of time to recover before school starts again.


Test out a new nose…without committing


If you’d like to test out a new nose without committing to permanent results, schedule a consultation to determine whether you’re a candidate for a non-surgical nose job. This procedure involves injecting dermal fillers into the tissue to correct the shape of your nose. It’s temporary, and won’t reduce the size of your nose; however, the procedure is excellent for correcting bumps and giving the appearance of a straighter nose, which may help it appear smaller. And if you really want to try before you buy, the best in modern imaging software will allow Dr. Mulholland to show you the nose types and nasofacial balance you might expect–with great accuracy.


Age restrictions for rhinoplasty


While the lower age limit for cosmetic rhinoplasty is 15-17, if you’re in good health, there generally isn’t an upper limit. Many choose to have nose surgery later in life. It can go a long way toward correcting signs of aging in the nose, such as a drooping tip or a bulbous shape, and can give you a more youthful, balanced appearance.




Before your rhinoplasty, you will be given a detailed explanation of what you can expect during recovery and a list of instructions to take home. Once surgery is complete, a small aluminum frame is applied over your nose for protection while you heal. Nasal packing is typically not necessary, and soft silicone splints that do not completely block your nasal passages may be used instead. The cast and splints will be removed after five to seven days.


For more information about rhinoplasty or non-surgical nose jobs in the Toronto area, contact SpaMedica at 1-877-211-7507, or We would be delighted to answer your questions or pencil you in for a consultation with Dr. Mulholland.

Dr. Stephen Mulholland, MD
Posted by Dr. Stephen Mulholland, MD
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