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Laser Acne Treatment

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{ Laser Acne Treatment }

SpaMedica is Canada’s largest and most preeminent private cosmetic laser dermatology centre, with the widest array of lasers, wavelengths and energy sources for laser acne treatment as well as other skin conditions.

What is acne?

We all know what acne looks like – unwanted, red, inflammatory raised or flat lesions that are cosmetically displeasing. Acne can commonly affect the temples, cheeks, jowl line and neck of patients suffering from this process as well as chest, back or arms. Typical non-laser treatments for acne include oral and topical antibiotics and these can often result in successful resolution. It is quite common for SpaMedica cosmetic dermatologists to see patients that are either refractory from typical medical treatments of acne or patients that do not want to be on prolonged oral or topical antibiotics.

What are the causes of acne?

There are multiple causes for acne and acneiform lesions, including puberty and hormonal changes, hereditary predisposition. Certain topical cosmetics and medications may all contribute to the formation of acne outbreaks.

What are the treatments for acne?

The treatment for acne starts with simple cleansing with exfoliation products, such as benzoyl peroxide and topical mild surface skin reduction agents (stratum corneum reduction peels) that are available over the counter. Care and attention to the use of cosmetic makeup, powders and foundations should also be attempted. Seeking consultation from a medical dermatologist or family physician may identify certain medical causes of acne which should be ruled out.

What are the laser acne treatments available at SpaMedica

At SpaMedica, we specialize in the integration of the medical treatment of acute acne as well as non-antibiotic, laser and high-tech topical intervention.

The treatment often starts with ultrasonic microdermabrasion, called a SonoPeel. This specialized device uses ultrasound waves to liquefy and break up the sebaceous plugs that often block the exit of sebum from the pilosebaceous [hair follicle glands] glands in your skin. It is often these sebaceous plugs that lead to a focus of inflammation with an accumulation and buildup of acne bacteria [called propriano bacterius acne]. This local inflammation in the pilosebaceous gland leads to a raised red or flat red lesion that we know as a pimple. The SonoPeel helps remove the sebaceous plug and allows free flow of sebum, reducing the inflammatory material and sebaceous material that the acne bacteria requires.

Following ultrasonic microdermabrasion, SpaMedica cosmetic aestheticians will apply a mild topical chemical keratolytic, which removes the outer layers of the skin. This thinning of the hyperkeratotic skin will allow optimal penetration of acne medical skin care products, which will also reduce the inflammation and increase blood flow to fight the acne bacteria.

Following the SonoPeel and salicylic acid peel, passive blue light is then applied to the skin. Blue light low-level light lasers penetrate the skin. The blue light creates toxic chemicals in and around the acne bacteria, leading to their destruction. The low-level light blue light lasers are high-fluence, but result in very little down time or recovery. Often the high-fluence, low-level blue light lasers are combined with photodynamic therapy, such as Levulan®, which is activated by the blue light and creates a more intense reaction around the acne bacteria.

In addition to the SonoPeel, salicylic acid outer cornified skin reduction, high-fluence low-level blue light therapy, with or without Levulan®, your SpaMedica acne program will often incorporate fractional radiofrequency needle-based therapy (Fractora or INTRAcel) as well as infrared fractional devices which will attack the more difficult nodulocystic lesions, which are large, inflamed cysts around the acne glands, for optimized improvement.

This coordinated program requires that you visit with one of our SpaMedica cosmetic dermatologists and cosmetic aestheticians for a coordinated treatment plan and assault on your acne. Occasionally, the cosmetic dermatologist may recommend a short dose of oral antibiotics or topical anti-inflammatories or low-dose Vitamin A therapy in resistant cases or more severe outbreaks.

What results can you expect from a laser acne treatment?

The SpaMedica laser dermatology acne treatments are very successful. A series of four to six visits can often result in 75% to 95% reduction of active outbreaks and ongoing SpaMedica medical aestheticians care can keep subsequent outbreaks to a bare minimum.

How can I show Dr. Mulholland my concerns and see if I am a candidate?

Toronto laser acne patients should simply fill out the appointment request form or “ask a question” form and upload up to 3 photos for Dr. Mulholland to review.

How to book a consultation for a laser acne treatment?

To secure a consultation with one of SpaMedica’s cosmetic dermatologists, simply fill out the consult request form or call our clinic now at 877-712-8367 and ask to see one of our cosmetic dermatologists.

We look forward to seeing you and celebrating the joy of beautiful skin.


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