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{ Body Contouring and Reshaping Toronto }

SpaMedica offers various body contouring procedures in Toronto. If you have unwanted fat or are displeased in how your tummy looks. There are multiple options available for you.

Body Contouring Toronto Procedures

Here are some of the following Body Contouring and Reshaping Procedures that are available at SpaMedica, the Body Contouring Toronto experts.

Liposuction: Used to achieve the contoured and desired look that is sometimes unresponsive to diet and exercise. Liposuction treatment utilizes a probe to liquefy and remove unwanted fat deposits. Small connulas suction fat from the body and help achieve a defined and contoured look.

SmartLipo: A revolutionary technology that is designed to provide fat dissolving results through a minimally invasive procedure. SmartLipo delivers results through the use of lasers that actually dissolve fat. This new generation of technology eliminates unwanted fat and defines muscle.

BodyTite Radio-frequency Assisted Liposuction: Utilizing a probe that is designed to deliver energy or heat to underlying fat layer while performing a liposuction procedure. Radio-frequency assisted liposuction will not only reduce the appearance of unwanted fat deposits, but will additionally tone, shape and tighten the area by causing tissue contraction.

Abdominoplasty: Want to achieve a tightened, smooth and flat abdomen when diet and exercise just won’t seem to work? A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, will tighten the abdominal wall skin and the abdominal muscles. This results in a flatter, more defined and smooth abdomen.

Thigh-Body Lifts and Micro Fat Transplantation: This procedure has wide variations designed to solve a number of problems and achieve a multitude of results. The entire thigh and buttock can be lifted and contoured. Procedures to lift merely the inner or outer thigh or buttocks can also be performed.


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