Blepharoplasty Lady

Designer Vaginas

March 10, 2017



Emma Watson uses Fur Oil to tame the hairs, the Kardashians go through vaginal lasering to revitalise, Gwyneth Paltrow swears by vaginal steam treatments, and Shailene Woodley simply spreads her legs out to soak up the sun’s Vitamin D.


“There is no reason why you should have 15 products for your face and zero products on your vagina,” says Lo Bosworth. Although we don’t recommend putting a gajillion products on or in your down-there (as it’s not supported by science), we do agree that women should pamper and maintain their vaginas!


Lip balm for your other lips. (Img: Refinery 29)

It used to be the self conscious young adults and post-baby mothers. Now more women are proceeding with vaginal rejuvenation treatments, whether for aesthetic reasons, for sexual improvement, or due to health risks.


Refers her vagina to a Big Mac (Img: BBC)


The most common procedures are Labiaplasty, which reduces the size of the flaps of skin on either side of the vaginal opening, and Vaginoplasty, which reduces the size of the vaginal hole to make it tighter. Lucky for you, we have both AND a whole handful of other treatments and procedures to enhance your lady parts.


Posted by Jenn Horowitz