Dr. Mulholland on RealSelf
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Dr. Mulholland on RealSelf

Dr. Mulholland on RealSelf

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{ Dr. Mulholland on RealSelf }

RealSelf is the most trusted online resource for people who want to learn and share information about cosmetic surgery, dermatology and dentistry. RealSelf has a large, thriving community of patients and doctors who actively share their expertise and personal experiences regarding cosmetic surgery. RealSelf is recognized by many medical organizations such as The American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Mulholland on RealSelf

Dr. Mulholland was recognized as one of the top 100 doctors on RealSelf this year.

Dr. Mulholland made it on the RealSelf 100 list this year. This badge shows that he’s been recognized for providing valuable insight and answers to RealSelf users. This badge has been awarded to 100 doctors out of hundreds of others on RealSelf.

Doctors who have received this badge have an impressive record of positive consumer feedback and have helped millions of people with their expert opinions.

Dr. Mulholland is on the RealSelf 100 list. This billboard was displayed in Time Square, New York City.The RealSelf 100: Meet the 100 most influential cosmetic doctors in social media. This billboard was displayed in Time Square, New York City.

Dr. Mulholland is an active contributor on RealSelf. Dr. Mulholland has answered several hundreds of patient questions over the years. He has provided detailed answers to questions about different non-surgical procedures like laser hair removal to surgical procedures such as rhinoplasty. View his insightful answers to RealSelf patient questions below.


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