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BTL Emsella is a breakthrough procedure that works to relieve incontinence in women by stimulating and strengthening the underlying muscles of the pelvic floor using High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) to rehabilitate neuromuscular control.

Figure 1: EMsella uses gentle, non-invasive, pulsed, electromagnetic energy to stimulate thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor contractions to strengthen the muscles, elevate the bladder and urethra and eliminate or significantly improve the incontinence

How is the Emsella SUI treatment performed?

At SpaMedica in Toronto, we offer patients game-changing Emsella treatments that address the root cause of incontinence: weak pelvic floor muscles. The BTL Emsella procedure effectively stimulates the pelvic floor using High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) for rehabilitation of neuromuscular control. One single treatment in a BTL Emsella chair at SpaMedica in Toronto incites thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions—the key to muscle re-education.

Figure 2. Whereas Kegel exercises are useful to reeducate the pelvic floor muscles and can be helpful in mild cases of Stress Urinary Incontinence, the EMsella is far more efficient and effective at building up the strength and supportive effect of the muscles of the pelvic floor. The EMsella uses gentle, painless, safe, non-invasive Health Canada and FDA approved electromagnetic energy to induce thousands of supramaximal contractions of the pelvic floor muscles. These supramaximal contractions quickly enlarge and strengthen the muscles which support the bladder.

No pre-procedure preparation is needed: simply have a seat in the ergonomic Emsella chair fully clothed, and bring some good reading material with you. FDA and Health Canada-approved BTL Emsella for stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is a nonsurgical, noninvasive treatment. Electromagnetic energy enters the tissues of the pelvic floor and simulates the muscles as you sit. This, in turn, promotes muscle growth and strength, restoring pelvic organ support. Stress urinary incontinence begins to fade, and sexual satisfaction improves as well. The vaginal walls are tightened as the pelvic floor muscles are strengthened. A typical treatment takes about 30 minutes and provokes 11,200 contractions, equivalent to 11,200 kegel exercises! Patients may need about 6 sessions, scheduled twice a week.

Figure 3.  The EMsella is a highly effective “incontinence chair” Patients remain fully clothed and are positioned in the middle of the chair, where painless, pulse high frequency electromagnetic waves of energy are focuses on the pelvic floor. Over the course of 30 mins, tens of thousands of supramaximal contractions of the pelvic floor are induced, leading to a “body building effect” of the muscles of the pelvic floor, which are better able to lift and support the bladder and eliminate (or significantly reduce incontinence)

What are the symptoms of Stress Urinary Incontinence?

Just like every other part of the body, the vagina changes with age, but childbirth stretches the vaginal canal and surrounding tissue, which can damage the vaginal walls and weakens the pelvic floor. In some cases, these tissues do not return to their pre-childbirth state, resulting in the involuntary leakage of urine (stress urinary incontinence or SUI), which is often triggered by sneezing, coughing, exercising, or other physical activities. Additionally, the hormonal changes associated with menopause can cause increased difficulties with bladder control as well.

What conditions can be treated with an Emsella chair treatment?:

  • Incontinence
  • Lack of voluntary control over urination or defecation
  • Weakness in the pelvic floor muscles
  • Vaginal Laxity syndrome

What are the traditional SUI treatments?

Colposuspension is major surgery which involves lifting the bladder neck and stitching it to the front of the vagina. Traditionally this was performed as an open surgery through an incision in the abdomen. Many patients seek alternatives to this surgery and the heavy downtime that accompanies it.

What is the SpaMedica Emsella SUI treatment protocol?

BTL Emsella is a noninvasive, nonsurgical, gentle, highly advanced procedure with virtually no downtime. There are almost no side effects associated with BTL Emsella. Patients may experience some tingling and pelvic floor muscle contractions during the procedure. It is perfectly normal to resume daily activities immediately after treatment. Many patients observe improvement after just one session. Results typically continue to improve over the following weeks. Results, of course, depend on a patient’s condition. You will be provided with a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs as well as complete information about post-treatment care and results.

What are the proven benefits of Emsella SUI treatment ?

  • Accurate analysis has determined that 95% of clients described a notable improvement in their quality of life, including a marked decline in frustration, stress, embarrassment, and even social anxiety.
  • 75% less pad usage has been reported.
  • A 95% reduction in stress urinary incontinence (SUI) has been observed.

Figure 4. SUI patients sit comfortably in the Emsella incontinence chair for 30 minutes. During this treatment time, gentle, non-invasive electromagnetic radiation energy is use to strength the muscles of the pelvic floor and, after a series of 6 treatments over 3 weeks, the muscles are better able the support the bladder and the symptoms of SUI often disappear.

What Other SUI treatments does SpaMedica have in case Emsella is not completely effective?

SpaMedica has the widest array of female wellness technology to ensure your treatment program is customized and layered with the best technology for you female wellness concerns. If Emsella is unable to achieve the degree of SUI improvement you are seeking, SpaMedica can offer other, non-invasive, intravaginal technologies such as temperature controlled intravaginal, non-ablative RF technologies, like the Votvia, Femme 360 and ThermiVa. In additional, intravaginal ablative CO2 laser technologies, the MonaLisa Touch and Core Intima can be deployed if required to optimized rejuvenation of the lining of the vaginal canal.

Why choose SpaMedica?

Adequate muscle stimulation is an essential aspect of any healthy woman’s body, but sometimes events or circumstances in our lives can make it harder to achieve this. SpaMedica in Toronto can work closely and noninvasively with you to produce an ideal solution. Our surgeons have a wealth of experience, and we pride ourselves on offering only the most effective, cutting edge treatments in Toronto, such as the BTL Emsella.

Schedule a Consultation 

For more information on Emsella schedule a consultation in Toronto by calling 877-712-8367 or by filling out the online consultation request form. A customer service representative at SpaMedica will get back to you promptly. The SpaMedica Female Health and Vaginal Wellness Team looks forward to working with you to achieve your goals and provide the most optimal outcomes possible.

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