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Hair loss & baldness begone: how to restore a healthy head of hair

May 23, 2019

When it comes to hair loss and baldness, genetics are often to blame. Other factors do also come into play, however. Stress, health conditions, hormones, and certain medical treatments can also cause, facilitate, or speed up baldness. Regardless of the cause, chances are you just want your hair back.

From light therapy, to strip grafting, to topical and oral meds—all designed to promote better hair growth—there is no lack of options out there, but experts tend to agree: modern hair transplantation procedures are often the most effective way to go. Below are some of the top procedures offered at SpaMedica in Toronto:

Follicular unit extraction, known as FUE hair transplantation, is a minimally invasive procedure in which a tiny robotic rotatory punch (less than 0.9 mm in diameter) is used to extract hair from the donor area of the head. There is no excision, no linear scar, no sutures, no staples, and virtually no post-op pain to be heard of! Units of hair follicles are extracted in singles, doubles, triples, and quadruples, which are rooted together in single bulb units. Harvesting extracted follicles in this way ensures genetically related “hair families” remain together, leading to a more natural growth pattern once transplanted.

The Neograft hair transplant is the only automated rotatory punch FUE technology that also aspirates the grafts into a moistening chamber with a “no touch” technique, and it has an automated implanter as well. This award-winning device extracts hair follicles from dense hair growth areas, implanting them right away into thin or balding areas of your scalp. Many patients even choose to undergo a second hair transplant a year or so after the procedure—not because it didn’t work, but because they’re experiencing the fullness of their new head of hair and simply want more!

One of the most advanced FUE Hair transplant and restoration systems available today is the Artas robotic FUE hair transplant. It uses computerized tracking and robotic controls to ensure a highly accurate extraction process. The first portion of the robotic harvest is spent setting the angle and depth that the robot will follow. Once this is done, the computerized system allows for accurate “coring” of the follicular unit grafts. Once all the grafts have been harvested, they’re implanted with an effective “stick and place” dense packing technique.

PRP hair restorationinvolves the injection of your own growth factors and stem cells into your scalp to stimulate increased hair growth and enhanced hair density. PRP, or platelet rich plasma, has a proven ability to promote the regrowth of damaged and dormant hair bulbs and increase hair density. Thickness and quality of hair is significantly improved in the majority of cases. PRP hair treatments can be combined with low-level light laser therapy and medical grade hair products for a viable nonsurgical, non-transplantation option!

Already attempted to restore your hair with an earlier strip graft procedure? If it left a scar, we also offer advanced treatments in-clinic, geared at helping improve these scars. Either way, if you’re coping with hair loss and baldness and would like to address it once and for all, book your consultation at SpaMedica in Toronto today to get started! Also, be sure to take advantage of our ongoing promotion: $500 off your first men’s FUE transplant, with financing available at no added interest for 6 months when you book on an evening or a Saturday.

Dr. Stephen Mulholland, MD
Posted by Dr. Stephen Mulholland, MD
has been practicing plastic surgery for over 20 years. He is one of Canada’s most renowned and best plastic surgeons in Toronto with his wealth of experience, artistry, and humbleness towards his patients.

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