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Dr. Mulholland in Print Media

Print Media

Dr. Mulholland and SpaMedica have been featured in numerous recognized magazine and newspaper articles. Feel free to browse through the selection of articles where Dr. Mulholland has given his insight and expertise on the cosmetic surgery industry.

“Show of Hands” Sep. 2019
Dr. Mulholland discusses aging in the hands and the various technologies available to minimize wrinkles.

“Bye-bye, belly” Aug. 2018
In our I Tried It series, columnist Leah Rumack test-drives the latest and buzziest cosmetic procedures.

“Using Lasers To Lose Those Last Stubborn Pounds” Aug. 2018
These non-surgical procedures were designed to contour problematic areas of fat that do not yield with traditional dieting or exercise…

“How They Met | LIFE – Real Housewives star and her MD husband”
How Forest Hill’s Ann Kaplan Mulholland and Dr. Stephen Mulholland fell in love.

“The Most Innovative Sunscreens Out Right Now ” Jun. 2018
New textures, ingredients and skincare benefits: The latest sunscreens all have a side hustle.

“The Benefits of Microdermabrasion” June 2016
Dr. Mulholland explains what microdermabrasion is and how it contributes to healthier looking skin.

“Body Envy” Aug 2000
More people are looking into cosmetic surgery to look better and improve their appearance

“The New Mid-Life: Hand lifts, the solution to granny hands” Jul 2014
The hands and knees give away the age of a person. Treatments such as dermal fillers can restore the volume in these body areas.

“The Nip & Tuck Next Door” Mar 2014
Stories of everyday people are shared in this article on why they wanted plastic surgery and how their experience went.

“Chin Up!” May 2013
Dr. Mulholland’s FotoFacial IPL treatment is featured as a skin-tightening treatment for face, neck and hands.

“Losing It” Mar 2012
Dr. Mulholland talks about Zerona non-surgical laser slimming procedure and explains what patients should expect with this treatment.

“Lasers Are Now Challenging Stubborn Cellulite” Dec 2011
Many women of all ages have cellulite. Cellulaze, a treatment that targets fat pockets with a laser underneath the skin, helps to melt fat and smoothes dimples and stimulates collagen production.

“Quick Beauty Fixes” Jun 2010
People can rejuvenate their looks and youth with quick treatments such as dermal fillers and Botox Injectable.

“Beyond Botox” Mar 2003
A writer speaks to Dr. Mulholland, a Toronto plastic surgeon who is known to treat celebrities often.

“No Pain, No Gain” Sep 2004 (Pg. 51)
More men are looking into cosmetic surgeries than ever before.

“Mulholland’s Drive” Aug 2003 (Pg. 88)
An in-depth feature on Dr. Mulholland’s life and how he became interested in plastic surgery.

“Freeze and Blast”
A writer tries out different treatments like Botox at Dr. Mulholland’s SpaMedica Clinic in Toronto.

“The Focus” Mar 2005
Dr. Mulholland is well-known for his facelifts, necklifts and threadlifts.

“Let’s Face It” Mar 2004
The Pan G Lift is a non-surgical procedure that provides results similar to a facelift. This article talks about it in-depth.

“Short Cuts” Apr 1999
Dr. Mulholland says there’s many inexpensive non-surgical treatments available such as Botox Injectable that can give patients refreshed, subtle changes to their appearance.

“Our Quest For Youth” Oct. 2007
Dr. Mulholland talks about the treatments his clients typically visit him for at SpaMedica

“Top Places for Fat Transfers” Jan 2011
Through techniques such as fat grafting and liposuction, fat from one area of the body can be transferred to the buttocks, breasts, hands or face to add more volume.

“Beautiful Baby Boomers” Fall 2001
Baby boomers are getting cosmetic surgeries to reflect how young and good they feel in the inside. Common procedures include breast augmentation and facelifts.

“Face Value” 2002
Lots of women of all ages are seeing Dr. Mulholland for different procedures such as tummy tucks and breast lifts.

“Smooth Operators” Jul 2001
Dr. Mulholland was featured as one of Toronto’s top plastic surgeons that celebrities go to for cosmetic surgeries.


“Get personal: a boom in customization options is shaking up skin care” July 2019
Dr. Mulholland explains the benefits of medical skin care.

“A hair wrap could be the answer to all your acne problems” Mar 2019
Ingrid Jarvis of SpaMedica in Toronto offers insight on acne prevention.

“Three ways to help your skin thrive in polluted air” Aug 2018
Outdoor air pollution has long been associated with changes such as fine lines, wrinkles and discolouration.

“Men Feeling Same Forces As Women To Look Good” Mar 2005
More men of all ages are seeking cosmetic procedures like nose jobs and eyelid surgery

“The Battle for your Bulge on Bay Street” Oct 2004
Men and women are seeking non-invasive treatments to maintain their youthful appearances on Bay Street.

“Cosmetic Canada” Mar 2003
Toronto is known as the home of talented and highly sought out plastic surgeons. Dr. Mulholland and his Pan G Lift are mentioned in this piece.

“Aging Defensively” Nov 2001
People in their 20s are seeking non-surgical treatments like Botox and dermal fillers to preserve their youth.


“Guys Face Off Against Father Time” Jul 2011
More older men are seeking cosmetic surgery to compete in the workforce.

“Is there a style gene?” Jul 2000
Toronto plastic surgeon shares his opinion on whether or not there is a style gene.

“The New You Show Comes To Town” Jan 2006
Dr. Mulholland performed procedures such as the ThreadLift and injectables in front of a crowd at The New You show.


“How ‘medical influencers’ are muddling health facts online” July 2019
Men are now seeking cosmetic plastic surgery procedures to look and feel better about themselves.

“Men and the Pursuit of…” Sep 2006
Men are now seeking cosmetic plastic surgery procedures to look and feel better about themselves.

“Survival of the Prettiest: Putting Your Best Face Forward Online” Dec 2015
The emergence of selfies and social media has increased the demand for plastic surgery. Dr. Mulholland shares his insights and opinions on the trend.

“Granny Panties an Indicator of Low Loonie” February 2016
Economic downturns affect the fashion choices and cosmetic procedures people choose. Dr. Mulholland shares what the most popular procedures are when the value of the Canadian dollar is lower.

“Image Matters” May 2005
Looking good tends to be linked to how well you can perform at your job according to studies. That’s why more men are turning to cosmetic surgery to compete at work.

“Beware of a Wrinkle in Time with Botox” Mar 2003
Dr. Mulholland talks about how Botox works and what it’s used for.

“Women Renovating, One Room At a Time” Feb 1999
Older women are undergoing cosmetic surgeries like liposuction and tummy tucks to preserve their youthfulness.

“Botox Injections: Displacing the Power Lunch?” December 2004 Part One & Part Two 
More professionals are seeking Botox treatments to compete in the workforce and to improve their appearances.

“It Might Shock You, But Face Lifting is in” Feb 2002 Part One Part Two
The interest and demand in non-surgical facelifts has increased.

“Medical Spa Movement Raises Some Eyebrows” Dec 2004 Part One & Part Two
This writer explains the treatments that are available at medspas such as SpaMedica.