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Dr. Mulholland On Blogs


Various lifestyle, beauty and health bloggers have written about their experiences at SpaMedica. In their articles, they talk about the treatments they’ve had, our staff and how their overall experience was like. Browse through the different articles to learn more about what these individuals have to say about their visits at SpaMedica.

The Lifestyle Report

Toni-Marie Ippolito features a PicoSure laser treatment done at SpaMedica. She refers it  as “laser toning” treatments to maintain her skin’s health and fitness.

1. Beauty Review: PicoSure Laser Treatment


RESCU sat down with renowned plastic surgeon Dr Stephen Mulholland who was in Sydney for Cynosure Symposium. Here’s his advice on the best preventative methods to combat ageing at every stage of life, so you can stay fabulous forever.

1. Anti-Ageing Tips For Every Age


Christopher Turner, AmongMen’s editor-in-chief, wrote an informative article on Coolsculpting that includes Dr. Stephen Mulholland’s opinion on this non-invasive body contouring procedure.

1. “Freeze Fat Away With CoolSculpting”

2. “PicoSure Laser Treatment Utilized For Skin Rejuvenation”

Falling In Styke

Iva described her treatments she had at SpaMedica on her blog Falling in Style. Over the course of a few months, she had different skin rejuvenation treatments such as: Forma, Fractional lasers and eMatrix.

1. “Let’s Talk About My Face & SpaMedica”
2. “Forma”
3. “Fractional 1540 Laser”
4. “eMatrix Sublative Rejuvenation”


Sara described her treatments she had at SpaMedica on her website 29secrets. She talked about how her CoolSculpting non-surgical fat reduction treatments felt and the results she received. She also shared her experience with Venus Freeze, a non-surgical cellulite reduction treatment.

1. CoolSculpting: How to Freeze Away Your Unwanted Fat (Part 1)
2. CoolSculpting: How to Freeze Away Your Unwanted Fat (Part 2)
3. Venus Freeze: Say Goodbye to Cellulite For Good!
4.Thinking of Laser Hair Removal? Here’s Everything You Need to Know


Aimee shared her experience with cellulite reduction treatments and interviewed Dr. Mulholland on how the treatments work.

1. “Smooth, Taute Bums and Beyond Achieved at SpaMedica”


Toni talked about her CoolSculpting experience at SpaMedica in this article featured on BeautyDesk. She explained how it felt and what others should expect in this treatment.

1. “Can CoolSculpting Really Ditch Fat For Good?”


Dr. Stephen Mulholland’s work and before/after photos were featured on Zwivel.

1. “Laser Treatments: An Effective and Safe Solution for Acne Scars”