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Dr. Mulholland Talks About Skin Cancer Signs on CityLine | SpaMedicaTV
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  • Dr. Mulholland Talks About Breast Augmentation with 3D Vectra Imaging on CityLine
    Vectra 3D breast imaging is a revolutionary technology as it allows patients to see how their breast augmentation results could look like before the actual procedure. Patients stand in front of the camera and are then shown the implant sizes and shapes that work best for their bodies. Instead of guessing what implant will look most proportionate on their bodies, patients can decide which implants look best for them by looking through several shapes and sizes. Read more about Vectra 3D Breast Imaging featured on CityLine here.
  • Dr. Mulholland Treats Patients With Energy Assisted Liposuction at SpaMedica
    Dr. Mulholland treats a few patients who are looking to remove stubborn fat. A woman speaks to Dr. Mulholland about removing the fat on her thighs and flanks. BodyTite, a radiofrequency-assisted liposuction, is used to eliminate the fat and tighten her skin all at once. The patient’s lower half of her body and thighs look smoother and firm after the procedure. Another man named Albert sees Dr. Mulholland to address his double chin. Dr. Mulholland performed SmartLipo, a laser-assisted liposuction, to improve his jawline. Read more about Albert’s SmartLipo experience featured on CityLine here.
  • Dr. Mulholland Talks About Mommy Makeovers on CityLine
    After giving birth to children, women find it difficult to shed the weight they’ve gained. It’s also difficult for them to deal with the loss of breast volume and shape after breastfeeding. A mommy makeover is an ideal procedure to help restore a woman’s contours and body so that they gain back their confidence. Breast augmentation, liposuction or tummy tucks are commonly performed in mommy makeovers. Read more about this woman’s mommy makeover featured on CityLine here.
  • Dr. Mulholland Performs an Endoscopic Browlift on CityLine
    A browlift is the surgical repositioning of the brow into a more aesthetically-pleasing position. As a person ages, their brows tend to droop and sag which lead to hooding. This is the extra tissue on the upper lid and outer aspect of the brow. In this video, a woman had an endoscopic browlift, rhinoplasty, endoscopic facelift and lower necklift to liven up her looks and feel more confident about herself. Read the full story of the video here.
  • Dr. Mulholland Performs a Tummy Tuck Makeover on CityLine
    Tummy tucks are much easier to perform with technologies such as the BodyTite. This device aids in the tightening and soft tissue contraction during tummy tucks. People get tummy tucks for all sorts of reasons. For a woman who has given birth to children or someone who has lost a large amount of weight, they are often left with loose, hanging skin. In this video, a woman sees Dr. Mulholland for a tummy tuck to get rid of the excessive skin around her midsection. Read the full story of the video here.
  • Dr. Mulholland Transforms Women’s Noses With Rhinoplasty Makeover on CityLine
    Rhinoplasty helps to balance a person’s nose to their facial proportions. Anyone who is bothered by their nose’s length, straightness, width or functions can get a nose job to address these concerns. In this video, Dr. Mulholland talks about rhinoplasty and what patients can expect during and after this procedure. Two different women and their stories are featured. Read the full story here.
  • Dr. Mulholland Gives Woman a Facial Rejuvenation Makeover on CityLine
    Facial rejuvenation can really transform a person inside and out. Procedures such as facelifts and blepharoplasty can shave years off a person’s face by elevating the face and removing excess skin and fat. In this video, a woman sees Dr. Mulholland for a facelift, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, browlift and necklift. Her appearance was making her very unhappy so this dramatic makeover served as a huge life improvement. Read the full story of the video here.
  • Dr. Mulholland Talks About Chicken Pox Scar Removal on CityLine
    People of all ages can get chicken pox. Though the virus is mostly seen in kids under the age of 12, adults can still get the virus if they didn’t have it as a child. Chicken pox causes itchiness and spots that look like blisters. If these spots are scratched, it can lead to infection and scarring. In this video, a woman asks Dr. Mulholland what she could do to address her chicken pox scars. Read the full story of this video here.
  • Dr. Mulholland Treats Woman With Laser Birth Mark Removal on CityLine
    Birth marks can be placed on obscure places on the body where concealing it with clothing is easy. But when large birth marks are in visible areas like the face, it’s not hard to understand why the appearance of birth marks would bother a person. A woman sees Dr. Mulholland to treat her birth mark with laser treatments in this video. Read the full story of this video here.
  • Dr. Mulholland Performs Rhinoplasty on Patient on CityLine
    A woman sees Dr. Mulholland for a rhinoplasty after thinking about it for several years. She says she’s looking forward to her reduction rhinoplasty, which means she will have the end of her nose bone reduced as well as her nose tip. Dr. Mulholland talks about the procedure in this video. Read the full story of this video here.
  • Dr. Mulholland Explains Thermage Anti Aging Treatment on CityLine
    The ThermaLift was performed to lift this patient’s face in a nonsurgical way. This procedure is ideal for people who want to recapture a youthful face without invasive surgery. Dr. Mulholland shows how this treatment works and talks about it in this video. Read the full story here.
  • Dr. Mulholland Explains Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty on CityLine
    Life events like weight gain and pregnancy can dramatically change a person’s body. Especially after pregnancy, stomach fat and skin tends to stick around even after exercising on a daily basis. Dr. Mulholland says SmartLipo can help women get a smoother and flatter abdomen in this video. Read the full story here.