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Blepharoplasty Lady

NewsTalk 1010 – The NightSide with Barb DiGiulio

December 21, 2018

Barb D.:                (singing)

And here we are back at the Night Side Christmas party. It’s been … I don’t know guys. I think this has topped last year. It’s been such a success. Everybody seems to be having a great time. We’ve still got some food left. Ben’s keeping an eye on the drinks. Yeah, I’m a little bit wondering. Things are getting a bit low over there, but it’s been a terrific party, and it’s been great to have you all a part of it.

It’s not over yet. I think we’ve still got some people who are planning to show up. Hang on one second. Let me head over. Let me just grab the door here and see. Oh my goodness. Dr. Stephen Mulholland, founder of SpaMedica, and one of Canada’s top cosmetic plastic surgeons. Dr. Mulholland, you are a busy guy. Thank you for taking the time to join us.

Stephen M.:       Well thank you for inviting me to your second annual Christmas party.

Barb D.:                You know, it’s always so great to talk to you, and this has got to be a busy … Oh, first of all. Before I get to that, because I’m so busy tonight, and I’m kind of forgetting. We do have some special drinks. We have the Night Side eggnog, and we have champagne, and I know you’re doing alcohol-free. We have a virgin of the eggnog. Can we pour you a glass?

Stephen M.:       I would love a virgin eggnog.

Barb D.:                Virgin eggnog coming up. Ben, thank you very much.

Ben:                       You got it.

Barb D.:                All right. Dr. Mulholland, maybe we’re do a quick cheers before we move on. Cheers.

Stephen M.:       Thank you. To an amazing 2018. Great show, Barb. It’s a lot of fun working with you.

Barb D.:                Thank you. And 2019, hopefully will be even better, and I know we’ll have you on lots of times. This has to be a pretty busy season in your business.

Stephen M.:       It is a crazy time. Everybody … And you know, a lot of people, surprisingly, take their Christmas holidays to recover from procedures, and then other clients are trying to optimize their appearance for Christmas party season. So, yeah. December’s invariably one of the busier times of the year.

Barb D.:                You know, it’s funny because I’m always seeing stuff online about people having a procedure done, and the freaking out because they’re very swollen and things like that. I guess with certain procedures, it’s better for people to do it a few weeks or a month ahead of time, rather than when they want to look good.

Stephen M.:       It really is important to know the procedure you’re interested in and the recovery time, because you don’t want to go to your Christmas party looking purple and green and red, the color of Christmas, from your injectable therapy, so timing is a lot more important. But we do have many things that you can just kind of sneak in and do a couple days before an office party or a red carpet or a ball, and have you look really pretty awesome. As we discuss a lot on your show, especially plastic surgery has become … Really, a lot is non-invasive and non-surgical, and that’s what the majority of people want.

Barb D.:                I mean, that might be a [inaudible 00:03:08] in some cases, maybe a little bit less expensive, but also people don’t like the idea of very invasive stuff. I think it’s easier to commit to something that’s less invasive. Is that true?

Stephen M.:       It’s so true. I mean, it’s less expensive. Yes, there’s less of an outcome, but most patients are, I would say … Like, if you look at the healthcare dollar of $15 billion spent last year in North America on cosmetic enhancement procedures, 82% is now non-surgical.

Barb D.:                Wow.

Stephen M.:       We can kill fat non-surgical. We can kill hair. We can kill sweat glands. We can smooth the muscles. We can plump up the skin. We can tighten the skin, or we can remove stretch marks, rosacea. There’s not much we can’t do, and because there’s no … This surgery is very little down time. A lot of patients are happy with less than a surgical result, but no risk, no downtime, no stigma.

Barb D.:                What would you say are the most popular treatments for men and women?

Stephen M.:       Well, for men it’s hair transplantation, for sure. Double chin, lower eyelid bags, love-handle liposuction, and 50 year old male booby. For women is liposuction, breast augment, nose job, blepharoplasty, and a face lift. Those are the surgical procedures. But Botox, injectable fillers, laser hair removal, and anti-aging skin treatments and non-surgical fat destruction are the non-surgical top five.

Barb D.:                Hey, so we had news this week, and I’m sure you’ve heard it, that Shoppers Drug Mart is going to start offering some of these injectables, and what are your thoughts on that?

Stephen M.:       Well, interesting. I did quite a few interviews at one of your competitor stations. I think it was called CBC. I don’t think anyone listens to it, but it was an interesting interview, and I talked about that this is expected. This is the ultimate retail medicine evolution, and right now, I mean, you can go anywhere in Toronto, and you can find clinics that are owned by business people that employ nurses to inject Botox and soft-tissue fillers.

You might meet your doctor through a Skype interview on a laptop, and then the nurse injects you, and at Shoppers Drug Mart it’s no different. It’s a trusted brand. People know it. You go there for immunization. It’s not the pharmacist who’s going to be injecting you. There’ll be some doctor doing a Skype consultation about Botox and soft-tissue fillers, and the nurse will do injection.

It’s not surprising to me that Shoppers or a retail brand would do this. It’s surprising to me that they would want to take on the liability. It’s not like they’re just fencing a pharmaceutical. You know, if you go … If something goes awry and you have, let’s say, Juvederm rejection, you can go blind. You can have skin necrosis. This can be serious liability issues for a huge brand like Galen Weston and the Loblaw’s and Shoppers’ brands, so I’m a bit surprised they want to take on that liability for a little bit of Botox and a filler. But hey, they’re a smart company, and they know where they want to take their brand.

If I was a patient, I would just say where does it make sense to get your cosmetic enhancement treatment? In a doctor-owned facility or clinic where a dermatologist, a plastic cosmetic physician, and their professional reputation is staked on you having a good outcome, or a retail experience where there’s really no doctor interactions, and allow the patients to make decisions because it’s just going to be cheaper at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Barb D.:                Dr. Mulholland, we so love having you as a part of the Night Side family. Have a wonderful holiday season with your family, and we’ll see you in 2019.

Stephen M.:       You too. Have a good holiday season. Thank you [crosstalk 00:06:31].

Barb D.:                Thank you, Dr. Stephen Mulholland. He’s the founder of SpaMedica, one of Canada’s top cosmetic plastic surgeons.


Dr. Stephen Mulholland, MD
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has been practicing plastic surgery for over 20 years. He is one of Canada’s most renowned and best plastic surgeons in Toronto with his wealth of experience, artistry, and humbleness towards his patients.

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