Non-Surgical Procedure Cost Price & Fees
Non-Surgical Procedures Cost Price & Fees

Non-Surgical Procedures Cost Price & Fees

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{ Non-Surgical Procedures Cost Price & Fees }

Botox Injectable                                            Starting from $8.99 per unit first time clients only.                                                                                                                           (Regular price $12 per unit)

Dermal Fillers                                            Starting from $399 per syringe for first time clients only.                                                                                                            (Regular price is $599-899)

Anti Aging laser programs                            Starting from $2,499 for a 9-treatment package

Fractional Laser and RF programs              Starting from $3,199 for a 5-treatment package

Non surgical Liposuction program              Starting from $1,999 for a combination package

Cellulite reduction program                          Starting from $1,799 for package for 8-treatment package

Laser Hair Removal                                       Starting from $399 for 5-treatment package

Excessive Sweating Treatments                  Starting from $2,999 for 2 treatments
(MiraDry or Botox)

Tattoo Laser Removal treatments                Starting from $400-1200 (single treatment) 

Dermatology Cosmetic treatments              Starting from $400 per treatment

Facials and Peels                                          Starting from $289 per treatment

Acne treatments                                           Starting from $350 per treatment

Acne Scar treatment program                      Starting as low as $2,199 per program

Leg Vein treatments (sclero/laser)              Starting from $783 for a 3 pack program


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