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Enerjet Needle-free Injection


EnerJet is a gentle, needle-free propulsion delivery technology where products that could only formerly be injected with a needle can now be delivered into and under the skin in a super accurate and painless propulsive spray.

Length of Procedure
30-45 minutes
$999 for a single syringe, $799 for additional syringes
Recovery Time
1-2 days
Before & After Gallery
SpaMedica Clinic, Toronto, ON
Topical anesthetic following treatment
Doctor or registered nurse
Alternative Names

Are You a Candidate?

Individuals seeking to improve the appearance of their wrinkles, crow’s feet, smoker’s lines, periocular, cheek lines, acne scars, perioral lines, and droopiness of the brow, cheek, or neck.


The doctor or specialist performing your treatment may provide you with a list of pre-operative precautions to take into consideration before your procedure.  

Procedure Details

The EnerJet emits a powerful, but painless and gentle needle-free kinetic injection that delivers the compound across the skin into the deeper layers of the skin much more accurately and delicately than could be achieved with a needle.


It may not only be the EnerJet™ Needle-free injectable that is used to maintain your improvements, but other, simpler technologies with no down time, such as bulk heating RF technologies such as the Venus Freeze, Exilis or Forma™ or low-down time fractional technologies such as Intracel™, MicroPen™, the eMatrix or the Fractora™.

Intense pulsed light or the PicoSure® may be used to maintain the results of your melasma and other non-ablative RF tighteners and fractionals can be used to maintain the results of your stretch marks.

Before & After

Side Effects

Most people report feeling some mild discomfort or pressure from the procedure, however this can be curtailed through the use of a local anesthetic.  Minor rash-like swellings may appear on the surface of your skin following treatment, but will resolve itself shortly after.  The EnerJet procedure is generally considered to be a safe and tolerable treatment.


Results from a series on EnerJet™ Needle-free injectable treatments may last several years; however, standard maintenance treatment with the EnerJet™ technology or other non-ablative bulk heating technologies or fractional technologies or intense pulsed-light technologies is often required to protect your investment. 50% to 70% reduction in the appearance of the acne scar can be achieved with a series of EnerJet™ treatments combined with other technologies, such as fractional radiofrequency resurfacing, fractional CO2, erbium laser technology and subdermal heating techniques, subcision or even soft tissue fillers and “under the skin tighteners, such as Facetite.


EnerJet™ Needle-free treatments result in a long-term production of a patient’s own collagen, elastin and ground substances or resolution in pathologies such as hyperpigmentation or melasma. Thus, the EnerJet™ is used to jet-remodel the body’s own tissues and the patient’s own tissues last substantially longer than other injectable products alone.

Additional Procedures

Technologies that use thermal transepidermal resurfacing, such as Fractora™, fractional laser and radio frequency resurfacing, eMatrix, fractional CO2, Fraxel®-type infrared and fractional technologies or bulk heating radio frequency technologies, such as Venus Freeze, intense pulsed-light Photo Facial technologies and other laser technologies, such as the PicoSure® and the RevLite™, or subdermal heating techniques such as SmartLipo™, FaceTite™ or ThermiRF™ may all synergize the treatments and results achieved with the EnerJet™. It is best during your consultation with the SpaMedica consultation coordinator, or, Dr. Mulholland himself, to explore the combination treatments that may work well with the EnerJet™, which may be simple soft tissue fillers and neuromodulators, such as Botox Injectable, or other laser, light and energy devices.


The cost for EnerJet™ Needle-free injectable treatment depends on the size and the number of syringes required to treat the pathology. Whether it’s a total brow, face or neck kinetic lift or localized upper lip lines, acne scarring of the cheeks, stretch marks of the abdomen or other body parts or melasma, the cost will depend on the number of syringes deployed.

In general, the cost for a single syringe is approximately CAD $999 per syringe and additional syringes at $799. For multiple areas, cost per volume value pricing is deployed.

Next Steps

You should simply fill out the appointment request form or “ask a question” form and upload up to 3 photos for Dr. Mulholland to review.

About Us

SpaMedica and Dr. Mulholland are pioneers in the use of EnerJet™ Needle-free, trans-epidermal volumetric jet remodeling and have pioneered many of the indications and protocols that propelled the EnerJet™ to be a part of excellent clinical outcomes. Most Toronto Wrinkle, Acne Scar, Stretch Mark, Bad Scar or Melasma patients will choose Dr. Mulholland and SpaMedica for the experience of SpaMedica being Canada’s leading medical spa for the past 20 years and having leading technologies and combination opportunities such as EnerJet™ available to give you the best possible outcome.