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Profound Non-Surgical Facelift

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 What is the Profound Non Surgical Facelift?

The Profound Non Surgical Facelift is a new non-invasive device and treatment procedure that involves the use of precise, thermally regulated, controlled bipolar radio frequency needles that are inserted into the lax skin of the face, neck, brow and body areas to induce tightening and lifting.  The Profound non-surgical facelift is performed as an out patient, simply, under local anesthesia and without skin excision. Toronto Non-surgical facelift and non-surgical skin tightening patients like Profound because the results are very noticeable (that is not always the case with non-surgical lifting) and consistent. The Profound facelift device is manufactured by one of the leading laser manufacturers, Syneron Candela and it represents the cutting edge (non-excisional cutting edge) of the non-surgical facelift techniques and procedures. Dr. Mulholland, a Toronto plastic surgeon, has worked together with Syneron for many years, developing many of their non-surgical devices and teaches the Profound non-surgical facelift to physicians across the Unites States and Canada.

Profound Facelift Before and After

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How is the Profound Non-Surgical Facelift performed?

Toronto Non-Surgical Facelift patients seek out SpaMedica, as Dr. Mulholland is on the very leading edge of non-surgical and non-excisional facelift and skin tightening techniques.  The Profound Non Surgical Facelift treatment is performed under local anesthesia as an outpatient.  The area to be treated is gently infiltrated with local anesthesia rendering the treatment painless.  Common treatment areas that undergo Profound non-surgical face lifting include the neck, jaw line, cheek, under eye and upper eye and brow. Toronto skin tightening patients also find the Profound good for tightening loose skin of the body, as well as the face.

Profound Non Surgical Facelift Machine

Figure 1.  The Profound non surgical facelift machine (left) and the non-surgical lifting hand piece (right)

Once local anesthetic is infiltrated and “painlessness” is achieved, the Profound treatment begins.  Six small, high-tech pairs of silicone-coated needles are inserted into the “numbed” skin.  Each pair of coated needles has the tip uncoated and is uniquely related to each other and sends radio frequency (RF) electrical current between the tips of the needles.  The skin end of the needle is silicone coated to avoid any external damage to the skin surface. The RF current that travels between the needles and oscillates painlessly the tissue in the vicinity causing heat and the heat tightens loose skin by producing collagen and elastin fibers.

Profound Non-Surgical Facelift Illustration

Figure 2.  The Profound non surgical facelift deploys an array of 12 small paired needles. Each needle is silicone coated except for the tip. The coating protects the superficial skin allowing the uncoated tip to emit the RF (radiofrequency energy) that tightens and lifts the skin. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia so there is not pain and the needles are so small so there is no bleeding.

This deep heating Profound treatment is unique in that precise temperatures of 67 degrees Celsius can be achieved between each thermal injection needle and the 67 degrees is sustained for exactly four seconds.  The temperature is not allowed to go under or over this temperature and the 67 degrees is sustained precisely through very high-tech thermal couplers embedded under each silicone-coated needle.  The 67 degrees Celsius for 4 seconds has been shown to be the optimal temperature and duration to stimulate the exact kind of elastin (recoil fibers) and collagen (tightening) needed for optimal lifting

Profound Non-Surgical Facelift Heating

Figure 3.  The high-tech, computer controlled Profound needles heat the deep skin (deep dermis) to just the right temperature and time duration to stimulate collagen and elastin needed for lifting and tightening. The silicone coating of the Profound lifting needles protects the superficial skin from any thermal injury or burn.

The whole Profound procedure is run by a computer and performed by highly trained SpaMedica technicians, by Dr. Mulholland, or by your SpaMedica Dermatologist.  Each area of lax neck skin, cheek, face skin, under eye/over eye and brow is treated. In general, each zone takes approximately 30-40 minutes to complete the tightening treatment.

Who is a candidate for the Profound Facelift?

Good candidates for the Profound Non Surgical Facelift are Toronto skin tightening patients who have experienced some face or body soft tissue deflation, descent and laxity.  Good Profound candidates would like to treat this skin laxity with non-surgical techniques and they would like to achieve the best possible “lift effect” without surgery.  Toronto Profound candidates need to have a realistic expectation of what to achieve and need to have appropriate amount of downtime set aside for this procedure.  Poor candidates for the Profound Non-Surgical Facelift include those individuals that may have unrealistic expectations and want to achieve a more “surgical like” result than non-surgical techniques can achieve, or are looking for an open facelift technique.  Good candidates for the Profound Non-Surgical skin tightening procedure include Toronto Non-Surgical Facelift patients who have set aside 3-5 days to recover and are accepting of adjunctive techniques such as intense pulsed light photofacials and trans-epidermal (through the skin) fractional resurfacing laser and radiofrequency treatments to improve the result.

Profound Non-Surgical Facelift Candidate

Figure 4. Good Profound non surgical facelift candidates, like this patient, have loose skin of the neck, jowl, face or brow (or body) and realistic expectations of the lifting and tightening that can be achieved.

What kind of anesthetic is used?

The Profound Non-Surgical Facelift is performed under local anesthesia.  Local anesthesia renders the skin completely painless and the whole treatment then could be performed as an outpatient.  Occasionally, Toronto Profound, non-surgical facelift patients will be prescribed post-operative Valtrex to avoid herpetic simplex virus eruptions around the lips (if they are included in the treatment zone) and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories such as Tylenol, Advil, Toradol or even Tylenol Extra Strength.  There is very little pain or discomfort post-operatively.  There will be mild bruising, discomfort and some swelling.

Profound Non-Surgical Facelift Handpiece

Figure 5.  The Profound hand piece at work. 12 pairs of tiny radio frequency needles are deployed under the skin, where precisely controlled, computer controlled needles heat the skin to just the right temperature and time to optimize skin lifting.

Is the Profound non-surgical facelift and skin tightening procedure painful?

Toronto Non-Surgical Facelift techniques patients who are afraid of pain and discomfort will find this procedure extremely comfortable.  Dr. Mulholland developed a local anesthesia technique which he and his staff use to perform the Profound facelift. This technique is a unique way to render the entire skin of the area anesthetic and comfortable.  There is no real pain during the non-surgical skin tightening procedure itself and there is very little discomfort after the procedure.

How long does a Profound Non-Surgical Facelift technique take?

The Profound treatment areas include the neck, the cheeks and/or the brow (or even lax body skin areas). Each zone takes approximately 20 minutes to perform. The Profound non-surgical facelift is a slow, precise and methodical process of stimulating elevation and tightening of the skin anatomically by the precise production of elastin and collagen.  Toronto non-surgical facelift and skin tightening patients can treat the entire brow and upper eye, lower lid, cheek, jowl and neck in approximately one hour and thirty minutes.  Patients need to take some time off work or social activities for swelling and this swelling can be mild to moderate in nature, or significant in nature, depending on the patient’s response to the thermal stimulation.  Most patients can return to work with makeup on in 3-5 days.

Profound Facelift Areas of Treatment

Figure 6.  A common area treated by the Profound is the non-surgical lift of the jowl and face, as shown above.

How long is recovery from the Profound Non-Surgical Facelift?

There is very little pain and discomfort following the Profound Non-Surgical Facelift, but Toronto Non-Surgical Facelift and skin tightening patients will find that their treated area is quite swollen and edematous for 3-5 days.  Initially the areas where the needles penetrate the skin will leave a tiny needle-sized scab and these generally flake off over 3-5 days as well.  Most Profound patients look reasonably good in makeup within 3-5 days and can return to work, or social activities. If they’re still residually swollen, they can blame the swelling on dental procedures, gum surgery or even allergic food reactions.  Eventually, by 7-10 days all swelling resolves and the underlying remodeling process takes between 4 and 6 weeks to take effect and, generally, by 6 weeks to 3 months Toronto Profound non-surgical facelift patients see a very pleasing elevation, tightening and firming of their skin without any of the excisional scars or downsides of open surgery.

What kind of results can I expect following a Profound Non-Surgical Facelift?

Patients who undergo the Profound Non Surgical Facelift technique can expect a significant, or moderate, but noticeable tightening and elevation following the Profound Facelift technique.  Because this is performed with extreme thermal and pulse duration control, virtually every patient will notice some tightening.  The amount of lifting and tightening will be dependent upon the amount of laxity and loss of collagen elastin that had accumulated prior to the procedure, but there is a very high patient satisfaction index with this technique, with properly selected patients.  In general, tightening and elevation of 30%, 40% or even 50% can be achieved.  The results can be extended by adding additional techniques such as colour correction IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) photofacials, topical energy-based treatments for wrinkles, using fractional devices, such as the eMatrix, Fractora or the “Fraxel like” fractional resurfacing devices, which can be performed at the same time. Even Botox Injectable, Kybella Injectable and soft tissue fillers, such as Juvederm Voluma can all be performed synchronously in the first few days or same time as the Profound Non-Surgical Facelift to extend and enhance results.

Profound Facelift Before and After

Figure 7. Profound non-surgical neck and facelift patient.  Properly selected patients with laxity can often achieve nice, moderate non excision lifting without surgery

How long will my results last following my Profound Non-Surgical Facelift technique?

In general, the results following a Profound Non Surgical Facelift and skin tightening procedure will last several years.  The new elastin, collagen and ground substance production from the Profound will undergo a natural degradation process over time.  The older a patient is, the less likely that the Profound Non-Surgical Facelift will last as long.  Additionally, lifestyle factors such as smoking, sun exposure, weight loss/weight gain will tend to degenerate the non-surgical skin tightening and facelift effect.  Most Profound facelift Toronto patients are eager to undergo post-Profound non-surgical maintenance treatments (with no down time) that will extend their skin tightening and lifting for many years. This is offered to all patients who undergo the treatment.

Is there any maintenance required following my Profound Non-Surgical Facelift?

Toronto Non-Surgical Facelift patients that undergo the Profound Non-Surgical skin tightening procedure are recommended to undergo a very basic maintenance program to “protect their investment”.  The maintenance is usually quite simple.  A non-surgical, non-invasive bulk heating radio frequency thermal stimulation of the skin is performed once every 2-3 months to maintain the Profound lift effect.  These bulk heating RF (radiofrequency) devices include the Forma, the Sublime, the Venus Freeze, Exilis like devices, Velashape 3, Thermage as well as other non-ablative RF treatment devices. They are painless, quite pleasant to undergo a treatment with and are even used to protect open facelift results, as well as non-surgical facelift elevation such as the Profound.  In general, most Toronto non-surgical facelift patients will need one of these treatments once every 2-3 months to maintain the elevation achieved during the Profound skin tightening procedure as long as possible.  Additional techniques such as IPL photofacial for color correction and fractional resurfacing techniques such as the 1540 nm, the eMatrix or Fractora fractional RF resurfacing can be added to the bulk heating RF treatments to additionally maintain the results that were achieved with the Profound.  Most non surgical facelift Toronto patients find the maintenance schedule quite acceptable economically and in terms of time commitment and value.

How much will my Profound Non-Surgical Facelift cost?

Toronto Non-Surgical Facelift patients seeking non-excisional skin tightening techniques often gravitate towards SpaMedica, because of Dr. Mulholland’s cutting edge industry leading position in non-surgical facelift techniques.  Not only does he speak for the companies and help them teach these procedures and help develop these techniques, he’s able to pass on any cost savings he is able to procure to his patients. As one of Canada’s busiest and most successful plastic surgeons performing open facelift, mini facelift, browlift and necklift procedures, Dr. Mulholland is ideally suited to be an expert in developing the non-surgical facelift techniques.

In general, a Profound Non Surgical Facelift and skin tightening procedure performed itself, without any additional adjunctive techniques will start at approximately 2,999.00.  Additional therapeutic intervention such as fractional laser resurfacing or Fractional RF resurfacing for wrinkle reduction treatment, IPL photofacial and non-ablative RF treatments that are added at the time, or together with the profound treatment will bring the cost to start at approximately $3,999.00 and then special offers for the addition of 60 units of Botox Injectable and 2 syringes of Juvederm Voluma to complete the 3D restoration of aging can be added to the Profound Non-Surgical Facelift for approximately $4,999.00.  This comprehensive approach to non-surgical face lifting gives Toronto skin tightening patients the ability to achieve almost facelift-like results without any of the scars and excisional sequela, risks and recovery of open facelift surgery.  Even though Dr. Mulholland has one of the busiest facelift practices in Canada, he still understands that many patients do not want a facelift and has been able to position excellent non-surgical opportunities, such as the Profound Non-Surgical Facelift, in the SpaMedica service offering.

Why choose SpaMedica and Dr. Mulholland for your non-surgical facelift?

Toronto Non-Surgical Facelift patients generally choose Dr. Mulholland and SpaMedica for the non-surgical facelift techniques such as the Profound Non-Surgical Facelift and Skin tightening procedure because of SpaMedica’s cutting edge position and industry leading ability to bring the best possible combination of technologies to your aging face.  In addition, his very pleasant, well-trained and extremely experienced staff make the whole service experience quite pleasurable.  The knowledgeable staff will also be able to educate how to protect and maintain one’s non-surgical lift effect and the vast majority of SpaMedica patients who visit the medical spa return over and over again to protect their investment and seek out their services.

How do I schedule a consultation for my Profound Non-Surgical Facelift?

Toronto Non-Surgical Facelift patients interested in the Profound skin tightening and lifting treatment should simply schedule an appointment online (and even upload some pictures!) and a SpaMedica client service representative will be right with you.  The consultation process in the medical spa is not associated with any cost (complimentary consultations). You’ll get a great evaluation by an extremely experienced consult coordinator and you can even begin your program that day if you call ahead and schedule as such.  Before and after photos, patient testimonials and other consultation tools are available for your review.

We look forward to seeing you at SpaMedica.  Our non-surgical facelift approaches are second to none and Dr. Mulholland has done an excellent job of integrating all the therapeutic modalities and interventions that will give you the best possible non-excisional elevation of your face, brow and neck. Call 877-712-8367 now to speak to a SpaMedica client service representative who will schedule a Profound facelift Toronto consultation for you today. 


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