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The Morpheus8 is a new and innovative industry-leading technology that is used to lift, tighten, contour, and smoothen soft tissue skin laxity and soft tissue irregularity. The Morpheus has many applications and one of which is the non-surgical neck-lift, face-lift, blepharoplasty and brow-lift.  We are pleased to offer this new technology at our SpaMedica clinic in Toronto.


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The Morpheus Lift is a non-surgical, non-incisional, revolutionary industry leading face, neck, lid and brow tightening and lifting device.

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What is it?

Morpheus8 is an innovative, non-surgical skin and soft tissue enhancement device from InMode used at our clinic in Toronto. It is an external delivered bipolar radiofrequency coagulation system of the subcutaneous fat and non-ablative dermal remodelling system. In short, it is applied externally and it tightens the soft tissue through nonsurgical coagulation of the superficial fat and septal connection system and simultaneously tightens, and smoothens the overlying wrinkled loose skin.

Before and After Morpheus8

Figure 1.  The Morpheus lift, called the Meta-Morpheus, can be performed in single more assertive session, or over 3 sessions and 3 months. The Morpheus is a horizontal and vertical fractional device that results in a tightening of the skin from the fat level out. Based upon the world’s leading thermal contraction system, the BodyTite®, the Morpheus is like a non-surgical BodyTite® that works on the top of the skin.

Morpheus8 hand piece

Figure 2. The Morpheus hand piece and tip propels silicon coated pin-electrodes through the skin and into the superficial fat just under the skin. The positively charged tips of the needle-electrodes release strong radiofrequency (RF) energy that causes a localized adipose coagulation and tightening of the fat and the connections to the skin. The fat contraction tightens the overlying skin. The RF energy then flows from the tip of the positively charged electrode-pin up to the surface of the negatively charged, triangular shaped electrodes, through which the pin-electrodes are protrude. The RF flow to the negatively charged externa electrode is gentle and non-necrotic in nature, which tightens the dermis non-ablative.


How does it work?

The Morpheus8 handpiece delivers 24, monopolar, silicone coded electrode-probe like needles beneath the skin into the superficial fat. A specific and proprietary pulse of radio frequency electrical energy is then delivered to the fat, which coagulates (tightens) the subdermal adipose and, importantly, shortens the horizontal, oblique and vertical connections to the skin called the FSN and, or the fibrous septal network. This action of FSN contraction provides a significant tightening of the soft and reducing overlying wrinkles, scars, irregular texture, pores and even stretch marks and acne scars. The silicone coated needles protect the skin from any thermal injury.

Figure 3.  The Morpheus delivers positively charged, silicone coated probes-needles through the skin into the superficial fat. The Skin is protected by silicone coating. The Tip of the electrodes are not coated and are embedded in the fat. The tip of each probe-needle is positively charged, and strong RF energy is emitted that heats and tightens the fat and overlying skin.

The electrical energy then flows up the needle along the FSN to the negatively charged triangular-shaped electrodes on the skin, that surround the probes-needles and this delivers a non-ablative and significant direct heating of the dermis and skin which stimulates new collagen, elastin and ground substances, further tightening the soft tissue envelope and smoothening overlying wrinkles, folds irregular texture, scars and even in large pores, stretch marks and acne scars. During the nonsurgical face and neck lift the Morpheus can be applied to the neck face upper and lower lids and brow to achieve a state-of-the-art, industry-leading non-surgical face lift. At SpaMedica the Morpheus has replaced other, formally new and innovative technologies such as the 5-year-old Profound and 8-year-old Ulthera and other external radiofrequency all of which offer a good non-surgical lift, Morpheus provides a GREAT improvement.

Figure 4.  The Morpheus releases RF energy from the positively charged tip, embedded in the fat, leading to coagulation of the superficial fat and tightening of the bands (Fibroseptal bands or Fibroseptal network FSN) that determine skin tautness and, with the FSN contraction there is a very strong contraction and tightening of the skin. The RF also flows back up the probe-needle, to the negatively charged external electrode, heating the dermis and skin directly leading, directly, to new collagen and elastin.

How many Morpheus treatments are required?

Generally, one assertive, strong treatment is all that is required. This one treatment protocol is for those non-surgical face lift clients that want the fastest outcome and are not averse to a little down time. But excellent results can be achieved, with less downtime after the treatment with a series of three treatments performed once a month for 3 months.

How long does the Morpheus treatment take?

The Brow, upper lids, lower lids, face and neck can be fully treated in under one hour.

Is the Morpheus treatment painful?

The Morpheus8 non-surgical face lift is made comfortable with topical anesthetic cream and the use of nitrous oxide or “laughing gas”. The laughing gas releases the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, which are the “feel good transmitters in the brain” and interpret the Morpheus, which you still feel, not as uncomfortable, but FUN.  The Nitrous oxide laughing gas wears off quickly and allows patients to legally drive home after 10 minutes. The addition of topical anesthetic cream makes the 3-treatment protocol very comfortable. For those patients undergoing the more assertive single treatment protocol, injectable mesotherapy delivered lidocaine is injected under the skin, while using the laughing gas, prior to the Morpheus to remove any discomfort or pain completely.

What kind of results can I expect from the Morpheus non-surgical facelift?

Dr. Mulholland has been a pioneer in the non-surgical facelift technology sector for 15 years. As a very busy facelift surgeon, Dr. Mulholland has been optimally positioned to find those non-surgical devices that might best deliver a non-surgical lift effect. Ulthera, Profound, Thermage have all been “best in class” in their day. However, the lifting, tightening and wrinkle reduction results of Morpheus are now “best in class” are very significant and, although a surgical facelift always achieves the best results, the Morpheus is the best non-excisional result that Dr. Mulholland has ever seen with the nonsurgical device. Significant tightening and smoothing of the lower lid can be achieved with the opening of the upper lid, elevation of the brow tightening of the challenging cheek, lessening of the smile lines and marionette lines and significant firming up and neck and smoothening of creepy skin.

Morpheus8 Before and After

Figure 5.  The Morpheus non-surgical facelift effect shown here on the jawline and acne scars (top panel) and cheeks, lids and brow (bottom panel).

How much downtime can expect after Morpheus treatment?

With the single treatment Morpheus face lift protocol, patients should expect to take off 5 to 7 days from swelling and some minor redness. There is however no significant crusting, weeping or oozing as is common with some strong ablative lasers such as carbon dioxide, or erbium. Meta-Morpheus patients who opt for the more moderate energy, three treatment protocol should take one day off each treatment and is ideally suited for a Saturday intervention appointment.

What areas of my facial aging will Morpheus help rejuvenate?

The Morpheus8, which has tunable vertical fractional depths and energies can be adjusted and optimized to treat different areas of the face and neck. Dr. Mulholland teaches this treatment to doctors from all over North America and has developed Morpheus protocols for the brow and upper lids, lower lids, cheek, upper lip, jawline and neck.

Figure 6.  The Morpheus and its settings and parameters are adjusted to treat different areas of the Brow, Lids, cheek, jawline and neck for a total face and neck lift and rejuvenation.

Can other treatments be incorporated with the Morpheus?

It is most common that Morpheus8 non-surgical facelift patients have several other aesthetic treatments performed at the same time (BotoxInjectable, Dermal fillers) to address other aging signs and symptoms that skin tightening and lifting alone do not address. At the same time as the Meta-Morpheus lift, intense pulse light (IPL) photo rejuvenation can be performed to decrease brown discolouration, sun and age spots, redness, rosacea and broken capillaries. In addition, if there is significant loss of the volume, soft tissue fillers may be performed in areas where there is volume loss. Botox Injectable is often frequently added to those regions that are pulling down the down the face and skin.

In more advanced clinics, such as SpaMedica, bidirectional PDO threads may be added to support the Meta-Morpheus lift.  With the Meta-Morpheus lift is healing and even suture suspension may be applied to increase the lift effect. Finally, when Dr. Mulholland is performing Morpheus and the additional device called AccuTite®, also known as injectable RF is delivered under the skin prior to the Morpheus to increase the lift affect.

How long will my Morpheus non-surgical facelift last?

Because the Morpheus results in a significant remodelling tightening of the deeper facial tissue as well as the skin the results can last several years. (Figure 6) Of course just as there is ongoing facial aging following a facelift, there is also ongoing degeneration and facial aging following the Morpheus. However, there are some simple nonsurgical no down time maintenance treatments that can help protect your Morpheus investment. Forma, Fractional RF/laser treatments 2 times a year can protect your investment.

How the Morpheus8 works

Figure 7. By performing multiple passes (2-3) at different pin-electrode depths, one can summate the FSN and adipose coagulation and contraction volume, resulting in more skin tightening and dermal remodeling.

How the Morpheus8 works

Figure 8. The Morpheus tightens the deeper soft tissue connections as well as the skin itself, resulting in a significant soft tissue contraction and reduction in wrinkles and textural concerns. The Morpheus has long lasting results.

What treatments of recommended to help maintain my Morpheus lift?

The recommended maintenance treatments following a successful Morpheus lift would be a combination of bulk heating radiofrequency treatments which are painless and noninvasive and maintain the enhanced collagen content of your skin, texture and wrinkle reduction. SpaMedica RF bulk skin heating devices such as the Forma, Venus freeze, Excilis, Pelleve, TempSure Envy, even Thermage will help protect your investment. The non-ablative fractional resurfacing devices such as the 1540, Affirm, Ematrix, Fractora and Fraxel-like fractional like devices will also be helpful to maintain skin texture. These devices have little to no downtime and 2-3 treatments per year can maintain your Morpheus and Met-Morpheus lift.

Can I continue to do Botox Injectable, soft tissue fillers and other laser treatments after recovering from my Morpheus lift?

Of course, once you are healed from your Morpheus lift, we continue the routine of Botox Injectable, soft tissue injectable fillers, photo rejuvenation and other laser treatments and in fact these treatments are often recommended to enhance the aging changes of the face in addition to Morpheus in a recommended in your maintenance program.

Can I have the Morpheus non-surgical facelift performed if I've had a previous face lift, blepharoplasty or brow lift?

The Morpheus is an excellent way to improve upon the appearance of facelift procedure, blepharoplasty, which is deployed when your facelift, and skin is starting to age and is a good nonsurgical treatment to provide significant improvement when the results of your surgery start to fail. Alternatively, many Dr. Mulholland Facelift patients will elect to undergo a Morpheus intermittently to maintain the results of their Facelift longer.

Can I have a face lift, blepharoplasty neglected brow lift if I have had a Morpheus non-surgical lift?

Yes absolutely, once you have healed from your Morpheus for at least 3 months you can undergo a surgical procedure such as a brow lift, blepharoplasty or facelift and Neck lift. Of course, after your Morpheus non-surgical lift, it will likely be some years later that you may elect to undergo surgery. However, you should notify your surgeon that you have a Morpheus lift because the tissue will be firmer with more collagen deposition in the face than skin that has never been treated with the Morpheus, but this is easily overcome by your facelift surgeon and they just should be apprised of your previous treatments, including the Morpheus.

Are there any significant risks with my Morpheus lift?

There are always risks with any medical procedure, even Botox Injectable, soft tissue dermal fillers and other laser treatments such as laser hair removal and photo rejuvenation, but the Morpheus with its high-tech internal thermal feedback and silicone coated needles make the risk any the substantial risks less that with other popular resurfacing lasers and devices such as carbon dioxide, erbium, Fraxel, etc. and  much less likely, with the better recovery using the “inside out” Morpheus approach to lifting and the procedure much safer than aggressive outside in technologies. However, there is always the rare risk of scars and pigment issues, but these would be discussed at the time of your consultation and minimized with the parameters and settings unique to your skin.

Can I have a Morpheus non-surgical lift performed if my skin is dark in color?

One of the many advantages of the Morpheus, in addition to its significant outcome, is that it is much safer to perform on patients with darker skin colour. Because of the silicone coated needles that protect the skin and the bipolar radiofrequency coagulation and tightening of the superficial fat (inside out) the amount of melanin content of your skin becomes less important and is much safer to perform on darker skin types that other externa ablative lasers and RF devices. The Morpheus is often one of the only recommended significant non-surgical lift with skin tightening that can be offered.

What other skin problems in the body can the Morpheus treat?

The Morpheus8 device has been used very successfully by Dr. Mulholland and his SpaMedica medical staff in Toronto to treat and provide significant improvement in stretch marks, acne scarring, tightening and lifting of loose upper arm skin, tightening and lifting of loose skin above the knee and inner thigh, as well as the reduction surgical scars and even enlarged pores. Please visit this website content pages for these other Morpheus lift and tightening procedures.

How much does the Morpheus non-surgical facelift cost?

The cost of a Morpheus8 non-surgical facelift is dependent upon several variables, whether it is a single or multiple treatment protocol, what areas of the face neck eyes and brow are treated and is there the addition of ancillary treatments such as Botox Injectable, soft tissue fillers, AccuTite®, PDO threads support and photo rejuvenation. However, the cost of the Morpheus facelift is far less than a surgical facelift, with significant results and affordable for most patients.

Why choose SpaMedica for my Morpheus lift?

Dr. Mulholland was one of the innovators and developers of the Morpheus Lift and his SpaMedica clinic and staff have more experience than anyone else in Canada, have the widest array of ancillary and adjunctive technologies to help ensure the best possible my facelift result.

How do I schedule Morpheus lift consultation?

To schedule a consultation for a Morpheus treatment, Toronto based non-surgical facelift and skin tightening patients simply call our Toronto SpaMedica offices, or fill out one of the on-page forms or use the live chat feature and client service representative will be able to help you schedule your consultation.