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Plump up your hollow cheeks for a younger and healthier look!

March 18, 2019

Changes in the skin are truly an inevitable part of aging. For example, it’s very common for the cheek pads to lose fat and the skin to lose elasticity as we grow older. As the skin begins to sag, the area around the mouth can start to appear worn and dragged down—a look many of us would like to avoid. These effects of aging are of course only made worse by poor diet, lack of exercise, and certain hereditary predispositions. Thinner men and women are also more likely to develop sunken or deflated cheeks. But don’t despair: thanks to leaps in medical aesthetics and anti-aging technology at SpaMedica in Toronto, there are multiple top tier maintenance treatments out there—both surgical and nonsurgical—that can very effectively augment your cheek area to create a more desirable look!


Botox Injectable


Botox Injectables can be used to relax the muscles that pull down the cheek area, creating the illusion of a cheek lift or mid-facelift. Not too shabby. When expertly injected into select face and neck muscles, Botox Injectables induce temporary relaxation of the muscles that cause unattractive animation lines, diminishing that “pulled-down” look. Virtually any animated muscle that causes an unattractive line or wrinkle or succumbs undesirably to gravity can be treated with Botox Injectables: sunken cheeks of course, but also lip lines, droopy jowls, turkey neck, and even chest lines—to name a few!


Dermal fillers


Dermal fillers are a highly effective way of restoring lost volume to the cheeks to create a plumper appearance—reducing depressions, wrinkles, and folds galore. Indeed, the occasional injection of fillers into aging skin can help maintain a more youthful and healthier appearance. Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, and other leading dermal fillers have been proven effective in plumping up the cheek area for a more rejuvenated look. With little risk and a nearly non-existent recovery period, there’s no reason not to try dermal fillers if you’re struggling with sunken cheeks. Dr. Mulholland’s own VolumaLift procedure is particularly effective!


Fat transfer


Micro fat transplantation is a facial procedure designed to ease wrinkles and grooves and augment areas of the face like the cheeks and lips. Your own fat is collected with needles from a donor area and then re-injected to the hollow or deficient area. Cheeks, chins and lips can be beautifully augmented with this technique. Post-procedure, there may some bruising and swelling for 2-3 weeks, particularly on the lips. The plus side? Micro fat grafting for cheek and chin augmentation can result in 4-5 years of attractive, natural-looking corrections.


Suture suspension ThreadLift


No one has performed successful ThreadLifts for as long as Dr. Mulholland, who pioneered the procedure 15 years ago!  Eliminating the risk of a facelift scar, Dr. Mulholland instead inserts thread sutures through the scalp or from behind the ear to actually lift a fallen cheek, jawline and/or jowl. The results can last up to 5 years! Best of all, the thread dissolves after 6 months, by which time your ThreadLift has healed very nicely and you have no more use for the thread, as the lift is held in place by your own collagen!


Cheek augmentation surgery


Perhaps the most invasive of cheek augmentation options is surgical cheek and chin augmentation, but depending on your case, it may be just right for you. The procedure involves increasing the projection of your chin and/or cheeks to create more aesthetically pleasing proportions. Augmentation is achieved by breaking the cheekbones and moving them forward or by surgically inserting artificial implants via incisions in the mouth. Expect considerable swelling, recovery, and downtime, but ultimately long-lasting results.


Schedule a consultation with Dr, Mulholland at SpaMedica in Toronto today to learn more about the many fantastic options available to effectively correct your deflated, sunken look once and for all!

Dr. Stephen Mulholland, MD
Posted by Dr. Stephen Mulholland, MD
has been practicing plastic surgery for over 20 years. He is one of Canada’s most renowned and best plastic surgeons in Toronto with his wealth of experience, artistry, and humbleness towards his patients.

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