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PST 001: How to Avoid Bad Plastic Surgery

PST 002: The Ruthlessness of Acne Scar

PST 003: How to Take Control of Your Aging

PST 004: Heading into Spring

PST 005: Plastic Surgery and Careers

PST 006: Moms Take Their Body Back

PST 007: Rhinoplasty Myths and Facts

PST 008: Facial Rejuvenation

PST 009: Designer Vagina

PST 010: Nonsurgical Liposuction & Body Sculpting Options

PST 011: Double Chin

PST 012: Laser Hair Removal

PST 013: Injectables

PST 014: Breast Augmentation

PST 015: Five Minute Nose Job

PST 016: Surgical Liposuction vs Nonsurgical

PST 017: Male Hair Loss

PST 018: CoolSculpting

PST 019: Surgical Liposuction

PST 020: Botox Injectables

PST 021: Wrinkle

PST 022: Targeting Fine Lines on the Eyes, Mouth, and Forehead

PST 023: Tummy Tuck

PST 024: Breast Augmentation and Intimacy

PST 025: Tummy Tuck vs. Lipo

PST 026: The Perfect Time for a Rhinoplasty

PST 027: Anti-Aging and Skin Rejuvenation

PST 028: Blepharoplasty

PST 029: Face the Facts about Facelifts

PST 030: EMsculpt: Kill Fat and Burn Muscle

PST 031: Body Sculpting with the Vanquish

PST 032: Which Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment is Right for You?

PST 033: Botox for Bruxism

PST 034: All About the Necklift

PST 035: The Facts on Gynecomastia

PST 036: Learn about Rosacea Treatments

PST 037: Emsella and SUI

PST 038: All about Belt Lift

PST 039: Facial Hair Transplants

PST 040: Vanquish and The Facts


PST 042: PRP for Hair

PST 043: Post-op Breast Augmentation

PST 044: All About Liposuction

PST 045: PRP for Facial Rejuvenation

PST 046: Painless Hair Removal

PST 047: Painless Laser Tattoo Removal

PST 048: All About BIA-ALCL

PST 049: Learn about the Browlift

PST 050: Learn about the Septoplasty

PST 051: Morpheus 8 and Everything You Need to Know

PST 052: All About the Cheek Lift

PST 053: The Facts about ProNox