PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) for Hair Growth & Restoration

Hair Loss is a problem most men will face at some point in their life. Women face it too! PRP for hair loss is a treatment that can be done at our clinic for patients seeking hair rejuvenation and growth. If you are showing early signs of hair thinning and balding, then learn more about how this treatment in Toronto can benefit you!

Hair loss does not need to be a big deal! PRP is an effective procedure that comes from your own blood. It is less invasive that strip grafting and more viable option compared to other treatments.

PRP Injection for Hair Loss

PRP is an acronym for Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP is a sample of a patient’s blood that is centrifuged, spun down and then special components of the blood are extracted. We extract the special growth factors and stem cells. These extracted components rejuvenate and restore human tissue. The PRP is injected into the scalpel region of the patient to help rejuvenate hair loss.  PRP for hair growth is a successful and popular procedure.

PRP for Hair Growth and Hair Densification

PRP for hair loss toronto

Figure 1. Male patient showing improvements after getting PRP hair loss treatment at SpaMedica’s hair clinic.

Figure 1. PRP can be injected in the scalp of patient suffering from male or female pattern alopecia (balding) and can result in the stimulation of dormant follicles and more hair density. The PRP can also be combined with Low Level Light Therapy and topical hair care products.

PRP, with the platelets, growth factors and stem cells can be injected into the scalp of Toronto male or female experiencing pattern hair loss to stimulate increased hair growth and enhanced hair density.

The platelet rich plasma, or PRP contains very important growth factors and stem cells that have a proven ability to stimulate re-growth of damaged and dormant hair bulbs to product hair shafts which, will in turn, increase the density of the hair. As well the thickness and quality of the hair produced will be significantly improved in the majority of cases. PRP for hair growth can be combined with Low Level Light laser therapy and Medical Hair care products to provide a non surgical, non hair transplantation option for hair growth and hair densification for men and women.

PRP for Hair Growth
Before and After Gallery

Here are following pictures of female and male patients that have sought PRP injection for hair growth. Our patients showed successful signs of hair growth and were happy with their results!

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Results of PRP for Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss

Results following PRP to male pattern hair loss can be quite impressive. The proper diagnosis and indications are decided upon during the consultation with SpaMedica senior hair technicians and consultants.

The scalp area is generally treated with PRP once a month for four months. After four sessions, maintenance for noticeable hair growth is required once every 3 months to protect the investment. Additional treatments to enhance the PRP hair density and growth include micro needling, medical hair care scalp products and treatment with high fluence, low-level light laser therapy (LLLT) and these can performed at the same time and topical PRP and injectable PRP is administered the combined in the 4 month non-surgical hair loss program.


prp hair before and after male

Figure 2. Toronto male pattern thinning hair patients can benefit from SpaMedica PRP injections. PRP in thinning hair patients can result in significant thickening and enhanced densification.

PRP hair before and after female

Figure 3. Female patients suffering from thinning hair can also respond very well to PRP injections in the scalp. Dormant sleeping hair follicles can be stimulated by the PRP to grow new, thicker hair, adding the densification.

Significant improvement in hair density if properly selected is usually seen by most patients with moderate male pattern or female pattern hair loss. Very advanced male and female pattern hair loss generally requires hair transplantation and PRP can be used after follicular unit NeoGraft or ARTAS robotic hair transplantation to enhance the results. Our FUE Hair Transplantation page can provide more information on male and female linear scar-less hair transplantation.

Consult with SpaMedica if you are interested in PRP injection for hair loss! Our procedure is wonderful for growth and restoration.