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Sick of Squatting? Get a Brazilian Butt Lift

December 7, 2015

Sick of Squatting Get a Brazilian Butt Lift

Big and round butts were all the rage this year. It could be the obsession over certain celebrities’ butts that have piqued many people’s fascinations with butts. But if you’re not blessed with a natural big booty, what can you do about it? Should you do endless sets of squats or maybe get a Brazilian butt lift for noticeable results?

How Does Squatting Enhance Your Butt?

Squats can enlarge the gluteus maximus muscle and tone your legs and butt. First things first though, you should do them consistently to see visible results. Also, when you add weight and resistance, you’re working the muscle more and helping them grow. That’s because your glutes are like any other muscle on your body; resistance needs to be added in order for them to grow. Squatting with weights can help you get a bigger booty, while squatting without weights tones and builds muscle in your glutes.

Squatting like there’s no tomorrow but you’re not seeing the results you want? Maybe you’re doing them wrong. Make sure your form is correct to get maximized results.

  • Keep your feet flat on the ground
  • Don’t let your knees go past your toes
  • Don’t arch your back. Try to keep it straight.

What to Expect in Brazilian Butt Lifts

Before and after brazilian butt liftBefore and after a Brazilian Butt Lift

The beauty of Brazilian butt lifts is that you get a 2-in-1 situation. During Brazilian butt lifts, fat is reduced in an area of your body and is then transferred to your butt. The result is a perkier, fuller bottom without the squats. If you don’t like the extra pudge on your abdomen or you’ve got some love handles, then you can reduce the look of it during a BBL. With VaserLipo, the fat cells from this area are taken out, spun down and purified. After preparing the fat cells, your plastic surgeon injects them into the butt.

As for any surgical procedure, there’ll be a recovery period and some guidelines to follow after your Brazilian butt lift. You may be advised to not sit directly on your butt for 2 weeks. When you sleep, you’ll be asked to sleep on your stomach for 2 weeks as well. Any bruising and swelling will subside over the course of a few weeks and final results should be seen in about 3 months.

If you’ve been seriously contemplating about this procedure, you’re not the only one. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that buttock augmentation procedures increased in number by 86% in 2014. The demand for Brazilian butt lifts is predicted to grow in the coming year—plastic surgeons expect women to ask more about enhancing their butt in 2016 according to this RealSelf survey.

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Posted by Jenn Horowitz