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Skin care in your 30s: older and wiser, with endless options

September 19, 2018

In a frenzy of career moves, weddings, and baby showers, you wake up one day to find you’re in your 30s. How and when that happened, no one can say, but one thing is certain: the skin care routine that worked a decade ago is probably not cutting it anymore. As you age, you lose volume, moisture, and elasticity in your skin. Your skin cell turnover slows down. Hormones fluctuate, which can cause breakouts, brown spots, or splotchy skin. The good news is, women in their 30s tend to be more confident than ever before. Why not build on that aged wisdom by enhancing your best features? While proper exfoliation, moisturization, and sun protection are key, soft tissue fillers have become a popular anti-aging tool as well, due to their safety, long-lasting results, and their ability to offer patients the choice of either continuing with treatment or opting out later on.


Soft tissue fillers in your 30s: clinical dermatology with you in mind


The most popular dermal fillers are those that contain hyaluronic acid (naturally found in your skin), such as Juvéderm. They work to hydrate your face and promote the growth of new collagen, making this an ideal treatment for 30-somethings, since collagen production tends to drop off at this age. Opting for dermal fillers can restore volume and offset a more severe deflated look as you continue aging.


When injected, soft-tissue fillers smooth away facial lines and wrinkles, acne scars, and/or other skin contour irregularities. Dermal filler treatments can subtly correct deepening nasolabial folds and volume loss in the cheeks. Dermal fillers for your nose can be a great alternative to a surgical nose job, while dermal fillers for your under eye area can do away with bags, or crow’s feet. Full effects typically appear within one or two days, and ongoing treatments are needed to maintain results, usually every six to 18 months.


Endless options


If your facial lines and wrinkles are the result of expression lines rather than collagen depletion, Dr. Mulholland may recommend Botox treatments instead, or in addition to dermal fillers. You may also wish to discuss whether you are a candidate for laser treatments, which use a yellow light laser to stimulate natural collagen replenishment. Meanwhile, blue light therapy can address freckles, acne, and hyperpigmentation. You may be getting older, but you’ve got endless options!


If you have never had clinical dermatology treatments like dermal fillers, laser treatments, or Botox before, you probably have plenty of questions. Drop us a line at SpaMedica to get the answers you seek and book your first consultation with Dr. Mulholland.



Dr. Stephen Mulholland, MD
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