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BodyTite radio frequency-assisted liposuction is the use of gentle radio frequency electrical energy to internally coagulate and liquefy fat cells and blood vessels.

By gentle coagulation and liquefaction of these structures, the removal of the fat is made much easier than the old-fashioned, more traumatic avulsion techniques of pure tumescent liposuction.

Length of Procedure

30-45 minutes



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The best candidates for liposuction are those individuals who have unwanted depositions of fat that detract from ideal shape and contour and have tried their best at diet and exercise to modify their shape and figure.


The radio frequency electrical energy also coagulates the small blood vessels, minimizing the risk of bruising. BodyTite is one of the energy-assisted devices that Dr. Mulholland deploys on almost every case of liposuction.

One of the big advantages of using BodyTite is the enhanced contraction – up to 35% soft tissue contraction and skin tightening – after the procedure, minimizing the risk of soft tissue laxity and irregularity.

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Procedure Details


Like all modern liposuction techniques, most are performed under local anesthesia and oral sedation and for those that are more anxious in nature, intravenous sedation is applied. The local anesthesia is called tumescent anesthetic and is very dilute lidocaine, a local anesthetic agent that is instilled gently into the unwanted areas of fat to be contoured. Once the local anesthesia and tumescent anesthesia have been infiltrated, the BodyTite applicator is applied.

The internal radio frequency electrode is silicone-coated and slides through a very tiny access port. These access ports are usually 3mm in length and are expertly hidden by Dr. Mulholland. The internal probe then moves into the fat to be contoured and begins to emit radio frequency electrical waves.

BodyTite device

The radio frequency electrical waves heat the localized fat, liquefying and coagulating the fat, allowing for easy extraction and aspiration. The electrical waves and radio frequency current also seal the blood vessels, minimizing the risk of bruising. The BodyTite applicator actually aspirates and removes fat as it is liquefying and coagulating, providing immediate contour.

The internal radio frequency waves stimulate vertical fibers called the FSN, or fibro septum network. These connective tissue elements are what hold our skin to the underlying muscle and one of the things that gets lax and loose as we get older. The BodyTite radiofrequency-assisted liposuction profoundly contracts the FSN, leading to a three-dimensional contraction of your soft tissue of up to 35%, providing tummy tuck, arm lift, neck lift and inner thigh-like results without excision or scarring.

The radio frequency waves then travel up to the external portion of the handpiece that slides along the surface of the skin. This external electrode slides on a thin layer of ultrasound gel and it measures external skin temperature impedance for safety and delivers gentle superficial skin heating during the procedure, much like Venus Freeze, Exilis®, Forma or Thermage® do, providing skin tightening as well as a deep FSN, soft tissue, three-dimensional contraction.

Modern liposuction makes BodyTite indispensable, as it facilitates gentle aspiration of the fat, coagulation of blood vessels with decreased bruising and, most importantly, profound soft tissue contraction leading to significant tightening after the removal of fat, optimizing the ability to achieve smooth contours and excellent shapes with overlying skin that is youthful and tight.

The procedure is generally performed either under local anesthesia with oral sedation or local anesthesia with IV or general sedation. Most patients who are not prone to anxiety have liposuction performed with modern, gentle liposuction techniques under local anesthesia and oral sedation.

Local anesthetic is injected into the areas of unwanted fat, which allows the gentle heating, coagulation, tightening, and extraction can be performed with a very minimal amount of pain and discomfort. Once local anesthetic is applied, the BodyTite device can be deployed to liquefy and coagulate the fat, which is immediately aspirated in a gentle manner using a blunt-nose tipped microcannula.

The BodyTite procedure has been shown to be far less painful than traditional liposuction techniques that don’t implement energy-assisted technologies, resulting in a more tolerable procedure with much less bruising.

Length of Procedure Depending on the thickness of the localized areas of fat to be contoured, BodyTite™ takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes per area and multiple areas are usually performed.

After Care Instructions

BodyTite Before & After
A BodyTite™ Radiofrequency Assisted Liposuction of the hips and abdomen on a patient who has had several children. The BodyTite™ results show significant soft tissue contraction and impressive improvement in contour.

Modern liposuction using energy-assisted devices such as BodyTite have a very rapid recovery. It is not uncommon for individuals to undergo multiple-area liposuction on an afternoon and return to very light, sedentary work/non-work-related activities the following day. A post-liposuction garment is a high-tech, Spandex-like, Lycra® type of compression garment.

It is used to shrink-wrap the overlying BodyTite treated soft tissue while it heals in the ideal shape and contours.Generally, liposuction garments are worn 22 hours a day for three weeks. After three weeks, the liposuction garments are worn for support during the day and left off in the evening and overnight. Patients can return to low-impact activities such as walking, stair climber, elliptical within the first week or two. Return to high-impact activities such as jogging, running, aggressive weight training and activities such as hot yoga and stretching should wait till the fourth to the sixth week.

Immediately after the procedure, there will be some swelling, but energy-assisted devices such as BodyTite™™, do not generally result in much bruising. Avoidance of aspirin, if possible, three weeks prior to the procedure will minimize the risk of any bruising.


There is no liposuction maintenance required for the fat that has been removed, as it is permanently gone. However, maintenance skin-tightening body heating treatments, such as bulk heating radio frequency devices, using Venus Freeze, Accent®, Excelis®, the VASERShape™, and the Forma™ or Thermage® Body are deployed in your program to ensure optimal skin contraction and tightness.


Modern liposuction using energy-assisted devices such as BodyTite, with its strong soft tissue contraction, can result in superior outcomes. Significant improvements in figure, shape and contour are virtually assured, as fat is removed in the areas of contour concern. The focus of patients should be on improvement in body, shape, and contour, not on weight.

The fat that is removed will not return. It is very important to have weight maintenance after liposuction and stay within five to ten pounds of your liposuction weight to ensure permanent contour and figure enhancements.


Single zone BodyTite Liposuction will start at between $3,999.00 to $6,999.00 for the first zone with subsequent zone discounting for second, third and fourth zones.  Generally, depending on the size of the patient and their Body Mass Index, patients can have three to four zones performed with BodyTite™ contouring for $9,999.00.

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