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Thigh & Body Lift Toronto


Thigh Lift is a skin tightening and fat removal surgery around the upper legs and thigh. Your thighs will look properly defined and contoured well with your body.

Legnth of Proceudre
2-3 hours
Starting from $8,000
Recovery Time
2-3 weeks


Lead Doctor
Dr. Stephen Mulholland
Alternative Names

Med - High

Candidates should be at the desired weight goal and be medically sound for the procedure. Days before the surgery, you will be advised to stop smoking and certain medications to avoid complications during the surgery.

For targeted removal of excess skin and fat from the upper part of the legs, a Thigh Lift may offer the results you seek. Over time and with the loss and gain of weight, the thighs tend to lose elasticity creating droopy skin and a lack of firm appearance.

You may also experience droopy skin or fat on the inner thighs, creating an undesirable look in bathing suits and shorts. The thigh lift removes the excess skin and tightens it up, making it look slimmer and tighter.

During the consultation, you will discuss with the surgeon the procedure and the surgeon will evaluate your medical history and candidacy for the procedure.


A concealed incision in the inner part of the upper thigh provides an opportunity to tighten and lift the skin of the upper leg, creating a sleek and slim profile. Depending on your personal needs, your thigh lift will be tailored to address your problem area. You may desire a lift in the outer, inner or front part of the thigh.

The surgeon will mark the area of concern for the Thigh Lift. There are two types of incisions for Thigh Lift:

Medial Thigh Lift (Inner)

The incision is made in the inner thigh area around the groin. The excess fat and skin are excised along the inner thighs. Liposuction may be performed if there is stubborn fat that needs to be rid of. Contour takes place from the groin to the knee.

Lateral Thigh Lift (Outer)

Contouring includes the buttocks and the outer thighs, including the removal of tissues. There is more scarring with the outer thigh and the skin will be less elastic than before.

Risks and Complications

The risks and complications of Thigh Lift are infections, hematoma, allergies and adverse effects to anesthesia. Other possible complications are asymmetry with the thigh lifts, scarring and bruising.

After Care Instructions and Expectations

Typically, after two weeks of rest and recovery, most thigh lift patients can return to work and normal daily activity. Strenuous activity and exercise will have to be avoided for at least one month to ensure complete recovery.

The recovery time will be individual based, although medication does help with alleviating the pain. Patients are expected to take one to two weeks to recover from the surgery.

Bruising and swelling will occur in the area for at least a month. Patients will have to wait four to six months before returning to most of their normal activities and exercises. Consult the surgeon regarding your recovery timeline and when you can return to your daily activities.

Maintenance Required

For proper maintenance, patients are advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet. Stay within a healthy weight range following the procedure to keep the contour look. Exercise will help keep the thighs looking firm.

The surgeon will provide you further instructions for your post-op.

Cost and Payment Options

The cost of Thigh Lift starts from $8,000. The procedure is an elective, thus not covered by insurance. SpaMedica offers special financing for selective patients. Inquire about it today.

Next Steps

The next step in your journey will be booking a consultation with a surgeon that is medically certified in cosmetic surgery in Ontario.

Dr. Mulholland has 20+ years of experience working as a medically accepted cosmetic surgery. Book an appointment with our team today.


Call and book an appointment today. We are delighted to help you achieve your ultimate body look