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VASER Lipo is an ultrasound-assisted energy to use the ultrasound waves to soften and gently loosen up the fat cells. The ultrasound energy gently separates fat cells from the tight fibrous compartments and attachments.


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VASER Lipo achieves body contouring and definition with the removal of unwanted fat. Candidates for the procedure should be those looking to rid of stubborn fat and should be medically healthy.

Are You a Candidate?

These patients want gentle liquefaction of their fat and, often request for this fat to be transplanted to another area, such as the face, breasts, buttock or previous liposuction contour irregularities.

Contraindications to liposuction include anyone who is unrealistic about the shape and figure they can achieve or are medically unwell or excessively overweight.

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Are You a Candidate?

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Procedure Details

The most common areas VASER Lipo is used to gently cavitate and separate the fat cells for easiest aspiration are the abdomen, hips and outer thighs. This fat is then removed, but stored in a canister and the fat cells are spun down, prepared and placed into small, 1cc syringes.

Following VASER Lipo in the areas where the fat has been harvested and preserved, using ultrasound, Dr. Mulholland then uses BodyTite to induce the soft tissue contraction needed to get excellent body contour and shaping in those areas of unwanted fat.

The unwanted fat is then spun down, purified and placed into small syringes which can be injected into areas where fat transplantation and fat augmentation is desired.

The most common areas for Dr. Mulholland to use VASER Lipo fat grafting is in augmentation and shaping of the buttock, augmentation and shaping of the breast – either primarily or on top of existing implants – and, of course, fat transplantation to the face.

The advantages of micro fat grafting techniques are the nature of the results, the long-lasting result of fat grafting and the use of fat, which is not desired from one zone and transferring it to an area where contour and volume may be required or be beneficial.

Local anesthesia is inserted into the area of unwanted fat.  The fat then becomes totally anesthetic, much like a dental procedure, and the gentle ultrasound assisted treatment can be performed.  Once the local anesthesia, also called tumescent anesthesia, is completed, the energy-assisted device – VASER Lipo  – is deployed to separate and liquefy the fat cells.

Once this Vaser Lipo phase has occurred, this liquefied, coagulated fat is immediately aspirated with a gentle, small, blunt-nose tipped microcannula.

VaserLipo 2
The internal VASER Lipo™ probe is shown here releasing the ultrasound energy that gently releases the fat cells from their attachments making the fat tissue easy to aspirate gently and without trauma.


Vaser Lipo liposuction is performed under tumescent local anesthesia.  Tumescent local anesthesia is an extremely dilute local anesthetic that is then inserted gently into the fat, distending the fat and providing loss of sensation during the procedure.  The tumescent anesthesia also distends and expands the fat cells, exposing them to the ultrasound energy of VASER Lipo.

Pain Factor

VASER Lipo has been shown in peer-reviewed medical studies to be far less painful and has far less discomfort, bruising and swelling than old-fashioned liposuction techniques where energy is not used.  This means much less pain, mild bruising sensation and much quicker return to work and activities.

Length of Procedure

Depending on the thickness of the localized areas of fat to be contoured, the procedure often takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes per area and multiple areas are usually performed.

After Care Instructions

VASER Lipo generally has a very rapid recovery. It is not uncommon for individuals to undergo multiple-areas of Vaser Lipo and return to very light, sedentary work/non-work-related activities the following day.

Generally, liposuction garments are worn 22 hours a day for three weeks.  After three weeks, the liposuction garments are worn for support during the day and left off in the evening and overnight.  Patients can return to low-impact activities such as walking, stair climber, ellipticals within the first week or two.

Return to high-impact activities after Vaser Lipo such as jogging, running, aggressive weight training and activities such as hot yoga and stretching should wait until the fourth to the sixth week.

Immediately after the procedure, there will be some swelling, which is contained by your compression garment. Vaser Lipo™, does not generally result in much bruising or pain.


Modern liposuction using energy-assisted devices such as VASER Lipo can result in very elegant results.  Improvements in figure, shape, and contour are virtually assured, as fat is removed in the areas of contour concern.

The focus of patients should be on improvement in body, shape, and contour, not on weight.

Most patients are extremely happy with the results of their body contouring because they realize no diet and exercise can, in a localized and focal way, reduce unwanted bulges and contours, such as pots, bra lines, love handles, saddlebags, bat wings and inner thigh/inner knee fat the same way VASER Lipo does.


The results of your Vaser Lipo™ will be lifelong.  The fat that is removed will not return. It is very important to have weight maintenance after liposuction and stay within five to ten pounds of your Vaser Lipo™ weight to ensure permanent contour and figure enhancements.

There is no liposuction maintenance required for the fat that has been removed following Vaser Lipo™, as it is permanently gone. However, maintenance skin-tightening body heating treatments, such as bulk heating radiofrequency devices, using Venus FreezeAccent®Exilis®, and the Forma™ or Thermage® Body are deployed in your program to ensure optimal skin contraction and tightness.


Price will depend on the size of the fat, body region and number of zones to be operated on.

Single zone VASER Lipo™ will start at between $3,999.00 to $6,999.00 for the first zone with subsequent zone discounting for second, third and fourth zones.

There are further fees if fat grafting is combined with the Vaser Lipo shaping.

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Choosing SpaMedica for VASER Lipo™? Dr. Mulholland has taught hundreds of physicians from around the world the art of Vaser lipo™. He has more combined energy-assisted devices than any other physician in Canada, in North America and is sought out by patients worldwide for lipo-contouring procedures. Dr. Mulholland has performed his energy-assisted liposuction techniques on multiple TV shows and was featured in a variety of newspaper and magazine articles. In choosing Dr. Mulholland, you’re getting one of the foremost experts in the world in advanced modern liposuction using energy-assisted devices.