Saline Breast Implants


Saline breast implants are implants which are filled with saltwater or saline, rather than cohesive silicone gel.  The saline implants have a shell that is a very firm silastic compound, as do the cohesive gel breast implants, which is similar to the shell found on a saline IV bag used in a hospital to administer fluids to patients.

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What are saline breast implants?

Saline breast implants are filled with sterile saline water after being placed in the selected breast pocket.  The difference between the cohesive gel implant and the saline implant is the cohesive gel has a highly-crosslinked, semi-solid “Jell-O®-like” consistency which does not leak and does not rupture, very much like a “gummy bear.”  In contrast, the saline breast implants have saltwater filling up the silastic shell.

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What are the options with saline breast implants?

Saline breast implants come in a variety of sizes and shapes, which can be selected preoperatively using the VECTRA 3D® photo imaging station. The benefits of the saline implants are that they have been around for 30 or 40 years and have a long history of safety. They can be inserted into their pocket through very tiny, “key hole” incisions and approaches such as the arm pit, areola, and belly button.


Figure 1.  Saline Breast Implants come in a large number of sizes, different projections, heights, and base widths.  Saline breast implants also come in round and tear dropped shaped breast implants. Patients can use the VECTRA 3D® system to try different sizes and shapes prior to having the surgery, to ensure they have selected the best possible breast implant for them.


Figure 2. The saline breast implant shell can be inserted through a very small key hole incision, such as the armpit, the areola, belly button, or under the breast. Once inserted in the pocket, the saline breast implant is then inflated with sterile saline water and the breast implant adopts its pre-selected shape.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of saline breast augmentation surgery?

The disadvantages of saline breast implants are they do not generally feel as natural as a cohesive gel “gummy bear” implant, are prone to rippling, and they may leak.  Whereas the cohesive gel breast implant comes with a lifetime warranty, the saline breast implant comes with a ten-year warranty and there is a high probability of leaking during that period of time.

Saline breast implants and cohesive gel implants all come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, both teardrop and round, with various projections and base widths to optimize the aesthetic outcome for your unique figure, shape, and form.

How do you select the size and shape of saline breast implant?

Other procedures that can be done along with the surgery are Mommy Makeovers and liposuction. An additional procedure that would enhance the result is a breast lift (mastopexy) – if the breasts are too saggy.

Whether you select a cohesive gel implant or a saline implant, Dr. Mulholland will provide you with the size and shape that he feels will provide you with the nicest possible result.  But you will confirm that with the VECTRA 3D® breast imaging station and experience.


Figure 3. Patients can see Dr. Mulholland in consultation, then undergo the VECTRA 3D® breast imaging process where they get their breast and body photographed in 3D and then can try on various breast implants, seeing the real simulated 3D change in their figure form and shape to ensure they are happy with the results of their breast augment surgery.


Although saline implants are not as commonly performed as cohesive silicon gel breast implants, they are the only breast implant where a very large size can easily be inserted through a telescopic incision in the armpit. Because of some of the advantages of the cohesive gel breast implant, over 95% of all patients now choose to select a cohesive gel “gummy bear” breast implant.

At SpaMedica, patients will get both options and can select the breast implant that will best suit their needs.

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