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Improving Strip Graft Scar Toronto

Having a vertical scar at the back of your head is less than ideal. Luckily at SpaMedica we have some options that are available to fix that strip graft scar that is bugging you.

Improving Strip Graft Scar

Over the years, Dr. Mulholland has seen many strip graft scars and actually, most strip graft scars heal as fine white lines at the back of the scalp and are only a concern if the patient wears their hair short. However, in an unfortunate number of cases the strip graft scar can get VERY wide and noticeable even through long hair, especially when the strip graft patient is coming out of the water, the rain, or on a windy day. The risk of a “Spread Scar” of this strip graft increases if there is a second or third strip graft procedure as the scalp is now tighter and the tensile load across the closure is higher. Rarely is the quality of the strip graft scar due to the closure technique, but rather was a function of your tissue, tensile loading and wound healing capacity.

If the scar healed too wide the first time, assuming a reasonable job was done suturing and there was not a complication, such as opening of the wound or infection, then primary excision and re-closure is usually doomed to failure and will often lead to an even wider scar and more unhappiness.

In general a strip graft scar “punch out” is performed once every 4-6 months and 4 or more sessions will often be needed to pull the edges together and reduce the scar by 50% or more. At the end of the 4-6 treatments, the width and appearance of the scar is re-evaluated. If there is still a strong desire to improve the scar further, Dr Mulholland will then actually transplant FUE grafts right into the scar itself to put the “finishing touches” on hiding the strip graft donor site scar as best as possible.

After two years 4-6 punch outs and FUE hair transplantation to the scar itself, strip graft scar patients can anticipate a range of improvement of 50-100% depending upon the characteristic s of the scar itself, the local tissue, color of the hair and commitment of the patient.

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