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The Breast Augmentation Journey

April 14, 2018

Breast Augmentation Journey

Your journey—from when you first become aware that you are interested in enhancing your breasts right through to recovery and living with your new breasts—is an exciting and important phase in your life. SpaMedica wants to inform you and support you as you progress through this journey; even if you never come in to see us. We are a resource that you can count on and this series of Blog posts is designed to educate and support you each step of the way.

With so much information to share, we are going to be breaking it up into 8 posts for you.

Start by checking out the topics below and their scheduled publication dates. You’ll be able to check back here to find a link to each post as it’s published.

Please note this info is designed for people looking to breast enhancement for cosmetic and not medical purposes.

  1. Awareness/Interest/Need – This one is getting us started today!

Women who opt for breast augmentation have become dissatisfied with their breasts at some point. For some women, it happens in their teens when their breasts don’t develop as they wish they would. For others, it’s later in life.

Typically, Breast Augmentation is for:

  •  Breast cancer patients looking for breast reconstruction
  •  Patients wanting to add volume and symmetry to their breast for cosmetic purposes
  •  Post-pregnancy and weight loss patients that have lost breast volume

Breast Augmentation is the ideal procedure to add volume, reconstruct the breasts, and improve your self-esteem and body image.

If you are okay with the size of your breasts but are unhappy with sagginess or droopiness, a breast lift may be the correct procedure for you. A breast lift can be performed with a breast augmentation or done separately, depending on your goals and breast size preference.

Breast enhancement is something that women tend to feel strongly about once they start to feel dissatisfaction with their breasts. However, it’s a big decision with many facets to it. There is a lot to consider.

At this stage, the emotional impact of being dissatisfied often pushes women into the next phase –research. Although ultimately some women decide they don’t want surgery, can’t afford it, or can’t get over the stigma; it’s a personal decision and no one can decide for you.

Read a little bit more about both possible answers and see what you think and feel then.

We strongly encourage you to pay attention to your feelings, think about your reasons for wanting the augmentation, and consider logistical and practical points as well.

Yes, I’m Ready to Research

Being ready to research doesn’t mean you are committed to the procedure. It simply means you want more information so you understand your options. The Research phase of your journey may be a little longer if you are on the fence emotionally. If you are emotionally committed already and just need to gather some facts, the Research phase is usually quicker. Just remember this is your journey, take the time you need to feel emotionally and mentally ready to take the next step.

No, Breast Augmentation Isn’t For Me

If you have thought about it and feel it’s just not for you, that’s OK. It could be that the timing isn’t right and you’ll revisit the idea in the future or you can just let it go entirely. Only you know how you feel and what’s holding you back. If finances or fear are stopping you, it may be a good idea to do research anyway. Facts and information sometimes quiets fears and allows you to envision the process. When it comes to finances, only you can decide for yourself, but it is important to consider that financing is often available and it may not be as painful to your purse as you are imagining.

The bottom line is that this all comes down to how you feel and what you want. So let your gut instinct—your feelings peppered with some logic—drive your next step.

We are here if you have questions!

What’s Up Next:

Research – Online now

 Consult – Online now

 Decision Making – Online now

 Planning – Online now

 Pre-op Preparation – Online now

 Day of – Online now




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